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Sonamy is the ship between Sonic and Amy from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


In most canons, Amy is shown to have a crush on Sonic. However, Sonic rarely is shown returning these feelings.

But, at the end of Sonic X Season 2, it is shown that Sonic went back and gave Amy a rose. Then, in Season 3, we could hear Amy calling Sonic "My Boyfriend."


Amy usually does many things in an attempt to win Sonic’s heart, but because she is often very impulsive, she ends up embarrassing Sonic and making him feel uncomfortable, causing him to run away from her. When Amy gets angry, she tries to hit him with her hammer. Despite everything, it is confirmed that Sonic considers her his love interest, but he does not want a relationship at the moment. He protects her and cares for her, even if he has to risk his life to save her. Sometimes his heart is softened by Amy’s devoted love for him and that is why Sonic does not want her to distance herself from him (as seen in Sonic Unleashed). When Amy is serious, he respects her decisions and always trusts that she does things for a reason (original Japanese of Sonic Adventure).

Sonic does not like to show vulnerability, and is a very private person, so he usually shows affection when they are alone and is very subtle. Amy considers him her hero and she never loses faith that Sonic will emerge triumphant from any difficult situation. She has risked her life to save Sonic’s on many occasions, causing him to be very grateful. When she gets angry, Amy often invokes her Piko Piko Hammer to chase Sonic, which is used as a comic aspect within the series.

In Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Amy is introduced as an 8-year-old girl. According to the Japanese manual, she is an energetic and optimistic tomboy. She is skilled in cartomancy and dowsing, and likes mysterious things and fortune-telling. In one of her card readings, Amy predicted that she would have a fated encounter with someone in Little Planet, which is why she showed up there to meet it. Upon seeing Sonic, she began to hug him constantly, which he did not like it very much and was moving away from her to continue on his way. She at one point was kidnapped by Metal Sonic, being rescued by Sonic in the end. Since then she has not stopped being in love with the blue hedgehog, accompanying him in most video games. Amy and Sonic became friends at the end of the game.

According to a Sonic Channel story, Amy fell in love with Sonic at first sight. Sonic did not show up for a while. He had gone to another place after the events of Sonic CD, but Amy was still in love with him and so she started following him. Amy has the ability to take action and possesses a very powerful weapon, which is why she was able to follow Sonic. Because Amy was chasing him, she went from being a girl in distress to being a person who became more and more active and strong so as not to be overwhelmed by him. Her passion was so great that she seemed like a force of nature that overwhelmed Sonic.

In Sonic Adventure, Sonic Team changed Amy’s age to 12. The character is presented as an adventurous girl who wants to fight villains and save people. Amy thinks that when she was with Sonic her life was more fun because there was always something exciting to do. Upon meeting him, she asks him to be the bodyguard of a Flicky (whom she calls Lily in Sonic X), to which he refuses and then runs off. After Amy catches up with him, she invites him to join her at Twinkle Park, as "cute couples get in for free." Leaving the park, Amy is kidnapped and taken to the Egg Carrier. When Sonic goes to save her, Dr. Eggman orders E-102 Gamma to fight him. When Sonic is about to deliver the last blow to the robot, Amy stops him, telling him that Gamma was not bad, so Sonic lets him go. At the end of her story, Amy realizes that she is weak and does not want to be a burden to Sonic, so she decides to become stronger, promising that she will do her best, and that she will make Sonic respect her. In the original Japanese version, Sonic does not refuse to rescue the Flicky, but instead is stunned by the surprise of seeing Amy. Even if he refuses, she will still follow him with the birdlike creature. Then Sonic says that he has no other option and starts running. Amy chases him, while protesting because he is going too fast, that is why Sonic stops at a corner to wait for her. In the fight with Gamma, Sonic is surprised that Amy stops him and is moved by her act. He even tells her that, if she stopped him, it must be for some reason. On Sonic Channel, it is explained that when Amy confronted Sonic to defend Gamma, she put her feelings before Sonic and the hedgehog trusted her. Little by little the two began to form a relationship based on mutual trust and deeply understood each other.

In Sonic Heroes, Amy becomes stronger and more independent, leading her own group called Team Rose. Amy searches for Sonic, while she helps Cream and Big find some friends. Amy declares to Sonic on several occasions that she wants to marry him, even going so far as to fight him. However, Sonic understands that she is only playing and asks her to stop, as that was not the time to do so. At the end of the game Amy calls him but he runs off and she chases after him.

In Sonic Battle, Amy thinks that Sonic has adopted Emerl as a test to see if she can be a good mother.

In Sonic Rush, Amy hears Sonic talking about Blaze, which makes her jealous. Nervous, Sonic asks Tails to explain the situation to Amy. Thanks to that, Amy tells them that she saw Blaze minutes before. Later, upon meeting Blaze, Amy makes it clear that she will have no problem with the feline, as long as she does not see Sonic as a boyfriend. Blaze thinks, “She really is open about her emotions... something that I’m not allowed to do...” In the end, Amy, Cream, and Sonic teach Blaze about what friendship is.

In Sonic Riders, Amy enters the race to be close to Sonic. In the end, Amy is taken hostage by Eggman. Sonic rescues her but by creating a tornado (in which she was trapped) and making her fall to the ground. Amy asks Sonic why he rescued her like that. Sonic lowers his eyes and tells her that he thought she would not mind. Amy is enraged and runs after him to hit him with the hammer.

In Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy advises Elise not to give up on her crush, without imagining that they both like the same person. In the end, even after Elise kisses Sonic, Amy continues to support her.

In Sonic Unleashed, Sonic and Amy are arguably at their most shippable. While Sonic is in his Werehog form in Spagonia, Amy glomps the Werehog, snuggling into him before realizing the transformation that has overtaken Sonic, and mistakenly believes she just glomped and snuggled into a complete stranger, before apologizing and running off to find Sonic. Interestingly, Sonic is notiably upset when Amy runs off. Additionally, Sonic can agree to go out on a date with Amy in an optional conversation later in the game.

In Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic recounts his adventure in Camelot to Amy, whom he apparently had a date planned with before getting pulled into Camelot by Merlina. However, Amy refuses to believe Sonic’s story and think he is trying to come up with a bad excuse for standing her up, and proceeding to attack Sonic with her mallet.

In Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, Amy finds an Ark of the Cosmos, so she is hunted by the Babylon Rogues and a few robots. Sonic protects her several times during the game.

In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for Nintendo DS, Amy is very excited to be able to go with Sonic on the adventure. Although she does not lose sight of defeating Eggman, she says that she will use the trip to steal his heart, for which Sonic is embarrassed.

