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Sonilver is the slash ship between Sonic and Silver from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.



Sonic and Silver started out on bad terms, as in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Silver was manipulated by Mephiles the Dark into thinking Sonic was the one responsible for releasing Iblis and causing destruction in the future. Silver attacked Sonic twice but was stopped both times, first by Amy Rose and later by Shadow the Hedgehog. When Silver found out the truth about Mephiles, he and Blaze the Cat teamed up with Sonic to help him save Elise.

In the Last Story, Silver was among the ones searching Chaos Emeralds to resurrect Sonic. Sonic, Silver and Shadow the Hedgehog turned into Super forms at the end of the game to defeat Solaris. However, in the end, the events of the game never happened as Sonic and Elise destroyed Solaris in the past.

Silver met Sonic in later games. In the Sonic Rivals series and Sonic Generations, the two were rivals. At the end of the console version of Sonic Generations, Silver became an ally. Silver was also Sonic's ally in other games such as the DS version of Sonic Colors and Sonic Forces.


Pre-Super Genesis Wave

Silver spent most of his time in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave universe looking for the traitor of the Freedom Fighters. He suspected Sonic at first, although he was proven false. In the end, he found out the traitor was actually Sally Acorn, and that she didn't betray them willingly but rather by being roboticized, and Silver teamed up with Sonic and other Freedom Fighters to restore Sally.

Post-Super Genesis Wave

In the Post-Super Genesis Wave, Sonic and Silver's meetings happened roughly the same way as they did in the games. After the Super Genesis Wave, Sonic and Silver fought the Ifrit together. The two parted ways, only to meet again Sonic and Metal Sonic passed through a portal. Sonic and Silver teamed up to get a Chaos Emerald from Metal Sonic.


Silver and Sonic had events similar to those in Sonic Forces happen, after which Silver returned back to his time. Noticing things were still wrong, Silver returned to Sonic's time. He went to help Sonic in Eggman's base, and defended him from a Spina.


Sonilver is a somewhat popular ship, as it is among the most popular slash ships in the fandom. It is not as popular as Sonadow.



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