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Sonelise is the het ship between Sonic and Elise from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


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Elise's only appearance is in Sonic the Hedgehog and its comic adaptation.

The game opens in Soleanna at night where Elise lighting a torch during the Festival of the Sun. The celebration is cut short by Dr. Eggman, who seeks information regarding the Flames of Disaster. Sonic arrives at the scene destroying his robots and introduces himself to the princess. The hedgehog then carries Elise in an attempt to flee from Eggman, but after an encounter from more of the doctor's robots the princess is kidnapped. Elise throws a Chaos Emerald at Sonic, with the hedgehog promising he will rescue her.

Throughout the Sonic Episode, Elise forms a close friendship to the hedgehog, which progresses to her developing romantic feelings for him. Mephiles uses this as an advantage.

During the Last Episode, we left off at the end of Sonic's story as the hedgehog and Elise stroll the outskirts. Mephiles appears from behind and kills Sonic, making Elise cry and freeing Iblis. As the newly-merged Solaris prepares to destroy the world, all the main characters from each of their respective stories were engulfed with light and sent to a time-space rift. Silver explains that the Chaos Emeralds can be used to revive Sonic, and each of Sonic's friends gather them from different locations. Elise revives Sonic with the Emeralds, kissing him as he awakens as Super Sonic. Sonic brings Shadow and Silver together into their Super states. Elise, Dr. Eggman, and the rest of Sonic's friends cheer on them as they fight Solaris as a team.

After the defeat of Solaris, Elise and Sonic find the Flames of Disaster in its frail, core form. She theorizes that by putting out the flame now, Solaris will have never existed, which will make it so that she will never have met Sonic in this adventure. Elise nearly breaks down and declares that she does not care what happens to the world, but Sonic simply reminds her to smile, convincing her to be brave and blow out the flame. This event instantly results in a time reboot. At the end of the game, Sonic watches the Festival of the Sun in the distance as Elise senses something familiar about his presence.


Like the game itself, the romance between Sonic and Elise was badly criticized by both critics and fandom as they accused Sonic Team of supporting bestiality, while others considered their romance forced and cringy—especially in the kiss scene, which is considered the worst moment in all of Sonic by many. Despite it being possibly the most hated shipping in the entire fandom, there are still many loyal fans to this ship so far.



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  • When asked about Sonic and Elise's animal-human romance in an interview with GameSpy, English actress Lacey Chabert, who provides Elise's voice stated, "Ha! No, you're just being silly. It's not an inappropriate relationship. Let's just say Sonic and Princess Elise have an attraction for each other."



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