Since Sonic Free Riders, Amy seems to be bossier and more infatuated with Sonic than before. This is probably due to the lighter and more humorous nature of recent Sonic games. Amy’s personality has added more of a humorous factor in games like Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, as she says shameful and silly things because of her love for Sonic.

In Sonic Lost World, Amy begins to act with greater maturity. Sonic communicates with Amy with the Miles Electric throughout the entire game. In one of the calls, Amy is about to die and wants to confess her love to Sonic, but the call is cut off. Sonic looks very worried. At the end, when Sonic approaches her, she does not hug him and lets him rest.

In Team Sonic Racing, for the first time in a canon video game, Sonic and Amy showed a more open relationship. The two interact without making Sonic feel awkward thus Amy no longer just tries to hug and kiss Sonic when she's with him. Amy's character began to be developed further.


Sonic and Amy with Anton Veruca, Sonic the Hedgehog manga

In the early 1992 Shogakukan manga, Nicky (Sonic’s alter ego) is dating a brown hedgehog called Eimi (an early version of Amy Rose). Eimi also has feelings for Sonic and both Nicky and Eimi are unaware of the fact that Sonic is in fact Nicky. Eimi is also the target of the bully Anton Veruca. Every time Eimi was kidnapped by Anton or someone else, Nicky wanted to be much stronger. That is why he transformed into Sonic. When he returned to normal, he did not remember the things he did during his transformation and became jealous of himself, as Eimi spoke too highly of Sonic.


Archie comics

Pre-Super Genesis Wave

In the Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic Universe comics, their relationship is similar to the games. The comics started as a promotion for the animated series, so Sonic has a relationship with Sally Acorn from the beginning. For this reason, Amy starts out as an 8-year-old girl who is Sonic’s pen pal and not his love interest. Amy is devoted to Sonic and is always trying to help him. After the release of Sonic Adventure, the writers had to adapt the character to her redesign of 12 years old. For this reason, Amy started to be like in the games, but Sonic was still interested in Sally and other girls.

In Sonic the Hedgehog #144, under a pseudonym, Amy sends a letter to "Aly" (who was Sally Acorn in secret) where she explains her feelings for someone (she does not say that she is in love with Sonic) and how everyone tells her to give up. Through a letter, Aly replies with the best of intentions that, perhaps she is too young to realize it, but that what she feels is only temporary and that sometimes the love of your life is not who you imagine. Indignant, Amy tears up the letter. During Sonic the Hedgehog #172, Amy hears from Tails that Fiona is cheating on Sonic with Scourge. Furious, she goes straight to find her and tries to hit her with her hammer. In the fight, she blames her for betrayal, not only on Sonic, but on all of them who trusted her. Sonic hears them and mentions that if Amy and Tails allege that Fiona is cheating on him, it must be true. In the following story from that comic, Julie-Su asks Amy if she only trains for Sonic, to which she replies that she also trains for herself, but that she plans to win Sonic’s heart. Despite everything, Amy supported Sonic and Sally’s relationship, even defending them from people who wanted to interrupt their date. However, she never gave up and kept thinking that one day Sonic would fall in love with her.

This is the only medium where Sonic claims out loud that he does not want to have a relationship with her. During the period when Sally dated Monkey Khan, Sonic and Amy start dating but their relationship does not last long (in fact, it is shorter than most of Sonic’s relationships) and it turns back into the one-sided relationship it used to be. Sonic goes out with Sally again.

Post-Super Genesis Wave

Knuckles teases Sonic in issue 272

In the reboot, Sega rewrote the mandates, so that Sally no longer had a relationship with Sonic. Nevertheless, Sonic and Amy’s relationship continued as in the games. There are small moments between the two from time to time. For example, when Sonic the Werehog learned that Amy was leaving with Knuckles in issue #272, the echidna asked him if he was jealous in a joking manner.

In the Sonic Mega Drive comics, Classic Sonic and Classic Tails save Classic Amy in Flower Park Zone. Classic Tails tease Classic Sonic by asking if she is his girlfriend. Classic Sonic tells him "no," and that he already has too many people following him. At the beginning, Classic Sonic does not want her to accompany them, because he thinks that she will be kidnapped again, but Classic Amy shows him that she is no longer defenseless. Classic Tails asks Classic Sonic if she can come, and Classic Sonic agrees. It is an unofficial comic that narrates the beginning of the friendship between Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles.

Sonic the Comic

Amy was initially arrested by Dr. Robotnik, as she claimed to be Sonic’s girlfriend. Sonic rescues her and learns of the lie, which annoys him. To Sonic’s horror, he realizes that Amy is now a fugitive and has nowhere to go, so she has to be part of the resistance. This version of Amy managed to kiss Sonic twice. She mostly teased Sonic on purpose, making the others think they were both dating. This irritated Sonic to such an extent that once, when he was trapped with her on Miracle Planet, he pretended to be lost for two days. Amy became the leader of the resistance and although she was kidnapped several times, she never whimpered and never asked for mercy. In fact, she encouraged Sonic to keep fighting even when she was in danger and even kept bothering Sonic while she was saved.

IDW Publishing comics

Amy is much more mature and is the one who organizes the resistance. When Amy tells Sonic that she loves him just the way he is, Sonic seems far more interested in being with her than in the in official video games, and even invites her to come with him on his journey. She does not accept the invitation because of her work in the resistance. In the following issues it seems that Sonic wants to spend much more time with her.

Sonic X

Their relationship is similar to the games, but there are also scenes where Sonic might return the feelings.

In “Cracking Knuckles”, Tails, Chris and Amy go to find a Chaos Emerald. Amy invites Sonic to a picnic, but he refuses. In Silver Valley (where the emerald was), the three are kidnapped by Eggman and Sonic saves them. Amy begins to cry with happiness while hugging Sonic. The hedgehog looks very uncomfortable, although when she separates a little, he looks at her with a softer face, however, he becomes uncomfortable when being hugged again. As Eggman’s robot starts firing missiles, Sonic drives her away by grabbing her around the waist and does not let go of her until he goes to save Knuckles. At the end, Amy hugs him again, asking if he is okay. Sonic looks less uncomfortable and replies with a smile that “he’s fine”.

Sonic fixes Amy’s bracelet

In “The Last Resort”, Amy wants to give Sonic a bracelet. She falls into the sea after fighting Dr. Eggman for breaking the bracelet. Sonic goes to save her, still not knowing how to swim. In the end, Sonic fixes the bracelet and places it on his arm. In the original Japanese it is mentioned that the bracelet is an omamori that Amy made with the intention of bringing good luck to Sonic and protecting him from water.

