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Sonsalamy is the polyship between Sonic, Sally, and Amy from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


Pre-Super Genesis Wave

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Sonic, Sally, and Amy are friends and members of the Freedom Fighters. Like in the games, Amy has a huge crush on Sonic, who had an on-and-off romantic relationship with Sally.

Post-Super Genesis Wave

New Past

In this timeline, Sally was inspired by Sonic's heroics into organizing the Freedom Fighters, and together with them, as well as Sonic, fought Dr. Eggman and his armies, Eventually, Sonic and Sally would help the others retake the city of Mobotropolis, allowing Sally's father - Nigel - to retake the throne. Sonic departed from Sally to continue fighting against Eggman's Empire, only to encounter Amy and eventually save her during one adventure on and around the famous Little Planet. The two would continue to meet and assist each other during other adventures the would find themselves in.

Countdown to Chaos

The three would reunite with each other after Sally crash landed in Mobotropolis while escaping Eggman's Death Egg, only to be pursued by Metal Sonic. She ended up crashing right in front of Amy, alongside allies from her recent adventure in the Sol Dimension, and the two attempted to fight Metal Sonic after Sally's Royal Palace Guards were defeated. They, in turn, were assisted by a just arrived Sonic and Tails, and the four were able to defeat Metal Sonic for the time being. After the fight, Sally and Amy were happy to reunite with Sonic, but this quickly turned to confusion when Sonic started talking about things they didn't know about. Upon returning to the Freedom Fighter's flying headquarters, the girls were informed about the events of the Super Genesis Wave. The two touched Nicole - who had the ability to restore the memories of those from before the Wave (though Sally and Amy would be the last ones to do so) - and swiftly remembered their past history, which caused intense grief from the both of them (especially Sally as she remembered her days as Mecha Sally). Sadly, all three didn't have time to process them as one of the after effects of the Super Genesis Wave - an intense build-up of energy - was about to crack the planet.

Worlds Unite

While Sonic was out investigating a lead on the last Chaos Emerald, Sally became increasingly nervous about him being gone for so long. This worry had to be put on hold when news came in that Mobotropolis was being attacked by a mysterious new robot - a version of Mega Man that had been corrupted. Sally joined Amy and the other Freedom Fighters in trying to fight M'egga Man, only to be brutally beaten, with Sally proclaiming that even Sonic wouldn't have been able to help if he were there. The two were ultimately defeated while M'egga Man and the likewise corrupted Sonic - who was in Mega Man's world at the time - activated devices that fused their worlds together on behalf of the AI Sigma. Upon waking up, Sally and Amy saw the transformed Sonic fighting M'egga Man but put the horrifying revelation aside as they, the other Freedom Fighters, and several of Dr. Light's Robot Masters began saving civilians. When Sonic and Mega Man suddenly returned to normal (due to a plan that Drs. Eggman and Wily had) and an explosion that killed both Mega City's mayor and Team Dark, Sally and Amy immediately ran to Sonic and helped him up as he explained what was going on and all present (including Maverick Hunter X, Sticks the Badger, and their allies, who arrived via portal) agreed to work together to end the crisis.

Eggman, Wily, and Xander Payne arrived aboard the Sky Patrol and revealed the location of Sigma's operations, allowing the united army to locate him and go on the offensive. On the way, the team is attacked by Sigma's Mechaniloid army and the Deadly Six, forcing Sonic and Amy to join the others in fighting them while Sally coordinated from the ship. When the Deadly Six begin controlling Mega Man's and X's side of the army, Sally went out to help them. With the team cornered, Sally ordered Sonic to go after the Deadly Six while she helped cover him, something Amy agreed with but Sonic didn't, only for the Doctors to arrive and use their new weapon to defeat the Six and free the robots. Unfortunately, the fighting allowed Sigma to evolve into a more powerful form as he began summoning an army of Reploids to fight Sonic and company. The timely arrival of a returned Sticks with some new friends turns the tide and inspires Sally with a new strategy: go through the portals Sigma just opened up and get help from those worlds. Sonic, Sally, and Amy separate to go through their own portals and get the needed assistance. Eventually everyone reunited and defeated Sigma, ending the crisis and returning the worlds to their previous states.


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Polyships tend to be rare in the Sonic fandom, SonSalAmy being no different. Those who do ship it are the ones who cannot decide pairing Sonic with another main character from the games (e.g. Sonamy) or Western media (e.g. Sonally). Sonally and Sonamy are the biggest rival ships within the fandom. SonSalAmy is seen as an alternate to the ship war, where instead of Sally and Amy fighting over Sonic, they are all a couple together.

There is currently one fan-work written in Archive of Our Own for this threesome. Another one has been written on DeviantArt. Most SonSalAmy content is concentrated on fan-art, especially on the latter website.



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