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Shadow“So, there’s more to you than just looking like me. What are you anyway?”
Sonic“What you see is what you get! Just a guy that loves adventure! I’m Sonic the Hedgehog!”
Sonic Adventure 2

Sonadow is the slash ship between Sonic and Shadow from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


In most canons, both Sonic and Shadow share an intense rivalry, starting as enemies when they first met up.


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When they first met as enemies in Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow believed Sonic to have been copying him, with a mutual belief from Sonic, but later they became rivals after Shadow’s amnesia. Since meeting each other, there has been a never-ending competition between the two, and their battles can range from friendly races to fierce death battles. In any case, one always wants to outdo the other.

Now there is mutual respect between them despite their ferocious rivalry and frequent fights. Over time, Shadow has become more confident about Sonic doing what is right, and Sonic has become more accepted of Shadow’s violent attitude as well.


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Their relationship is similar to the games. However, there was once a moment when Sonic felt sadness for his rival as Shadow had presumably perished after the destruction of Letter of Gabriel, but after the timeline was reset, Sonic immediately called and checked up on Shadow, and was elated to find him alive.

Sonic X

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Their relationship is similar to the games, but the first time they met, Shadow showed interest in meeting Sonic, noting their similarities and mocking Sonic as a weak opponent upon defeating Sonic in combat. However, he later changed this view about Sonic after seeing Sonic use Chaos Control. Shadow became impressed by Sonic and respected him as a rival ever since.

Sonic Boom

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In Sonic Boom, they are tense rivals. Unlike most other canons, the two never showed partnership even once. However, Shadow has a small degree of respect towards Sonic, and, in fact, fighting against him is one of the few things Shadow ever shows an interest in. This is seen in media where Shadow has appearances: Rise of Lyric, Shattered Crystal (under the control of Lyric), “It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog”, and “Eggman: The Video Game” (parts one and two).



Sonic Adventure 2

  • After defeating The Finalhazard: The Proto Type of the Ultimate Life, Sonic and Shadow clasp hands and nod in victory.
  • At the end, when Sonic returns to the ARK after saving the world with Shadow, he wears a serious expression. Rouge asks him, "Where is Shadow?" Sonic looks down and shakes his head. He then gives Rouge Shadow's limiter. Rouge further asks if the professor really created Shadow to carry out the revenge to those who lived on earth. As she asks this, Sonic stares at his hand that had clasped Shadow's. Sonic then replies, "He was what he was. A brave and heroic hedgehog who gave his life to save this planet. Shadow the Hedgehog." Rouge says, "I guess you're right," as Sonic clenches that same hand into a fist. A bit later, Sonic says to himself, "Created, the ultimate lifeform." He clenches his fist again and looks down in sadness. Amy asks him, "What's the matter, Sonic?" Sonic turns to her and replies, "Oh, it's nothing. C'mon! Let's go home! To the planet as cool and blue as me!" Before leaving the room, Sonic looks back and holds his right hand up saying, "Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog." He then lowers his hand and leaves.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Shadow rescues Sonic from being killed by Silver, lets the blue hedgehog go, and fights Silver in his place.
  • When Sonic is dead, Shadow refuses to look at Sonic’s body and instead turns away, closing his eyes in sadness.

Sonic and the Black Knight

  • When Shadow’s doppelgänger of the World of Camelot encounters Sonic, he challenges him to a fight. While Sonic comments that Sir Lancelot is just like his world’s doppelgänger of Shadow.
  • After Merlina reveals her true colors, Sonic, Lancelot, and the other Knights of the Round Tale make their escape. In order to stop her, Sonic gives Lancelot back his sword.
  • After Caliburn informs Lancelot and the others that only the one true King can free him from his stone, he realizes that Sonic is the true King Arthur and bows before him.

