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SonKai is the slash ship between Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom and Kai from the Ninjago fandom.


Like other characters in the game, Sonic and Kai can both cross into each other’s dimensions whenever they want. They can work together if the player chooses to pick them up in their gameplay. This includes stopping the main antagonist, Lord Vortech, and their own arch-nemeses: Master Chen and Doctor Eggman.

Sonic is the main character of his franchise of the same name. Kai used to be the main character during the pilot episodes and the beginning of the first season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu alongside her sister, only for the focus character later in the series to be Lloyd. Though, the fire ninja is the focus of the fourth season of the cartoon.

Kai and Sonic do share commonalities in their own series. Both of them can be arrogant and mean at times. They can perform attacks pertaining to revolution: Spinjitzu and Spin Dash, respectively. Both possesses super forms. Sonic can use seven Chaos Emerealds to transform into Super Sonic, while Kai can unleash his true potential. They can be considered elementals: Kai can manipulate fire, Sonic does likewise with electricity in the Paramount films. Both had lost their powers at one point. During fights, Sonic can make fun of his opponents or enemies, while Kai just gets really angry at them and loses his temper. Sonic and Kai have been travelling to other worlds in their media, especially the Sol Dimension and the Never-Realm.

Though Sonic and Kai fight their enemies unarmed, they can sometimes use weapons. Kai does with the Sword of Fire and the Golden Katanas. Sonic once used Excalibur in Sonic and the Black Knight. They also have enhanced powers like strength and reflexes. Sonic does not want to admit his true feelings to his self-proclaimed girlfriend Amy, while Kai likes to impress his girlfriend. Both characters have thier own evil counterparts: Scourge in the Archie Comics, and Bizarro Kai in one episode. They can be considered the leader of their own teams.

They have their own rivals such as like Knuckles, Shadow, and Lloyd. Kai's parents left him a long time ago because they were prisoners, and the hedgehog visits his parents in the Archie comics from time to time.


While rare, this pairing gained some popularity with the release of LEGO Dimensions where both can appear side by side.

Fans of SonKai think Sonic and Kai have things in common. Others would want to come up with newer crossover ships like what has been done Marionic or Soneach. This ship does have a few stories on Archive of Our Own and a few images on social media, though a proper tag for this pairing is yet to be put out.



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