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“‘Triplets born, the throne awaits,’ a seer warns of a deadly fate, ‘Give up your children, separate, bide your time, lie in wait!’”
Sonic Underground opening theme

Sonic Underground is the family ship between Sonic, Sonia, and Manic from the eponymous fandom.


Sonic, Sonia, and Manic are triplets of Queen Aleena Hedgehog. They were separated after a prophecy reveals the future of the royal family. They were entrusted with medallions that can turn into musical instruments. Sonic was taken under the care of Uncle Chuck after the former's foster parents' home burned down, Sonia was raised in an upper-class society, and Manic by street urchins. Early in the series, the oracle reveals that their caretakers have been roboticized by Dr. Robotnik, and is the right time for them to unite as members of a band. Due to their three separate lifestyles and being apart for so long, the triplets had trouble getting along during their training before Sonic's connections with the resistance allowed Sonia and Manic to join their ranks. Once they got to know one another better and put their differences aside when it matters, while their search for Queen Aleena serves as the glue that keeps them together. Even though there have been a few sibling bickering moments between the three, mostly with Sonic and Sonia where some of those bickering occasions have began with dirt or chili dogs. Sonia hates the small and taste of them and while Manic does like chili dogs himself, his appetite for them is far less than Sonic's own fondness for them.

Throughout the series, the trio have sought clues to their mother's whereabouts, while being antagonized by Dr. Robotnik, Sleet, and Dingo, among other characters. They have also sought the help of others such as Sonia's former fiancé Bartleby, Knuckles, the half-roboticized anthromophoric animals in the desert, and many others who share the same goal of freeing their world from Robotnik's rule. Their passion for music allowed others to come to their senses, change hearts, or temporarily reverse the effects of roboticization. Because they are stronger together their enemies try to pick the three one by one, but the siblings always find ways to save one another, as well as those they have become close with before and after they were reunited. Some of their songs express how they feel about one another and the struggles they face, like it does with "Never Easy", while "Someday" linked them together before Sonic uses music to lead his siblings to him in "Beginnings", and when Sonic and Manic got separated from Sonia in "Who Do You Think You Are?" they played "We Need to Be Free" in hopes that the song will lead their sister back to them. Even though Sonia had lost her memory earlier on, she felt a connection with the blue and green hedgehogs and how they need her to them feel complete.

Due to the lifestyles of Sonic and Manic's upbringings they weren't fond of the upper classes who support Robotnik, and even though Sonia was raised in their world she is an expiation to her brothers who care about her. Since they found away for her to attend the demeton and help the resistance save their allies, and even though Sonia hates the down sides of fighting Robotnik and being the only girl in their group; she still loves her brothers. While Manic's thieving skills have came in handy his siblings still wish for him to kick the habit and for him to only use them for missions, and during the time when the three met a young group of thieves who Manic connects with from being a child thief himself, Sonic and Sonia were worried that their brother would be pulled back into that world again. Despite all three of them having magical medallions each, Sonic and Sonia have their own special powers while Manic doesn't have one of his own, until they learned that the powerful strength of Manic's dumping is the reason why for it, and Sonic and Sonia supporting Manic for his earth shaking power helps him to feel good about himself. When Sonic's speed gets him to mistreat his siblings for being "slower" than him, however, it got the two to wish that they have their brother's speed as well and because of the "solution" they used to grant their wish, and with Sonic uncovering the dangers of it before hand he realizes what his attitude towards them has caused and promises to not let his own speed get in the way of theirs again.

The series ended in a cliffhanger, uncertain if they will reunite with their mother, defeat Dr. Robotnik once and for all (as in the case of Sonic SatAM), or restore their rightful title. As of 2013, plans for a continuation were shelved. The transfer of the comic franchise to IDW Publishing five years later added more fuel to the fire, dashing hopes for any future of the series.


The "Sonic Underground Interdimensional Tour" poster on Amy's bedroom floor.

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The trio have a major role in Sonic Super Special issue 10, where they helped Mobius Prime's Sonic and Zonic defeat the Giant Borg. They also helped free Evil Sonic from prison when the latter was a target for roboticization. Sonic, Zonic, and Evil Sonic parted with the trio, who then pondered on their return.

They visited Prime Sonic's world as part on interdimensional tour in issue 144 while the hedgehog was out in space after an attack by the Xorda.


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As with the eponymous television series, there is some following.

Despite the series taking place in an alternate dimension, numerous fan fictions would incorporate Sonia and Manic as actual siblings alongside other characters in the games and/or comics; the reverse is the case also, with numerous fan fictions incorporating characters from Sonic SatAM, Boom and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog into the Sonic Underground universe too. There are even fans adding them to the Sonic X and Boom universe, a fan-made continuation of the series, or even a Sonic Underground reboot or two. Sonia and Manic would also have redesigns, especially concerning the former's hair/quill colors and nose shape.



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  • All three characters, not counting their singing voices, share the same voice actor as Sonic in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons.
  • The title cards of the Sonic Underground episodes is of the three together, before the words are added on by a mini Sonic zooming across them.


  • House of Hedgehog — the ship between the three and their mother


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