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Shadow“So, there's more to you than just looking like me. What are you anyway?”
Sonic“What you see is what you get! Just a guy that loves adventure! I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!”
Sonic Adventure 2

Sonadow is the slash ship between Sonic and Shadow from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


In most canons, both Sonic and Shadow share an arch-rivalry, starting as enemies when they first met up.


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When they first met as enemies in Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow believed Sonic to have been copying him, with a mutual belief from Sonic, but later they became bitter arch-rivals after Shadow's amnesia. Since meeting each other, there has been a never-ending competition between the two, and their battles can range from friendly races to fierce death battles. In any case, one always wants to outdo the other.

Now there's mutual respect between them despite their ferocious arch-rivalry and frequent fights. Over time, Shadow has become more confident about Sonic doing what is right, and Sonic has become more accepted of Shadow's violent attitude as well.


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Their relationship is similar to the games. However, there was once a moment when Sonic felt sadness for his arch-rival as Shadow had presumably perished after the destruction of Letter of Gabriel, but after the timeline was reset, Sonic immediately called and checked up on Shadow, and was elated to find him alive.

Sonic X

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Their relationship is similar to the games, but the first time they met, Shadow showed interest in meeting Sonic, noting their similarities and mocking Sonic as a weak opponent upon defeating Sonic in combat. However, he later changed this view about Sonic after seeing Sonic use Chaos Control. Shadow became impressed by Sonic and respected him as a rival ever since.

Sonic Boom

Like other canons, both are tense arch-rivals; however, unlike most other canons, the two never showed partnership even once. However, Shadow has a small degree of respect towards Sonic, and, in fact, fighting against him is one of the few things Shadow ever shows an interest in. This is seen in media where Shadow has appearances: Rise of Lyric, Shattered Crystal (under the control of Lyric), "It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog", and "Eggman: The Video Game" (parts one and two).



Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Shadow rescues Sonic from being killed by Silver, lets him go and fights in his place.
  • When Sonic is dead, Shadow refuses to look at Sonic's body and instead turns away and closes his eyes in sadness.

Sonic and the Black Knight

  • When Shadow's doppelgänger of the World of Camelot encounters Sonic, he challenges him to a fight. While Sonic comments that Sir Lancelot is just like his world's doppelgänger of Shadow.
  • After Merlina reveals her true colors, Sonic, Lancelot, and the other Knights of the Round Tale make their escape. In order to stop her, Sonic gives Lancelot back his sword.
  • After Caliburn informs Lancelot and the others that only the one true King can free him from his stone, he realizes that Sonic is the true King Arthur and bows before him.


“Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog.”
— Sonic, Sonic Adventure 2
Sonic“Now that was sweet, Shadow!”
Shadow“Yeah... Well I'm not here to save you!”
Sonic“Thought you might say something like that! How about a little friendly competition?”
Shadow“Don't waste my time.”
Shadow the Hedgehog
“Shadow... Why...why are you siding with them?”
— Sonic, Shadow the Hedgehog
“Sonic... Here I come.”
— Shadow, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Shadow: “Heh, looks like I don't need to be too worried.”
Sonic: “What was that?”
Tails: “Were you worried if we'd get hurt trying to rescue the Wisps?”
Shadow: “Hmph!”
Sonic: “I'll just take that as a compliment.”
Sonic Colors (Nintendo DS)
“Your shoddy craftsmanship brings shame on all hedgehog-kind. And for that, you shall perish!”
— Shadow, Sonic Boom episode 52 "It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog"


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While Sonadow isn't the most popular ship for either of the characters, it's the most popular slash ship in the Sonic fandom and it still has a large fan-following. Currently, on AO3, there are 576 works, making it the most popular Sonic ship on the website., on the other hand, nearly has 300. The main reasons the two are shipped is their mutual understanding and rivalry.



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  • Referring to the ship as "Shadic" is incorrect, as this is the name used for the hypothetical fusion of Sonic and Shadow.


Fan art


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