Sonic Forces

  • In Episode Shadow, Stage 3, Infinite confronts Shadow and hits him with his powers. After Shadow realizes it is an illusion, Infinite gloats about it and says, "Not even Sonic will be able to stand against me now! HahahaHAHAHAHAHA!" Shadow replies in concern, "Sonic?! What are you plotting?!" Explosions set off as Infinite laughs and flees. Shadow yells at him to stop to no avail and has to withdraw from the collapsing facility once Rouge informed him so.
  • In Stage 15, Sonic goes to Sunset Heights to investigate why "Shadow" (which is a fake illusion of Infinite's) is working for Eggman. When Sonic confronts the fake "Shadow," he asks him, "All right, Shadow! What's the deal?" The fake skates up to attack him and Sonic emits a whimper as he braces for impact. Before the fake can attack him, the real Shadow shouts, "Chaos Control!" to stop time and kick the fake before it could do any harm. Sonic is confused at the two Shadows and at the fake disappearing. Shadow then explains that it was a fake to which Sonic replies, "A fake? How?"
  • During Classic Sonic's farewell, Shadow is seen smiling, even when he holds up a hand in goodbye, until Classic Sonic leaves. After Classic Sonic leaves, Shadow resumes his usual neutral face.

Team Sonic Racing

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

  • In Story Mode during the Final Chapter, The Final Showdown, the 100m is open to eight sprinters. Sonic ponders saying besides them four (Mario, Sonic, Eggman, and Bowser), another four sprinters could join in. He looks up to spot Shadow and asks him if he wants to race. Shadow nods and replies, “Hmph. You think you can best me? Very well, I’ll show you ultimate power.”


IDW Publishing comics

Shadow catching Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog #35

  • In issue 35, Shadow catches Sonic after he falls off the roller coaster track and carries him bridal style, stating that the blue hedgehog is an embarrassment for not being able to dodge. Sonic replies that it is nice to see him too. Shadow then lets the blue hedgehog get back on his feet, telling him to get out of his way. Sonic thanks him for the catch and asks if he was following the coaster too.


Shadow“It all starts with this. A Jewel containing the Ultimate power.”
Sonic“That’s the Chaos Emerald! Now I know what’s going on! The military has mistaken ME for the likes of YOU! SO... where do ya think you’re going with that Emerald!? SAY SOMETHING YOU FAKE HEDGEHOG!”
Shadow“Chaos Control!”
Sonic“Wow! He’s fast! Hey, it’s not his speed, he must be using the Chaos Emerald to warp.”
Shadow“My name is Shadow. I’m the world’s Ultimate life form. There’s no time for games... FAREWELL!”
Sonic“Kuu...! Shadow... What IS he?”
Sonic Adventure 2
“Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog.”
— Sonic, Sonic Adventure 2
Sonic“Now that was sweet, Shadow!”
Shadow“Yeah... Well I’m not here to save you.”
Sonic“Thought you might say something like that. How about a little friendly competition?”
Shadow“Don’t waste my time.”
Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadow“Get outta my way!”
Sonic“Shadow! Why are you siding with those Black Creatures!?”
Shadow“Siding with them? You’re joking, right? I’m just siding to whoever goes up against you! This time you’re going down, Sonic!”
Sonic“[chuckles] If that’s how it’s gonna be, Shadow, then BRING IT ON!”
Shadow“Just say when!”
Shadow the Hedgehog
“Shadow... Why...why are you siding with them?”
— Sonic, Shadow the Hedgehog
“Sonic... Here I come.”
— Shadow, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Shadow: “Heh, looks like I don’t need to be too worried.”
Sonic: “What was that?”
Tails: “Were you worried if we’d get hurt trying to rescue the Wisps?”
Shadow: “Hmph!”
Sonic: “I’ll just take that as a compliment.”
Sonic Colors (Nintendo DS)
ShadowInfinite can create virtual reality projections. They have mass and form, but no heart or soul.”
Sonic“Virtual reality? So all those familiar faces that were a part of Eggman’s army...”
Shadow“Replicas. The problem is, they may not be real, but their powers are as formidable as the originals. According to Rouge, Infinite can create unlimited numbers of them.”
Sonic“So fight after fight, he can just keep craking up counterfeits?”
Shadow“Exactly. As it stands there’s no way we can win this.”
Sonic“Of course we can with this, we always do! We just haven’t figured that part out, yet.”
Sonic Forces
“Your shoddy craftsmanship brings shame on all hedgehog-kind. And for that, you shall perish!”
— Shadow, Sonic Boom episode 52 “It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog


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Sonadow is the most popular slash ship in the fandom and still has a large fan-following. Currently, on AO3, it is the most popular Sonic ship on the website. The main reasons the two are shipped is for their mutual understanding, underlying care for each other, mutual respect, and rivalry. Their connection is something words cannot describe and is conveyed mostly through action and subtleties.