In “Sonic’s Scream Test”, Ella, Amy, Cream and Cheese are attacked by ghosts. Sonic hears them all scream and goes to see what happens. The hedgehog is kidnapped by the ghosts and Amy goes to rescue him along with Chris. King Boom Boo pretends to be Sonic to convince Amy to do whatever they want. Manipulating her, he tells her that he loves her, to which Amy reacts with great shyness, asking him not to declare his love in front of Chris. Upon discovering that everything has been a hoax, she becomes furious. In English, when everyone is screaming, Sonic mentions that one of the screams sounds like Amy’s. In Japanese Sonic just yells her name.

In “Cruise Blues”, Amy wants to spend time with Sonic, but cannot because he is just running around, panicking from the anxiety of being on a cruise. As he would not stop running, Amy tells him to act mature. Sonic devises a plan to get out of the ship, but to do so, he flirts with Amy in private and asks her to swing his hammer from side to side, because he likes to see her in action. Amy finds out that he lied to her and angrily begins to chase him with the hammer. When she finally catches him, she just sits on his back as punishment.

In “Fast Friends”, Amy greets Sonic at the finish line of the race. Sonic tells her to let go of him, but he makes no effort to detach himself.

In “How to Catch a Hedgehog”, Amy is kidnapped by Eggman, but before he can take her away, Sonic rescues her. They both fall into a haystack and lie down to admire the landscape. Amy starts talking to Sonic, but he does not listen to her because he has a chip stuck in his ear. Sonic cannot control his speed and Amy regrets it because she thought he was not really paying attention to her. The episode has a scene of her looking at the moon, wondering where he is. Sonic manages to remove the chip from his ear after saving Amy. The episode ends with both falling back into the haystack, where they lie down again to relax.


Sonic X Episode 29 Deleted SonAmy Scene (Japanese With English Subtitles)


Sonic X Episode 29 Deleted SonAmy Scene 2 (Japanese With English Subtitles)

In the original Japanese version of “A Robot Rebels” Amy is kidnapped on Dr. Eggman’s ship. While there, she tells Lily that if a person keeps thinking about the person they love, their thoughts will reach the others. Amy starts saying Sonic’s name in her mind. Sonic, who is on top of the X Tornado, hears Amy calling out to him in his thoughts. This was cut from the English version, as was a scene where Amy tells Lily that she wanted to make Sonic dinner and that she wished he was the one to chase her from now on.

In “Heads Up, Tails!”, Amy manages to get out of the cell. Sonic arrives to save Amy, but Dr. Eggman discovers her before she can leave. Gamma and Sonic begin to fight, while Amy tries to stop them. When Sonic is about to give the robot the last blow, Amy gets in the way. Sonic tells her to get out of the way, but she asks him to stop because the robot is not bad. Sonic accepts, because for him, “a friend of hers is a friend of his”. In the Japanese version, Sonic decides to trust that Amy has a good reason to stop him.

In “Sonic’s Big Break”, Amy rescues Sonic from prison. At first, Amy starts talking playfully and Sonic plays along. She even asks him out on a date, to which Sonic refuses. During the episode, Sonic seems to be very surprised by Amy’s abilities and even flatters her. In the Japanese version, when they are released from prison, Sonic asks Tails to take care of Amy and then leaves.

In “A Date to Forget”, Amy mentions that Sonic asked her out, but he has not arrived. Out of anger, she leaves with Sam, who arrives at that moment because Sonic has a date with him too that day. Sonic is battling Bokkun, but in the middle of the fight, he blames the robot for not being able to make the appointment. In the end, Sam remembers that his date with Sonic is at night, not in the day. Both Sam and Amy watch the sunset on the beach. Sonic finds them and apologizes for being late. Amy goes to hug Sonic, but before she can do it, he gets out of the way and goes to compete with Sam. Amy is left alone on the beach. In the the original Japanese version, Sonic specifically says, "Amy! I’m sorry I’m late!" while in the English dub it is not specified with which of the two he apologized.

In “Prize Fights”, Sonic and Amy go to fight in a competition. Amy does not want to fight with the person she loves. Sonic gets nervous and asks Chris to convince Amy to fight. Amy is convinced that Sonic is very shy and that is why he always tries to get away from her.


Sonamy scene, Sonic X Episode 52

Sonic gives Amy a flower

In “A New Start”, Sonic promises to never leave Amy and gives her a rose. However, in the original Japanese, the conversation is a bit different and Amy asks him if he loves her. What Sonic says to Amy is not heard, as it is censored by the background song Natsu no Hi. This song was replaced by the second ending song Hikaru Michi on the DVD version, due to copyright issues. Therefore, the audience does not know what he said and the answer remains a secret between Sonic and Amy.

In “Cosmic Crisis”, Amy appears on the bridge of the Blue Typhoon and Sonic turns to smile at her. They look at each other, smiling for several seconds from afar, without their friends noticing.

In “H2 Whoa”, Amy saves Sonic on the water planet Secco.

In “An Enemy in Need”, Knuckles wants to help Eggman, but all his friends say that he is being tricked. In one scene, he starts arguing with Amy, but Sonic immediately darts in front of Knuckles, putting out a hand to defend Amy and says, "But first you’ll have to go through me!" In the original Japanese, Sonic says, “I’m the one who’s fighting you.”

In “Trick Sand”, Amy suggests that she and Sonic team up to investigate a planet and search for a Chaos Emerald. She gets a little mad that Tails sent Knuckles with them. Amy tells Knuckles to stay away from them and holds Sonic’s arm as they cross the bridge. Sonic does not make the effort to distance himself from her. They only get separated when Knuckles taunts that Sonic is afraid of falling off the bridge. Amy defends Sonic, scolding Knuckles. The three enter a mansion in which Amy freaks out several times, clinging to Sonic. Finally, to get out of there, Sonic tells her to hold on tight. The bridge scene was cut from the English version. Also, in the Japanese version, Tails complains a bit because Amy suggests going with Sonic, when he is the captain, and he is supposed to give the orders. In the English version, Tails is not complaining about being the captain, but because Amy wants to go with Sonic.

In “Mission: Match Up”, Sonic gets nervous because Amy dons a fancy pink dress.

In “Clash in the Cloister”, Sonic yells at Amy, as she wants to fight, but he thinks that enemy is too dangerous. Amy returns to the Blue Typhoon.

