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SoNami is the het ship between Sora and Naminé from the Kingdom Hearts fandom.


Sora had memories of Naminé before they even met due to the tampering of his memories. When he arrived at Castle Oblivion, Naminé was forced by Organization XIII to alter his memories. Sora slowly lost his real memories and eventually forgot about Kairi as she was replaced by Naminé in his memories. As memories of her started to appear in his mind, Sora was determined to remember what he could about her. He found out that she was being held captive in the castle and was determined to save her.

Naminé began to feel guilty as she saw how determined Sora was to save her. She initially wanted to replace Sora's memory of Kairi because she was all alone and nobody wanted to come and rescue her. When they finally met, Naminé admitted what she did to Sora and got him to remember Kairi. Sora was not happy about this but was not mad at her. She was captured my Marluxia so he saved her.

After defeating Marluxia, Naminé revealed that she could restore Sora's memories to the way that they were supposed to be. It would require him to go into a coma for a while but he would also forgot about her. Sora was not happy about this but complied and hoped that they could meet again for real. Naminé took care of Sora while he was asleep. He eventually woke up after Roxas returned himself to him but Naminé was not present due to Ansem wanting to destroy her. Sora eventually learned about her existence again as he had a vision of her in the Realm of Sleep before she turned into Xion.


SoNami has some popularity in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. During the Chain of Memories game, a lot fans began to ship them together. Many were irritated at the end of the game when it was revealed that Sora would forget about her. Still, they talked about meeting each other for real and many hoped that Kairi's light would help Sora remember Naminé since that was mentioned. However, Sora did not get to see her once he woke up. Many fans were unhappy about this and felt that their relationship was forgotten.


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  • Despite Naminé's promise, Sora did not get to meet Naminé after he finally woke up from his coma. Many fans were irritated about this because they felt that her promise was forgotten.


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