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SonChili is the cargo ship between Sonic and a chili dog from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.



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Sonic was shown to love chili dogs in all three of the 90’s cartoons: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic SatAM and Sonic Underground.

Sonic Underground

There have been a few rare occasions where Sonic’s fondness for chili dogs assistant him and his siblings in their fight with Robotnik. Like when they need to draw his robots or minions out, along with Sonic’s mother having one of the chili dogs salesmen secretly place a message among Sonic’s orders in the bag. Even though there have been times when Sleet and Dingo tried to use Sonic’s favorite food as a means to trap him, as well as the time when Cyrus delayed Sonic by offering to buy him one or two chili dogs. Sonia was mad at Sonic for taking a chili dog break when he was meant to be with her and Manic, to get back at him she buys Sonic a tofu dog while claiming it to be a chili dog. Along with there being a few other bickering moments between the two siblings that were caused by chili dogs, like when Sonic used Sonia’s hairdryer to cook some.

In one music number in the cartoon, Sonic mentions chili dogs and how he can eat them than most people alive. As he jump on one chili dog to the next. While in the cartoon’s opening, Sonic is first seen as a baby eating a whole tray of chili dogs, before the scene switches to his grown up self ordering one after he smelled some being sold near by during a battle.

Sonic Boom

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Chili dogs make recurring appearances in the Sonic Boom televison series. Sonic is usually seen taking bites or catching chili dogs where they appear. They are a menu item in Meh Burger, where the hedgehog and his friends usually have lunch.

In “Chili Dog Day Afternoon”, Sonic tries on Dave’s new chili dog recipe, in which the meat is made of “[k]etchup, wasabi, and chunks of expired pigeon meat”. During a competition, he does the same for Knuckles’, this time a normal hotdog topped with chili from the essence of anthropomorphic peppers, but it was revealed to be a dream as the echidna has been knocked out for many hours after trying on a rare pepper.

Sonic Mania Adventures

Sonic, Tails, Ray, and Mighty are seen eating chili dogs at the end of "Metal Mayhem".


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Sonic was also shown to love chili dogs in the Archie comics and Sonic the Comic. There are also a few mentions of chili dogs in the IDW Publishing comics.

Sonic X

No actual chili dogs were seen in Sonic X. A hot dog appeared in “How to Catch a Hedgehog” when Sonic ran a hamster wheel cage.


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Sonic’s love for chili dogs was not shown until Sonic Unleashed, with the exception of them being mentioned in the Japanese manual of Sonic Advance 3 and Sonic briefly mentioning them in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Since then, chili dogs have appeared in some games.

In Sonic and the Black Knight, the hedgehog was eating two chili dogs when Merlina summoned him to Camelot. He managed to catch the two falling chili dogs and ate one of them. He threw his other chili dog in the air as he went to defeat the Knights of the Underworld. However, before he could get his last chili dog back, Merlina teleported herself and him away. Sonic was disappointed that he could not eat his second chili dog.

In Sonic Generations, Sonic was pleasantly surprised when Tails gave him a chili dog for his birthday. However, right after Sonic took the first bite, the chili dog was blown away by the Time Eater’s arrival. After Sonic’s adventures with his classic self, he arrived back at the party, and his chili dog was “[s]till warm”.


This is one of the most popular cargoship in the Sonic fandom. It can go well in tandem with other cargoships like Knuckles and the Master Emerald and Tails with the Tornado.

This ship is recognized mostly by thefan-art. Some may depict the hedgehog holding a chili dog, while others Sonic going head over heels at one in the distance. ClassicSonicSatAM made Sally wearing a chili dog costume, much to Sonic’s infatuation.

In terms of fan-fictions, not much has been written primarily for this cargoship, but stories can have moments of Sonic eating and/or thinking about chili dogs as a minor plot point or diversion.

Fans of this ship would usually prioritize affection to a certain food over a character, like Amy or Sally.



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