In “The Planet of Misfortune”, Amy takes Sonic to practice rituals to ensure the future of both, then they go to a fortuneteller. He stays with her all the time, but he seems a bit boring. After Amy breaks the Romance Rock, Sonic takes advantage of the fact that she is distracted to run away. A Marmolim asks Amy if that does not mean he doesn’t love her. In the original Japanese Amy says, “You’re wrong! No matter what he says, he always rescues me when I’m trouble. And when he came back from Chris’s world, he picked a flower, gave it to me and said: ‘Oh, Amy...’” At that point she is interrupted.

In “Terror on the Typhoon”, there is a short moment of Sonic injured and Amy taking care of his injuries.

In “Agent of Mischief”, Amy’s ship is smashed by a Metarex and Sonic goes to save her. The two hold each other, tired of fighting. The Metarex speak to Sonic, mentioning how pathetic their fight is. In the Japanese version, Amy is so worried about Sonic, she asks him to stop fighting, because she does not want to see him die. Sonic tells her that he cannot give up without a fight. The Metarex attack Sonic and he throws Amy away to protect her, while he is trapped in planet Aqurius. Amy yells out Sonic’s name.

In “The Light in the Darkness”, Sonic is still trapped on planet Aqurius. Amy jumps out of her exploded ship and lands on the planet. Sonic takes her in his arms, as they fall even further into the water. Amy begins to excitedly think that Sonic saved her. A sphere surrounds them and heals their wounds. They both smile, as the sphere takes them out of danger. In the original Japanese, when Sonic has her in his arms, she thinks that she will not leave him there and that everyone will go home. It is also mentioned that the sphere was created by the planet’s egg.

In “A Fearless Friend”, the ship where they are standing is destroyed, Amy is about to fall, but Sonic saves her and they both smile. The Metarex steal the energy from all living things and robots. Only the plants are left with energy. Amy is the first to start to lose energy, which is why Sonic asks her worriedly if she is okay. In the original Japanese, when Sonic suggests that they launch him in his Super form using the Sonic Driver, Tails begins to explain the consequences of doing so. Amy becomes concerned and protests. Sonic tells her and the others not to worry, as he promise to return.

In the unofficial American comics, the relationship is the same as its anime counterpart. Amy is too infatuated with Sonic, which is why she hugs him and thinks about romantic things constantly. Sonic lets her do whatever she wants, but often runs away from her. On many occasions they work together to defeat the enemy.

In issue #1, Sonic has a run with Sam. Amy wants to throw a ring at Sonic to help him, but Cream stops her to explain that doing so would be cheating and that Sonic would never cheat. However, Sonic wants to have a ring, but immediately thinks that Amy will be mad at him if he cheats.

In issue #10, Sonic and Amy are trapped in Marble Zone. Amy falls into the lava, but is saved by having rings with her. Sonic tells her that it’s a relief that she is okay.

In issue #11, Knuckles says that Sonic is Amy’s boyfriend. Sonic tells him that he's not her boyfriend.

In issue #16, Sonic has an actual date with Amy, due to losing a bet with Knuckles. Dr. Eggman says he waited all those years for Sonic and Amy to start dating, only to ruin their happiness. Eggman tries to ruin the date, but fails. At the end, Amy asks Sonic if he would go out with her again, and he replies, "Maybe?" Sonic thanks Eggman, since without him the date would have been boring.

In issue #33, Vector tells Knuckles that Sonic asked the Chaotix dating advice in issue #16. Amy listens to him and thinks, “‘Dating Advice’...? I Knew Sonic liked me! He’s just too shy to admit it!”

Sonic Boom

Amy has a crush on Sonic but unlike the official games, she keeps it a secret. It is implied that Sonic reciprocates her feelings, but feel awkward about acknowledging them. There are scenes where SonAmy really shines though, like in one episode, U.T. revealed that Sonic cares for Amy’s well being. Sonic appears to get jealous on several occasions. Various references are made to their relationship in the games. Sonic stutters with nervousness when someone suggests that they are in a relationship and even denies that she is his girlfriend. Although the same show corrects him saying that Sonic is not telling the truth, in a way. Also in the episode “The Meteor” and “The Evil Dr. Orbot” it is hinted that they may be dating.

In Rise of Lyric, teamwork can be seen on the part of the two. Sonic even stops once to look at the horizon because Amy asked him to. The moment did not last long, due to Sonic’s impatience, but it is quite an achievement considering that he does not like to be still.

In Shattered Crystal, Amy is kidnapped while exploring runes alone. Sonic and his friends go and rescue her.

In Fire and Ice, we also see teamwork, as well as a scene where they do a fist bump.

In the unofficial comics, the relationship of the two is the same as in the series. Amy is secretly in love with Sonic, and he likes her in secret. The only moment they have together is in issue #3, when Amy loses her hammer and hugs Sonic when he finds it.

Sonic Mania Adventures

At the end of “From: A. Rose”, it is revealed that Classic Sonic has been watching Classic Amy throughout the short. But he looks stunned or even irritated that Amy helped Metal Sonic (his reaction is not very clear, since the characters do not speak). Amy gives him a flower and then leaves.

Team Sonic Racing Overdrive

Amy looks flirtatious with Sonic, but she wants to win the race.


Sonic the Hedgehog CD

  • Amy hugs Sonic every time she approaches him.

Sonic Adventure 2

  • Amy rescues Sonic from prison and with a calm smile asks him to marry her. Sonic responds, “No way!”
  • Amy is taken hostage, Sonic goes to rescue her, but is caught by Eggman. When Sonic is about to be launched into space, he says to her, “And Amy... take care of yourself.”

Sonic Heroes

  • In the final cutscene Amy chases after Sonic and he runs off, looking back.

Sonic Advance 3

  • In the end, Amy hugs Sonic, making him uncomfortable, however he places a hand on her head.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

  • Amy tells Sonic that she has a new boyfriend named Dexter. The player chooses if it want Sonic to be kind or indifferent to Amy. If you are nice, Sonic will tell Amy that he cares and Amy will confess to Sonic that Dexter never existed and that it was all her plan to make him jealous. Then Sonic will say that he realized it was a lie.

