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Soneezie is the het ship between Sonic and Breezie from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

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Breezie was a robot hedgehog built by Dr. Robotnik in order to distract Sonic and make him fall in love with her. The plan worked, but eventually Breezie ended up having real feelings for Sonic and she betrayed Robotnik. She left Sonic feeling guilty but hoped they could meet again. Breezie continued to have feelings for Sonic for some time. When Sonic and Breezie met again, Breezie tried to rekindle their relationship, although Sonic insisted it would not work. She was so in love with Sonic that she failed to realize Robotnik Jr.'s feelings for her and that Sonic was no longer interested in having a relationship with her. Both Sonic and Robotnik Jr. tried to get Breezie to fall in love with Robotnik Jr. instead, and they succeeded. Breezie got married to Robotnik Jr., but remained friends with Sonic.

Archie Comics

Post-Super Genesis Wave


Breezie had agreed to be part of a trap for Sonic in exchange for a secured future. She went with some of Eggman's robots and, once Sonic came by, pretended to be attacked by them. Sonic easily dispatched the "attackers" and "saved" Breezie, but needed to get back to saving Tails, who had been captured by Eggman earlier. Breezie insisted that she came along in case her earlier "attackers" recovered, to which Sonic agreed as he picked Breezie up and ran to continue searching for Tails. The two eventually arrived at Tails' whereabouts in the Scrambled Egg Zone only to be met by the prototype Silver Sonic. Breezie, at this point, reveals her true allegiance to Sonic, saying that Eggman had guaranteed her future before ordering Silver Sonic to kill him, only for it to be defeated. Ultimately, Sonic saved Tails that day while Breezie went on to cut ties with Eggman and use her new resources to create her eventual media empire.

Shattered World Crisis

In the present day, Breezie had managed to acquire a Chaos Emerald and offered it as the prize for a fighting tournament she was hosting. Sonic, along with Tails and Amy, joined the tournament to get it (mainly because they were the only three of the Freedom Fighters that Breezie allowed to even enter). When Sonic and Breezie reunited after years, the two were playfully flirting with each other (much to Amy's chagrin). As Breezie was going over the rules for the tournament, however, Sonic threatened to drop out if he was scheduled into nighttime matches, a condition Breezie relented to (much to HER chagrin) before giving Sonic a cryptic warning and storming off.


Soneezie is not among the most popular ships for Sonic. It is also less shipped, although possibly more acknowledged, than Meteezie (Breezie and Metal Sonic). Breezie is generally seen as one of Sonic's many love interests due to the ship's canon status, but Breezie is almost never the main pick when it comes to shipping the blue hedgehog.

On Ao3, there are currently only two fanfics that feature this ship. Those two fics do tie the ship with Meteezie for Breezie's most written ship.



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  • The ship can be seen as either het or non-binary, as the original version of Breezie is a robot designed to look like a female hedgehog while the Archie version of Breezie is a flesh-and-blood hedgehog.


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