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Sonikal is the het ship between Sonic and Tikal from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.



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Tikal makes her debut in Sonic Adventure. In Sonic's story, Tikal first appears as a red wisp that guides Sonic to a temple. At the end of the story, Sonic briefly sees a vision of the Master Emerald shrine in flames. After running across the bridge, he sees the echidna running towards the shrine. In the climax, where Chaos is in its final form and rampaging Station Square, the wisp transforms into her original form and laments on the draining of the seven Chaos Emeralds. She asks the hedgehog what to do, in which Sonic's friends bring the emeralds toward him. Sonic transforms into Super Sonic and calms the monstrosity, restoring it to its original form. Tikal thanks him and returns home with Chaos.

In Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic and Tikal are playable characters in multiplayer mode, but the latter doesn't appear in the main story. Both are also playable in the now-discontinued Sonic Runners mobile game, as well as in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.

Both characters also appear in games primarily created by Nintendo. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Sonic is a playable character while Tikal is found as a sticker that the hedgehog can equip for an a attack boost. In the Mario & Sonic series, Sonic is a competitor, and while Tikal doesn't physically appear, London 2012 and Sochi 2014 has both as unlockable costumes for your Mii character.


Sonic the Comic

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Archie comics

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Sonic X

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Their meetings are almost similar as in Sonic Adventure.

In issue 5 of the comics, Sonic and Tikal were seen beside each other when Cream's pet Chao Cheese decided to stay with their companion. After Eggman sold his imitation Chao (from Cheese's DNA) to the citizens of Station Square, he remotely transforms them to Dark Chao, who then ravage the city. When Tikal feels a disturbance in the issue following that, she summons Knuckles inside the Master Emerald. They then return to Station Square along with Chaos and multiple neutral Chao to help Sonic and co. subdue the infestation. As Eggman brings out his giant mecha to give an ultimatum of surrender, the young echidna assures the hedgehog that she is prepared. She calls her Chao and the positive energies from the seven Chaos Emeralds to make Chaos grow big in size. Sonic thinks this is a replay of the previous events, but Tikal says that the power will be drawn from "courage and goodness". They then both continue fighting more Dark Chao while Chaos tackles on Eggman in his Egg-Gantor. After all the Dark Chao are returned to normal and Eggman flying away, Tikal once again offers Cheese to return with them, but the Chao reaffirms staying. The young orange echidna allows Cheese's to change their decision anytime and says goodbye.


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This ship has a few followers. It is overshadowed by more popular ships like Sonamy or Knuxikal. A DeviantArt fan club was set up on January 2012, with currently at least 25 artworks related to this ship.



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