Sonic Riders

  • Amy enters the competition to be with Sonic. She winks at him, while Sonic gets nervous and walks backwards.
  • Amy tells Sonic that she will cheer him on his race. Sonic nods.
  • Eggman takes Amy hostage to stop Sonic from attacking him. Sonic dives into him with his Extreme Gear, sending both Eggman and Amy into a whirlwind. Amy gets mad at Sonic and he nervously replies that he thought it would be okay with her, to which she proceeds to chase him with her hammer.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

  • Amy covers Sonic’s eyes behind him and asks if he can guess who the person is. She tells him that fated lovers are always drawn together. Sonic gives Amy an unimpressed look.
  • She was running away from robots and was scared, so she takes the opportunity to hug him. Sonic gets flustered by her attitude and almost loses his balance.
  • Sonic puts his hand in front of Amy twice to protect her from robots, although this detail is hard to notice.
  • When Jet demands the Ark of the Cosmos from Amy, Sonic steps in, telling Jet that girls hate guys who rush them.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Amy acts as a shield to protect Sonic from Silver. Sonic says, “Thanks, Amy… I appreciate it.”
  • Amy tells Silver that Sonic would never harm the planet and that if she has to choose between the world and Sonic, she will choose Sonic.
  • In one of the last missions of the game, Sonic will have to choose between Amy and Elise quickly. If the player chooses Amy, the priest in the place will tell them: “I see. You've chosen your long-time love.”

Sonic Unleashed

Amy with Sonic in his Werehog form

  • Amy once finds Sonic in Spagonia at night where she hurried to hug him. As she looked at Sonic, however, she could not recognize him due to him who was in his Werehog form. Believing he was a stranger, Amy apologizes and flees, inadvertently depressing Sonic.
  • Later, when a multitude of people were possessed by Dark Gaia, Sonic fights the minions of Dark Gaia, and then helps Amy from behind. When she turns to look at him, he looks down, evidently ashamed of his Werehog form and then flees, but Amy still recognizes him.
  • When Amy discovers that Sonic has become a Werehog, she tells Sonic that, being Werehog or not, she still loves him.
  • Amy asks Sonic on a date. The player has the option to agree or decline.
  • Amy is confident that Sonic will never lose and will return safely.

Sonic and the Black Knight

Sonic with Nimue

  • During a conversation with Amy’s doppelgänger of the World of Camelot, Sonic seems to flirt with her, and she seems remarkably surprised.
  • At the ending, Sonic tells Amy the story of what had happened. Amy then replies by saying that it was an excuse to forget a supposed date and proceeds to attack him with her hammer. This implies that they were supposed to go out on a date together.

Sonic Generations

  • In the end, Amy compliments Sonic by saying that he was amazing in his fight against Eggman. Classic Sonic looks at Modern Sonic in confusion. Modern Sonic looks down with an embarrassed smile and scratches his head.

SEGA Heroes

  • Sonic feels ignored by Amy, since she has not spoken to him since he arrived. Because of that, he asks her when she plans to greet him.

Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

  • Sonic gives Amy a teddy bear.




Sonamy is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, pairing in the Sonic series.

Its most common rival ship in the Archie comics is Sonally. Despite the fact that Sally and Amy are friends in said comics, fans often cast one as the antagonist of the other. There are often arguments among fans about which is the best match for Sonic. Sonamy is notably more popular among fans of the games, Sonic X or Sonic Boom, as Sally does not appear in any of them as Amy does.

Fans pairing Sonic with Amy for the figure skating event in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games had inspired them to base some of their Sonamy skating fanart on it, along with other pair up events from the other Mario & Sonic series. Sonic's Werehog form has also inspired fans to feature as him and Amy in a Beauty and the Beast AU.

On the Twitter Takeovers #2, #3 and #4 made on the official Sonic the Hedgehog account, Sonic seems to get very nervous when fans ask if he likes Amy. He mostly tries not to talk about it and never answers, although the question is related to something the Sonic Team said. Shadow even asked him if “[he’]s running away from [his] feelings”, but Sonic runs off. Tails mentions, “Well, one thing's for sure now, the Sonamy fans are gonna go nuts.”

Fans often ship Sonamy because they both have a similar lifestyle. Sonic loves adventure and so does Amy. They both spend time traveling and Amy doesn't want to change Sonic, she just wants to accompany him on his travels and spend time with him. Most fans who know the personality of Sonic feel that he could not have a relationship with someone who doesn't like adventure, since adventure is the life of Sonic, and he could not leave his great passion for a girl. It is very difficult to date someone who cannot sit still for long, so most of the characters in the series might feel frustrated with someone who cannot pay as much attention to them. Sonic is an outgoing character and, even though he is very independent, he likes company. He is a private character and Amy is more emotional, so fans think that their personalities complement each other.

Behind the Scenes

  • Amy Rose was created by Kazuyuki Hoshino, as a “Minnie for her Mickey (i.e. Sonic)”. According to his statements, the first thing they thought was that “Sonic needed a girlfriend,” but this went against Sonic's attitude at the time, because he is a character that runs from one adventure to another, which is why he cannot stay still in one place. So it was decided that Amy would be the one to pursue him. Sonic Team thought that a one-sided relationship would be more interesting.
  • Kazuyuki Hoshino confirmed that the 1992 manga was a marketing strategy and that the Sonic Team was involved in its creation.