Due to misinformation and misconception spread on purpose by those who dislike the ship and a large organization of "fans" within the fandom whose purpose or goal is to cause discourse, many fans misunderstand this ship. Many believe the misconception that the two constantly fight or compete due to being bitter enemies, solely rivals, or due to hating each other. However, as the games progress, both Sonic and Shadow, besides rivals, have grown to become allies and friends with the occasional friendly rivalry competition and possibly future fights due to disagreements or conflicting goals and ideals ("...both share the philosophy of following their hearts' desires, which makes them colliding with each other, crossing paths with each other, and sometimes dividing into friend and foe," as stated on the info under the Sonic x Shadow story on the Sonic Channel JP). One of the things that further confuse people is that Shadow acts like a tsundere. Because he acts like a tsundere, some of the things he says cannot be taken at face value. For example, in Team Sonic Racing, he says to Sonic, "I’m not here for you..." when Sonic did not ask or say that Shadow was. It's also worth noting that not all English material (this counts for all ships/canon), reflects current SEGA of Japan's views or has been fully approved by them. Some decisions are/were made solely by America/Europe SEGA/Sonic and some decisions were a joint agreement with SEGA of Japan/Sonic Team. Examples of mainly/solely English decided content are some mobile apps like SEGA Heroes (some apps, like Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, may have been initially approved to create by Iizuka Takashi, but he did not overlook it afterwards), Sonic Speed Simulator, and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Examples of joint decisions or Japanese content include the Sonic Channel JP 2021 calendar stories (An example), Sonic Channel JP artwork, Twitter Takeover #5 (it was a joint event between both English and Japanese sides), Speed of Sound! One question and One Answer special event where Sonic answers questions from fans, and most Sonic games. For spinoffs of different universes like Sonic Boom, Sonic X, and the comics, they are not canon to the main canon/game canon, so therefore, are different and sometimes reflect the original material/canon differently or portray a different interpretation of it. Another thing worth noting is that Sonic/SEGA is about moving forward towards the future. This means that things, characters, and people evolve, can change, and that some past things don't matter/can change. An example is how Sonic Team's head has changed three times with the current head being Iizuka Takashi and with that, came a change in visions. So old things made under a different head does not reflect the current vision of the current head. All in all, it's best to look at the more current games and content made and approved by the current SEGA of Japan/Sonic Team to get a better idea or understanding of things (when it comes to needing translations, be cautious and make sure the translations come from Sonic/Sonic Team/SEGA (SEGA Asia does not count as a main branch for they aren't as involved and have mistranslated/omitted phrases from Sonic Team's content) themselves or someone who is completely unaffiliated with the Sonic franchise for there have been cases where people in the fandom mistranslate or twist things on purpose for their own selfish gains).

In 2017, SEGA officially acknowledged Sonadow in Twitter takeover #3. Despite Shadow stating, "One word Cassidy...No (or know)," to the question, "What do you think of Sonadow?" both Sonic and Shadow have been seen together more often in the years following after such as in Team Sonic Racing, the icon for Sonic Forces: Speed Battle app, the catch in the IDW Publishing Comics Issue #35, Sonic Dash pirate outfits in celebration of the 30th Sonic anniversary, the second half of the 30th Anniversary Symphony that featured I Am (All of Me) as well as the finale Live and Learn with cutscenes from Sonic Adventure 2, and the Sonic x Shadow Sonic Channel JP story. In general, especially during Sonic's 30th Anniversary year, Shadow has been appearing more often, such as in merchandise with his First 4 Figure statue and as a necklace by King Ice (along side Sonic, Tails and Knuckles necklaces), and as a playable character in the Sonic Minecraft DLC. This all has some fans scratching their heads as to why this is so. However, on September 15, 2021, during Twitter Takeover #5, the question, "What is everyone's most memorable adventure?" was asked by a Japanese user. Shadow's answer was, "Sonic reached out to save me before I fell to Earth from the ARK. If I hadn't waved him away, Sonic would have fallen with me. But his determination in trying...I'll never forget that. Until I did. But, we're not going to talk about that." Sonic said in response, "Shadow..." This moment got fans excited, touched, happy, and refueled.



