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Soneena is the het ship between Sonic and Zeena from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.



Zeena and the rest of the Deadly Six debuted in Sonic Lost World.

In the Wii U and PC version of the game, Sonic first encounters Zeena in Zone 2 of Frozen Factory where he turns himself into a giant snowball. After a lengthy course Sonic, while still inside the snowball, fights Zeena who conjures snowmen. Sonic has to flatten these snowmen (avoiding the ones with bombs on their head which causes a round reset) to bring the Zeti out of the ground, allowing him to spin dash at her.

At the beginning of Act 4, Sonic runs to Zeena doing her nails, the latter blaming the hedgehog for ruining her nail art. Sonic asks if she had more important things to do in life, in which the Zeti asserts her willingness to defeat him, after her nails dry, then runs to the end. After another lengthy course, the hedgehog once again fights Zeena, this time using a metal snowman head as a weapon. After Sonic spin dashes the Zeti once, she will wield another snowman head, utilizing the energy beams that hurt the hedgehog. One more spin dash to her and she will flee once again.

Later, Sonic confronts Zeena with Zavok and Zor in Lava Mountain. Zavok presents the hedgehog with a roboticized Tails. Horrified at the the two-tailed fox's transformation, Sonic vows revenge. Zeena promises Sonic happiness if he serves them, the hedgehog flatly refusing the request. Zavok anticipates this and orders Tails to "destroy Sonic". Winking at the hedgehog, Tails turns against the trio of Zeti and fires at them, with the trio fleeing in terror. Zeena is the first of the mini-bosses of Zone 3, using a see-saw and spiked ceiling as implements. After Sonic spin dashes the Zeti twice, Zeena is defeated, humiliated from losing to a boy.

In the Nintendo DS version the game, Sonic fights Zeena at Zone 3 of Frozen Factory and Zone 2 of Lava Mountain, with both levels having the same mechanics. Zeena sits atop a large snowman mech, and a strong wind pulls Sonic away from the green Zeti. Sonic has to spin dash the snowman's belly a number of times after which a wisp transforms the hedgehog with Ivory Lightning. With this power-up Sonic can directly hit Zeena by grappling a few mini snowmen robots. The green Zeti flees after a few direct hits.


Archie Comics

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IDW Publishing comics

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This ship is less-known, but does have some following. As Zeena is the only female Zeti in the game, fans tend to ship Sonic with her despite being enemies in canon.



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