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Sonally is the het ship between Sonic and Sally from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)

Sonic and Sally are part of the Freedom Fighters, a group of anthropomorphic animals with a common objective to defeat the forces of Dr. Robotnik.

There are a few episodes in which Sonic and Sally share their feelings for each other, such as in "Hooked on Sonics" or "The Doomsday Project".

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

In "Sonic Christmas Blast", Sonic and Sally had been dating for over a year.

Archie Comics

Pre-Super Genesis Wave

Though they have broken up multiple times unlike most canons, Sonic and Sally have been seen sharing a kiss occasionally. However, their romance had been put on hold soon after the latter was roboticized into Mecha Sally.

Light Mobius

They end up married in the Light Mobius reality, where both as king and queen ruled over Mobius benevolently and have two children.

Post-Super Genesis Wave

The two of them like to poke fun at each other in a purely platonic way, with Sally often commenting on Sonic's overbearing ego and tendency not to stick to her plans. While they retain a dynamic friendship and have fondness for each other, however they do not share a romantic bond unlike most canons.


Sonia Acorn

Sonia is the firstborn daughter of Sonic and Sally, crown princess, and heir to the throne in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave comics. She inherits her mother's chipmunk body and her father's eye color and super speed. Sonia is named after Sonic's younger sister Sonia the Hedgehog.

Manik Acorn

Manik is the second-born son of Sonic and Sally, and the crown prince in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave comics. He inherits his father's personality and super speed, and his mother's eye color. Sonia is named after Sonic's younger brother Manic the Hedgehog (note the pronunciations are the same but spelled differently).


Sonally is the most popular ship involving Sally and a somewhat popular ship in the Sonic fanbase, just surpassed by Sonamy due to its mainstream popularity and Amy's major popularity as a female character in the series. However, both ships are in frequent ship wars, that even either Amy or Sally can be portrayed as the antagonist in fan works by each ship, respectively.



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Fan Art


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