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  • Referring to the ship as “Shadic” is incorrect, as this is the name used for the hypothetical fusion of Sonic and Shadow.
  • In the Team Sonic Racing opening cutscene, there is a Shadic balloon (or a Shadow balloon with downed quills) that appears near the left of the screen before Sonic and Shadow glance at each other and the lyrics of the song say, “Together!”
  • In almost all racing tracks in Team Sonic Racing, there are balloons of Sonic and Shadow in various locations.
  • In the 20th anniversary The History of Sonic the Hedgehog book, in Shadow’s Bio under Status, it states Shadow as an Anti-Hero, and Sonic’s rival and friend. Sonic is the only friend listed under Shadow's Bio in this book.
  • During Story Mode in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, besides Tails and Eggman, Shadow is the only other one from his franchise that Sonic talks to.
  • In Twitter Takeover #3, during the question “To Sonic, I have a challenge for you. Tell me how much you like Amy and what you like in her?” Sonic tries to avoid answering the question. Shadow and Eggman suggest that he is too embarrassed to answer. Eggman then receives a message from Infinite of a file called Sonadow to which Sonic replies, “No, don’t open that!” This is the first time Sonadow is officially acknowledged by SEGA.
  • Also in Twitter Takeover #3, the question “Shadow, what do you think about Sonadow?” was asked. Shadow replied, “One word, Cassidy... No (or know).” This is the only question throughout the whole takeover where Sonic remained silent. If Shadow's answer was the latter, "know," instead of "no," it could be a shortening concept of the phrase "I don't think, I know."
  • In Twitter Takeover #5, the question, What is everyone's most memorable adventure? was asked. Shadow's answer was, "Sonic reached out to save me before I fell to Earth from the ARK. If I hadn't waved him away, Sonic would have fallen with me. But his determination in trying...I'll never forget that. Until I did. But, we're not going to talk about that." Sonic said in response, "Shadow..."
  • In Sonic Forces, there is a DLC Shadow costume available for purchase. The avatar, who helps Sonic in some of the stages in the game, can look almost exactly like Shadow with this costume.
  • On May 11th 2021 SEGA Hardlight tweeted Pirate Sonic and Captain Shadow models for Sonic Dash. In their tweet it says, “Ahoy! Swashbuckling duo Pirate Sonic and Captain Shadow are preparing to make landfall in #SonicDash for a very special birthday celebration!” Some fans speculated that the term 'Swashbuckling' was used on purpose because of its definition.
  • The Sonic Forces: Speed Battle mobile app icon is a picture of both Sonic and Shadow.
  • In the year 2021, Sonic Channel JP released stories and descriptions of Sonic×Shadow along with their themed calendar. For July, the month when Tanabata is celebrated, Sonic×Shadow (English translation) was released. In the story, Sonic visits Mission Street to view his favorite astronomical show of the ARK meeting the moon. There are many moments in this story like Sonic saying that people would be thankful to Shadow for rescuing them and Sonic pointing at himself after pointing out the divine sight of the moon reflecting off the Space Colony ARK to Shadow, to name a few. Just like during Tanabata where the star-crossed lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi meet once a year, so does the ARK and the moon in the story. This could also symbolize how Sonic and Shadow meet every once in a while and how those moments are Sonic's favorite.
  • A portion of the description under the Sonic×Shadow story translates to: “If there is one thing that can be said about Shadow and Sonic, it is that they are rare ones who can get up close and personal with each other. Because of the high performance of both Shadow and Sonic in terms of their physical abilities and their thoughts, there are not many who can keep up with them. Also, there are fewer still of the ones who, despite their rejection, are able to persist, to offer opinions, to meddle, or to stand in their way and try to stop each other like those two can. In fact, Sonic is perhaps the only person who can get so up close and personal with Shadow as he can and say something to him that reaches his heart (though it often does not). In a sense, Sonic’s kind of presence is troublesome to Shadow, but it is also one of the most important ones. However, while Sonic is receptive to hearing things that strike a little close to home, from Shadow’s point of view, Sonic is a real pain. Regardless of much of an impact they each have on each other, the two of them both share the philosophy of following their hearts’ desires, which makes them colliding with each other, crossing paths with each other, and sometimes dividing into a frenemy.”
