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Sonector is the slash ship between Sonic and Vector from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.



In regards to Vector, Sonic keeps a casual friendship with him. Having earned Vector’s recognition, the two of them hang out from time to time as friends and they do not shy away from making fun of one another in a relaxed manner. Sonic in particular likes poking fun at Vector for his shortcomings, including his agency’s almost perpetual work drought and his big mouth (figuratively and literally). Vector also seems to respect and relate to Sonic’s free-spirited nature, which make them hit it off well. Occasionally though, their big egos have made them clash. Sonic can likewise get caught unprepared by Vector’s positive attitude and proclamations of professionalism, especially when he relies on him to verify them, although he is supportive enough to not directly disagree with Vector’s claims. When they work together, Sonic has also been known to have issues with Vector’s messy and outlandish investigation skills. Despite this, Sonic can rely on Vector when the situation calls for it, like when Vector helped him by giving him the support needed to take down the Time Eater. He has also been surprised and even impressed by Vector’s kindheartedness, keen intellect, and trust. Notably, Sonic is able to look through Vector’s goofy façade and is willing to put his faith in him when he recognizes that there is defined method in his otherwise unconventional methods. Also, at the end of the day, they are willing to acknowledge each other for being more than meets the eye.

Sonic makes a brief cameo appearance with Vector and his colleagues in Knuckles’ Chaotix.

While Vector respects Sonic for his heroics in Sonic Colors, he expressed some frustration when the hedgehog barged in on his investigation. Sonic teased him saying he never expected the Chaotix would get busy, and Vector later returned the favor when he complimented Sonic for his skills, only to add he wished Sonic could learn to shut his big mouth. Sonic then pointed out Vector himself was the one with the big mouth, but the latter felt falsely accused, stating he was a crocodile after all. However, they have helped each other out on several occasions, and Vector even offered Sonic to join the Chaotix Detective Agency, who declined since their adventures sounded like his average day.

Vector was one of the voluntary attendees at Sonic’s birthday party in Sonic Generations, and the hedgehog treated him as all of his other friends. Vector would later show up to motivate the two Sonics to defeat the Time Eater during their final battle.

Their relationship was more prominent in Sonic Forces, as they teamed up along with the rest of Sonic’s friends to free the world from the Eggman Empire. Vector likewise showed genuine sadness at the thought that Sonic might be dead. However, when Sonic was discovered to be alive and imprisoned on the rebuilt Death Egg, Vector aided in helping Sonic escape and later teamed up with him once more to win the War to Take Back the Planet.

Sonic X

In “Defective Detectives”, Sonic brought Vanilla to the Thorndyke mansion to check on her daughter. The hedgehog greets the crocodile as the kidnapper. Vector immediately tells Charmy to return to their headquarters, but Sonic welcomes them to stay at the mansion for a while. The hedgehog senses "a little uneasiness" in the detective, ending the episode.

In “Galactic Gumshoes”, Vector and his colleagues besiege the Blue Typhoon and kidnapped Cream (and indirectly Cosmo). Sonic caught up to their fighter, at the relief of the two. Both hedgehog and crocodile have a short brawl, but Cosmo stops them. Chris lets the rabbit decide her next move, which the latter says that she wants to stay with her friends. Vector later witnessed Sonic and Shadow fighting the Metarex and Cosmo’s sacrifice in later episodes.

Sonic Boom

In “Vector Detector”, Sonic is confused about why Vector is here at Amy’s house, prompting Vector’s TV producer to encourage Sonic to be more excited. Sonic wonders when Vector got a reality show, to which Vector explains that he got one as soon as he was promised a big paycheck. Sonic insists on camera that he can do that much faster and searches the house in a flash, but finds nothing. Vector, on the other hand, finds some footprints that lead to a Meh Burger VIP card, which he notes is their first clue. Sonic and Vector promptly go to Meh Burger, where they plan to interrogate Dave about the Meh Burger VIP card using the "Good cop/Bad cop" routine, but neither is willing to be the good cop. As Sonic and Vector pull out all the stops on Dave, the nutria eventually cracks and admits the VIP program is a sham: to please disgruntled customers, they give them VIP cards to make them feel special, and at this point, almost everyone in Hedgehog Village has one. Sonic questions who would eat a pie like that however, so Vector has them set up a pie festival for everyone to attend. Vector’s plan was then to keep an eye out for anyone eating a pie from the middle. However, the plan ends up a bust, prompting Sonic to argue with Vector over the brilliance of his idea after the festival is over. In the aftermath, Vector admits to Sonic that they make a good team, seeing how they solved this case without anyone getting hurt. What everyone seems to have forgotten however, is to let Wolf Sidekick out of jail.

Vector also appears in the season 2 finale episode, but is never seen interacting directly with Sonic. However, the crocodile aids in searching for Dr. Eggman and his doppelgänger after Shadow threatened to end the world.


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There are currently only two works on Wattpad for this ship.



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  • Sonic and Vector are both leaders of their respective teams.
  • Both Sonic and Vector are the participants of the investigation of the case of Amy’s missing hammer.


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