The article about Sonic CD

  • Report of issue #5 of Sonic the Comic on Sonic CD in July 1993: “New girlfriend, new pals, new games - all on the way! It's official! Sonic has a girlfriend! She is pink, she’s spiky, she’s very cute and her name is Amy Rose. Amy who wears pink skirts and has hedgehogs-delicious eyes, is the girl after Sonic’s heart, and is set to make her debut in Sonic Mega CD game later this year. Sonic is no softy, though. Amy Rose can flutter her eyes all she likes but he will be able to resist her… won't he? STC is one of the first magazines in the world to have a picture of Amy Rose and, as you can see, she certainly seems destined for megastar status.”
  • Nigel Kitching, Sonic The Comic writer, admitted in a Yahoo! conversation that he never understood Sonic and Amy's relationship. He never knew if Amy was really interested in Sonic or if she was just pretending to see the reaction that she caused in him. He also explained that he hoped to do a story where Johnny Lightfoot would flirt with Amy, and Sonic would get jealous. At that moment, Sonic would realize that he had feelings for the girl that bothered him the most. He further explained: “But what Amy was not and never was some weak soppy character who swooned over Sonic like a silly little girl. Well, she did but we were never quite sure if she just doing it for a laugh.”
  • Former Archie Comics writer, Karl Bollers, posted a list of plans he was never able to perform in the Sonic comics. Among them, that Sonic would get away from Sally and form a group with Amy, Tails and Fiona. Fiona and Amy would have a rivalry to win Sonic's love. In an arc called “The Little Planet”, Sonic and Amy would be stranded together in the sea. There the origins of Amy would be explored in more detail in an adaptation of Sonic CD. The trip would culminate in both kissing. This would lead to a denial of their feelings for each other, but they would eventually start a secret relationship so that Sally would not find out.
  • During the development of Sonic CD, Yuji Naka was working on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in the United States of America. Naoto Ōshima assisted Kazuyuki Hoshino in creating Amy. In an interview for Famitsu, Naka explained that since he was in the US, he did not know about Amy's creation. Sonic already had Madonna as his established girlfriend and now Amy was also his girlfriend. At first this made him uncomfortable, as he did not know what was happening and this made Sonic look like a playboy with two girlfriends at the same time. In the same interview, Oshima assured that some elements of Madonna became part of Amy.
  • In an interview, Yuji Naka, the creator of Sonic, was asked if Sonic and Amy would ever get married. His answer was: “There will be hardly any chance, I bet. Amy will continue to pursue Sonic all the time, but Sonic will not ever get married. I think so, because I cannot picture the image of Sonic that he is married and has his children! Also, I feel it is a more Amy’s style to always chase Sonic.
  • In March 2005, Disney Adventure Magazine went to Sega to inquire about Sonic's feelings for Amy. The Sonic Team replied: "Although Sonic is clearly interested in her, Sonic has always been too shy to declare his feelings."[citation needed]
  • Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works (2014), page 289. Kazuyuki Hoshino: “Although I created the in-game graphics for Amy, there were many people involved in the birth of the character, with staff members from various departments all contributing ideas. Just like Mickey needs Minnie to exist, Sonic’s world needed a heroine that could not be ignored. Her fashion - the head piece and trainers - reflect Naoto Ohshima's taste, while her mannerisms reflect the kind of traits I looked for in women at the time.”
  • A fan asked Bill Freiberger, Executive Producer of Sonic Boom, if the SonAmy was canon in the show. He replied, “No. We didn’t make that episode.”
  • Freiberger tweeted about the cast of the tv show: " That's your best bet. SonAmy is something the show makes fun of. It's not something that we will ever take seriously."
  • Due to problems with fans, Freiberger had to post some rules on his Twitter about what fans can ask him. Among them was to “[not] ask about SonAmy.”
  • In an interview for Comicosity, Freiberger said: “Another element from the mythology that we’re dealing with very ‘judiciously’ is how Amy feels about Sonic. In our show, we’ve hinted at the fact that Amy has romantic feelings for Sonic, but she's not obsessed with him. She’s not crazed. But everyone knows it's there, just below the surface… even Eggman. In one of the episodes, he comes out and asks, ‘Hey Sonic, bro to bro, what's up with you and Amy?’” He also added: “And of course, there’s always a bit of SonAmy just below the surface.”
  • A fan asked Alan Denton (one of the Sonic Boom writers) why they were hinting at Sonamy and not getting them together at once. He replied: “It's funnier if it’s teased & referenced than if Sonic & Amy just started dating all the time. Trust me.”
  • When asked why the ship was not made canonical in Sonic Boom, writer Greg Hahn stated: “I feel like we DID make it canon? Like... frequently.”
  • During a forum, a fan asked comic book writer Ian Flynn why he said the SonAmy dynamics worked. Based on his own opinion, Flynn expressed: Why It Works - They're kindred spirits; adventurers with a strong moral center, extremely powerful abilities, and an impish independence to make them unstoppable. The two of them together would be poetry in motion, playing off each others’ abilities. But it wouldn’t be “hero in stereo.” Amy is a compassionate, thoughtful person (when not distracted by Sonic-thoughts), and her adoration of him doesn't overrule her priorities... all the time. She would be able to focus him, and their banter as he would tease her would be fun and endearing. They’re a lively young couple that kick butt. Why It Doesn’t - There is absolutely nowhere to go with them. By SEGA mandate, we can never have Sonic show any serious interest in her. It’s not the same as the perpetual dating Sonic has with Sally, because Amy can’t get even that far. My hands are tied. The opinions of the fans were quite diverse.
  • Ian Flynn has expressed that Sega imposed the mandate that Sonic cannot have a girlfriend in the IDW Comics, but Amy can’t stop being in love with Sonic.
  • Ian Flynn said that Amy and Tails were so new in the 1990s, that the development team for the animated series Sonic The Hedgehog did not know they existed.
  • According to Ian Flynn, the reason why Amy confessed her love to Sonic in Sonic The Hedgehog issue #2 on IDW was to let new readers know what the dynamic is between the two.
  • In an interview, former Sega president and CEO Tom Kalinske assured that Madonna was not the ideal girlfriend for Sonic and that she was too “sexy”. That is why it was changed to Amy.
  • Jun'ichi Kanemaru (Sonic’s Japanese voice actor) and Taeko Kawata (Amy’s voice actress) talk to each other on Twitter as if they were the characters. In one of her posts, Kawata indicated that she had encountered a chikan, but that she had been able to escape. Worried, Kanemaru asked, “Amy, are you okay? That guy, I'll hit him!” Kawata responded with a heart, thanking him, and telling him that Sonic is very kind. To finish, Kanemaru asked her to take care of herself and to stay safe.
  • Kanemaru tweeted the following: “The bouquet I received the other day is displayed in the kitchen, but this blue and pink gerbera lasts longer than other flowers. Is this the power of everyone who thinks of Sonic and Amy?"”
  • Sonic co-creator, Naoto Oshima, said on his Twitter: “I love Sonamy. Sonic has a boy's heart forever. If Sonic has an adult heart, he would choose Amy.” A girl started to celebrate his response by saying that Sonamy is canon, Naoto Oshima liked the comment.
  • Former Archie Comics writer Ken Penders tweeted: “As SEGA doesn’t want Sonic to have a girlfriend, are they establishing he’s a player, gay or asexual? Just what sort of image do they want him to have? These are the kinds of character questions writers ask all the time.” This implies that he did not know that the Sonamy existed.
  • When asked by PlayStation about “what is your favorite video game romance”, Sega Europe answered with a GIF of Sonic CD.
  • A fan asked writer Evan Stanley if Sonic would have a romantic interest in the IDW comics, to which she replied: “I mean technically he has one? Sonic Team’s official stance is that while Sonic does like-like Amy, he’s simply not interested in a serious relationship at this point in his life. Amy knows this, and is content with being good friends. Not every story needs to have an intense romance, and not every character needs to be into that. There’s plenty of fan-made content to provide it if you really need that fix.”
  • Amy is the character most used by the Sonic Team to represent Valentine’s Day, either alone or with Sonic.
  • Some statements by Naoto Oshima regarding Sonic loving adventure have been misinterpreted in the past. Once a fan asked him privately if Sonic would date a boy, to which he replied that it did not matter the sex, Sonic was not interested in a relationship because he is only interested in adventure and challenges. From his words, some people have come to think that the hedgehog is not interested in romance entirely. When asked by a fan if he had said that Sonic is asexual or aromatic, Oshima replied: “What is this a question about? Sonic is a romanticist. He will come true. He is not a daydreamer.”
  • Naoto Oshima occasionally shares SonAmy fanarts.
  • In Japan there was a collection of Classic Sonic and Classic Amy in ThunderBox. Yuji Naka went to see it with his family.