  • On July 19, 2021, SonicOfficialJP tweeted the rough sketch of the Sonic×Shadow picture. The tweet roughly translates to: “We are giving away a #ソニック 2021 calendar & wallpaper sent in a two-shot series. ✨ Today in July, we’ve released a rough sketch of ‘Sonic & Shadow’! At this point, both of them have a cute mood~ 🎵 Still they are the same. 😎 ★ Download the completed version here! #sonicchannel”
  • A figure of Sonic and Shadow together based off of their Sonic Adventure 2 poses created by S-Fire was displayed at Wonderfest 2022 and advertised by @SEGA_OFFICIAL on Twitter (colored version here).
  • In Sonic Adventure 2, you can create a Neutral Run-Run Chao that resembles Sonic and a Dark Run-Run Chao that resembles Shadow in one of the three Chao Gardens. They are two of the three Unofficial Character Chao that can be created by giving a Chao green Chaos Drives and by being taken care of by either a Dark Character only (Shadow, Eggman, Rouge) [For Dark Run-Run Chao] or by being taken care of by both a Hero (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles) and Dark kind of character [For Neutral Run-Run Chao]. Since the two Run-Run Chao are not immortal like other Official Character Themed Chao (Ex: Tails, Knuckles and Amy) and Chaos Chao, they can mate/breed with each other. The animation for mating occurs when two Chao are both in their mating season or one is close to mating season and willing to mate with a Chao that is in mating season. The animation has the two Chao kiss/nuzzle each other with music playing in the background. After a bit, a Chao Egg appears between the two Chao in the circle of flowers that appeared when a Chao was ready to mate.
  • Also in Sonic Adventure 2 in the Chao Gardens, the two Run-Run Chao that resemble Sonic and Shadow (As well as any other Chao that aren't the Run-Run Chao), can interact with each other if put next to each other when one is doing an action learned from class. Sometimes the Chao sit in front of the Chao preforming with a pleased expression and nodding their head to the rhythm who then claps for the preforming Chao when they are done. Other times when a Chao is put next to the preforming Chao, they may join them in their performance if they have a skill they learned from class that can join. (Ex: The performing Chao may be playing the flute. If another Chao is put next to it, it could join the performing Chao by playing the flute too or by playing another instrument like the trumpet.)
  • There is a Sonic Adventure 2 keyboard that was created in the year 2022 by Higround with a main design of Sonic and Shadow on most of the keys along with a Sonic, Shadow, Chao, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy symbol on single keys. An advertisement for this keyboard was shown on @sonic_hedgehog's twitter. Other designs include Dreamcast and Green Hills themed boards. Higround is also selling Sonic Adventure 2 shirts and mats along with the keyboards.
  • A Team Sonic Racing shirt that has both Sonic and Shadow on it is sold on the online SEGA shop.


Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic X

Sonic Boom

Team Sonic Racing

Fan art



Sconadow — the polyship between Sonic, Shadow, and Scourge the Hedgehog
Sonadaze — the polyship between Sonic, Shadow, and Blaze the Cat
Sonadilver — the polyship between Sonic, Shadow, and Silver the Hedgehog
Sonadouge — the polyship between Sonic, Shadow, and Rouge the Bat
SonShadAmy — the polyship between Sonic, Shadow, and Amy Rose
Sonknuxadow — the polyship between Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles the Echidna


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