    Hug between Amy and Sonic, IDW Sonic the Hedgehog #36

  • Evan Stanley posted the unpainted drawing of Amy’s hug to Sonic in IDW Sonic the Hedgehog #36. In the image you can clearly see Sonic blushing. Fans noticed that Sonic's expression in the drawing is not the same as in the comic. In the image, Sonic is flushed and surprised, while in the final version he just smiles. Stanley clarified that this was the original drawing and that Sega later asked her to lower the tone of Sonic's expression without losing the meaning of the scene. On her Tumblr, Stanley added that Sonic did blush in the final version, only that the blush and his surprise is less than in the original version. She defended that it is to keep Sonic as in canon, since it is established that he does not like to show vulnerability in front of others. That does not mean that he does not feel vulnerability or negativity. He is a private person when he expresses emotions and focuses on being positive in front of others. Stanley further said that if she writes down an emotion that is too much for him, she is asked to minimize it without eliminating it.
    • On the fans arguing about whether the Sonamy is canon or not, she stated that her response is not going to stop the fight, but that Sonic does like Amy. It is just that the hedgehog would not make eyes at her or do great romantic acts.
    • About Sonic and Amy going out, Evan Stanley added that they both already went on a date on Sonic Channel and have tried to date informally in the past. Still, she thinks having more of that stuff would be nice. That Sonic opens up with Amy, is something that Sega must decide and she does not have the power to do it. Stanley pointed out that she is disheartening to always be asked the same thing when she is already doing what it can.



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  • Fans call the relationship between Sonic the Werehog and Amy Rose WereSonAmy.
  • Some fans use Zonic the Zone Cop instead of Sonic to perform Sonamy in an alternate reality. Since there is no counterpart to Amy in the world of Zone Cops, most of them call her Zamy and her personality may vary. Fans use Zonamy as the name for the ship. This version is not very well known as Zonic is an exclusive character from Archie comics.
  • Although Amy is Nicky’s girlfriend in the 1992 manga, she is only Sonic’s love interest, this may be due to the way the Sonic Team views the relationship.
  • "Amy" could be derived from the Japanese word ame, which means sweet, this because of her tender and friendly personality, although it could be from the French Aimée, which means “beloved”. It could also come from the name Amanda, which also means “beloved”. The rose, in which her surname is derived from, is a flower related to love, associated with her love for Sonic. “Rose” is French for pink, alluding to her fur color. In some countries it can mean "as beautiful as that flower". This would mean that her name literally means “beloved rose”.
  • Amy's redesign for Sonic Adventure was introduced with the phrase: “I'll always be there for you in the best and worst times. You can be my sweetest honey for all of eternity.”
  • In the American version of Sonic Adventure 2, Eggman calls Amy “Sonic's girlfriend”, but in the Japanese version, that does not happen.
  • Sonic Adventure 2 Prima's Official Strategy Guide, page 3: Sonic feels Amy is sometimes more trouble than she's worth, but deep down he may actually have some feelings for her.
  • In Sonic Heroes, during the "Team Rose vs. Team Heroes" fight, Knuckles said: "Are you playing with that girl’s heart again, Sonic?" But Sonic doesn't respond.
  • In the Japanese version of Sonic Heroes, Amy mentions that she and Sonic are “linked by the red thread of fate.”

Lovely Couple in Sonic Advance 3

  • In Sonic Advance 3, the pair consisting of Sonic and Amy is known as Lovely Couple.
  • Sega of America about Amy Rose in the Sonic Characters section: Once Sonic saved Amy from the clutches of Dr. Eggman in Sonic CD, the two became fast friends. Amy is graceful and powerful at the same time and though she often gets into trouble, she is stronger than most give her credit for. She has a big crush on Sonic and wouldn't mind if they became more than friends, but Sonic is too busy saving the world to think about having a girlfriend, let alone a wife and kids! With her Piko Piko Hammer and Tarot Cards, Amy has proven herself a valuable member of Sonic's team.
  • In Sonic Rush, Cream says: “Amy has ‘Sonic Radar’! So wherever Amy goes, we'll find Sonic!”

Description of Sonic CD in the Special Book of Sonic and The Secret Rings

  • In the main menu of Sonic and The Secret Rings, there is an option titled "Special Book" that contains the description of the Sonic games in chronological order. On the Sonic CD, it says: “Meet Amy Rose, Sonic's ever-cheerful love interest.

Chip asks Sonic if he likes someone in Sonic Unleashed

  • In Sonic Unleashed, when you feed Chip, he will ask: “Is there someone you like, Sonic? Is there!? There is! Who is it!?”
  • After defeating the Dark Guardian in Sonic Unleashed, Sonic the Werehog referenced Amy exclaiming: “I know little girls that are better with a hammer than you! Well, one, anyway.”
  • In Sonic Unleashed, the love expert realizes that Sonic has no girlfriend and says: “I can tell! You may be free as the wind, but you also look kinda awkward.”

Description of Amy, Sonic Generations

  • Amy suspects that Sonic loves her, which is why she calls herself his girlfriend, even though they are not dating.

Trivia Sonamy, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (DS version)

  • In Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics for the Nintendo DS, Toad refers to Amy as Sonic's girlfriend, but Sonic (or Mario) protests. Toad corrects himself: “Oh, sorry... I meant to say Sonic’s ‘friend’, Amy.”
  • In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for the Nintendo DS, there is a trivia that says the following: “No one knows whether Sonic thinks of Amy as his girlfriend.”
  • One very interesting aspect of Sonic X is the way Amy describes her relationship with Sonic. In the Japanese version of the episode "How to Catch a Hedgehog", Amy says that she is “like a petal chasing the wind”. Also, in the "A Date to Forget" episode, she also comments: “But Sonic belongs to no one. He won’t turn around and look at me. Even if I chase after him, I can’t catch him. I do understand. Sonic will never stay with me because he loves to run.” Despite the fact that Amy understands that Sonic's heart does not belong to anyone except adventure, she does not give up.
  • In “A New Start”, after saving Tails, Sonic goes straight to Amy’s house, in which the English dub has the sign that read “The House of Amy Rose” removed.
  • In the Japanese version of “Memories of the Wind”, Sonic’s words to Amy are muted. Many have tried to find out what Sonic says, but opinions are divided. The mystery of what Sonic says is held up in episode 69, “The Planet of Misfortune”. As Amy retells the events of episode 52, she recalls him saying “Oh, Amy...” before she's subsequently interrupted by Cream and Cosmo. However, Sonic says Bien sur que je t’aime Amy. Depuis toujours! (“I’ve always loved you, Amy. Since forever!”) in the French dub.

Sonamy on “That 90's Show” of The Simpsons

  • In The Simpsons episode “That 90's Show”, there is a scene where Sonic can be seen proposing to Amy on a poster. Above them are the words: “Sonic The Hedgehog says: Wait Until Marriage”.
  • As Sonic Rivals was a Canadian video game, many believe that is why Sonic forgot about rescuing Amy.
  • In "The Biggest Fan", Sonic lauded Mark’s fan fictions of this ship as “spicy”.
  • In Sonic Boom, Sonic called Amy by the nickname “Ames” in several episodes. This nickname is a reference to the fandom, as it is used by fans on social networks as something affectionate between the two.
  • In 2018, the Sega Shop sold a collection of clothing and accessories for Amy's 25th anniversary. On one of them, the description read: “Amy Rose is all grown up! Celebrate 25 years of Sonic The Hedgehog’s girlfriend with this bold, cropped hoodie.”
  • In Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, there have been several events where Sonic and Amy are protagonists of friendly competitions. All-Star Amy and Slugger Sonic, two skins with baseball clothes, were even introduced. One of the missions read: “Save one for the wedding! Collect 40 rings in battle.”
  • In SEGA Heroes, only for a limited time there was a sale of items for the game. The image that was used was that of Sonic and Amy with hearts in the background.
  • On Facebook, a fan asked, “Although, Sonic? What’s up with you and Amy?” The official Sonic account replied, “Me and Ames? N-Nothing! What makes you say there’s something between us?”
  • According to Sonic Jam and some expressions from Naoto Oshima, Sonic is a character who does not like to cry, or to see others cry. It is also written in the manuals of different games that he gets angry easily, although due to his generous nature he does not usually lose control of his anger. Due to this information, many fans have theorized that Sonic does not want so much drama in a relationship, as that would frustrate him.

An official image of Amy on Sonic Channel

  • In the official Sonic Channel website, there is a manga series called Sonic Comic. In Amy's manga, she is sitting guessing her future. The crystal ball tells her that, on that day, “the person she is waiting for will come.” Amy does not know who it might be, so she puts some cookies in the oven while she waits. However the oven is broken and the house burns. Sonic comes to her rescue. The manga ends with Amy saying, “Fortune was right.”
  • In one of the streams of the official YouTube channel SonicMovieChannel, the Sonic Team announced with an image of Sonic and Amy that, in Japan, Sonic X would be on Netflix. The image was later changed to one from the Sonic the Movie.
  • In the official account of Sega Hardlight a tweet was published where several Sonic characters wrote letters for Valentine’s Day. Amy's said the following: Have no fear - Amy Rose is here! Let’s meet just before sunset on the Ruined City bridge for a romantic picnic! We can watch the sky fade from blue to pink – two colours that go together so nicely, don’t you think?? Don’t worry if you can’t make it - I’ll just come and find you! Yours forever, your super-secret admired!
  • According to Sega, the age of the classic characters is currently the same as that of modern characters. Classic Amy is 12 years old, while Classic Sonic is 15.
  • In Japan, Sonamy fanart is popular in the Sonic Channel website. One noticeable fan submission had an image of Sally and Amy, with the description mentioning that they were both arguing which swimsuit Sonic preferred, which is a very recurring Japanese joke between love rivals. JoresuOni reacted with them walking together and Sonic blushing from behind.
  • Amy’s description on Sonic Channel still says that Amy is Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend, but in 2020 it was added about the blue hedgehog that when faced with her whole-hearted emotions and vigorousness, Sonic is overwhelmed.

Amy's memories, IDW Sonic the Hedgehog #31.

  • In IDW Sonic the Hedgehog #31, Amy can be seen reminiscing about her past life, as she longs to go back to the time when she was chasing Sonic and didn't have so many problems. In her memories Sonic can be seen smiling as she tries to reach him.

Designs from the official T-Shirt collection made by Sega and Hot Topic

  • On November 24, 2020, in a collaboration between Sega and Hot Topic, a sale of exclusive t-shirts for America began with the theme of Classic Sonic and Classic Amy. The collection contained eight different designs, which for the first time included love messages, such as: Sonic and Amy forever, You are my favorite, Love in the fast lane, It’s all about us, among others. In addition, two shirts bore the initials of both (S&A). This made most of the fandom quite happy and many began to celebrate, especially on Twitter.
  • Descriptions from the Official Sega Style Book: Sonic the Hedgehog Character Manual were placed for the four main characters on a large poster for Sega World Nakoso, Japan. Amy's says the following: There’s no hiding from Amy, so pink and upbeat. Such a tough cookie and oh so sweet! She thinks Sonic is mighty neat. Her cheerful spirit Keeps that boy on his feet!
  • Amy's profile on page 8 of the Sonic Adventure Tokyo International Forum Unveiling Booklet refers to her as "Sonic family’s sole woman."
  • Japanese magazine Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic Special published a series of small comic strips based on Dash & Spin Super Fast Sonic. On page seven, Sonic was trying to convince the manga writer to add a romantic scene between him and Amy.
  • Some images corresponding to a baseball tournament in Japan for the year 2012 shows the teams Saitama City (Nippon Express) vs. Tokyo (Sega Sammy). In one of the images it can be seen that the person dressed as Sonic is too close to Amy, probably giving her a kiss on her cheek.
  • In the book Meet Sonic!, Sonic introduces his friends as follows on pages 7 and 8: But being fast isn’t the only thing that matters to me, though it is pretty important. I also have awesome friends, and they always have my back. As for Amy, he adds on pages 15 to 16: And last but not least, this friendly pink hedgehog is another one of my closest friends. Her name is Amy, and she’s also a tough fighter. She is super nice, too, probably the sweetest person in our group of friends. But she knows how bring on the tough when there are bad guys around!


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