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Sonisper is the het ship between Sonic the Hedgehog and Whisper the Wolf from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


The Fate of Dr. Eggman

Needing to find out the plans of Neo Metal Sonic - who has taken over Doctor Eggman's forces in his absence - Sonic infiltrates one of Eggman's abandoned bases. At the same time, Whisper - sole surviving (and loyal) member of an anti-Eggman group - was also infiltrating the base. Seeing Sonic in the base, Whisper secretly assists him by firing a shot from her Variable Wispon to hold open a rapidly closing door that Sonic is trying to get through. On the other side of the door, Sonic encounters Silver - who he mistakes for the one that held the door open - only for their conversation to be interrupted when a shot from Whisper destroys a Badnik that was sneaking up on them. Silver gleefully realizes that it was the work of the "Guardian Angel" that had helped the Resistance during the war as he explains who they are to Sonic.

Reaching the door to the base's main computer, Sonic and Silver find Whisper unsuccessfully trying to open it before Silver accidentally spooks her and causes her to hide. Sonic quickly points out what caused Whisper to freak out before calling out to apologize to her for the scare. Calmed down by Sonic's words, Whisper reveals and introduces herself to the hedgehogs, with Sonic having to point out to Silver that "Whisper" is her name and not what they should be doing. With everything settled, the three make their way into the next room - only to be met by a force of Badniks. Whisper provides covering fire for Sonic as he and Silver destroy the smaller bots before turning towards the lead one. After the Badniks are destroyed, Whisper angrily attempts to smash the computer in the room until Sonic pacifies her, saying they need the information from it. Whisper acquiesces, with Sonic wondering why she was so angry just then. This curiosity is interrupted when Silver finds out what Neo Metal Sonic's plan is and the hedgehogs contact the Resistance.

Battle For Angel Island

Sonic and Whisper return to Resistance HQ as all present discuss Neo Metal Sonic's plan - the capture of Angel Island - and how to stop it. Everyone eventually boards an airship to reach the island and prepare to enact the plan they agreed to. During the flight, Sonic comes to Whisper and thanks her for joining despite her aversion to crowds before deciding to give her some space. The ship eventually reaches Angel Island, only to be shot down. Sonic and Whisper separate at this point, with the hedgehog going with Knuckles to secure the Master Emerald and the wolf with everyone else to destroy Metal's forces.

Sonic is reunited with Whisper when he, Knuckles, and Shadow are captured and brought to the commandeered Eggman battleship she's on by Neo Metal Sonic in his monstrous new form. Distracting Metal so that Knuckles can disconnect the Master Emerald, Sonic spindashes into Metal's face and taunts it, followed closely by Whisper blasting it in the face - with Sonic complimenting the dramatic timing. Sonic and Whisper - along with everyone else - continue to distract Metal until it shakes them off and causes them to fall, forcing Silver to use his psychic powers to catch everyone. By that point, Tails smashes the battleship into Metal as Knuckles finally disconnects the Master Emerald and glides it away back into it's pedestal. Whisper witnesses Sonic reuniting with Tails and confirm that Metal Sonic had reverted to its base form. As everyone prepares to head home, Sonic finds Whisper being talked to by Tangle. As Sonic confirms what their plans are after going home, Tangle puts Whisper on the spot by asking about a joke the latter just made. Seeing Whisper's discomfort at the request, Sonic tells Tangle to give her space and apologizes to Whisper as he heads off to another part of the ship.

Tangle & Whisper

Whisper had learned that "Sonic" had recently been causing trouble. Whisper managed to find "Sonic" and inform him that he's being targeted. "Sonic" counters that Whisper is also being targeted before revealing that he's actually Whisper's former teammate Mimic in disguise.

The Last Minute

During the Metal Virus crisis, an infected Sonic and Whisper convene at Spiral Hill Village - which is currently being overrun by Zombots. Whisper helps Sonic hold a group of Zombots inside of a building by firing at a lamppost and making it fall into the doors' path. Sonic attempts to join Whisper and the others in covering the village's evacuation until Tails reveals that all of the survivors have been found already and Amy orders everyone to fall back. Sonic still goes out to help Tangle out, during which Whisper returns to the shuttle on her own. Sonic eventually returns to the shuttle with the grim news that Tangle had been infected and was staying behind to hold the Zombots off, which causes Whisper to attempt to rush in after her. Sonic - unable to help without infecting anyone with the Metal Virus - is forced to guiltily watch from the sidelines as a hysterical Whisper is pulled back into the shuttle by her own Wisps as it departs for Angel Island.

All or Nothing

While on Angel Island, everyone (including Sonic and Whisper) are suddenly met by Doctors Eggman and Starline - the original perpetrators of the Metal Virus - as they explain that the Deadly Six have taken over and formulate a plan to defeat them. The ultimate plan is to send combat capable survivors to each individual member of the Six, defeat them simultaneously, and acquire their Chaos Emeralds so Sonic can go into Super mode. Knowing that his weirdness would require long-range tactics, Sonic sends Whisper to deal with Zor alongside Silver, which she agrees to. Whisper eventually returns to Angel Island following her mission to find it under assault from Zavok and his Zombots. Whisper joined in the defense of the island while Sonic, Silver, and Metal Sonic defeated Zavok and obtained the last Chaos Emeralds from him, with the former two going Super and siphoning the Metal Virus from the world and ending the crisis at the cost of Sonic disappearing.

Out of the Blue

Whisper participated in a party at Spiral Hill Village to celebrate the end of the Metal Virus Crisis, only for Eggman in a new mech powered by a captured E-123 Omega to arrive and crash the party. Whisper is joined in the ensuing fight by a returned Sonic - having been in the Sol Dimension with amnesia. With Sonic's arrival, he is able to free Omega and force Eggman to retreat. As Eggman runs away, Whisper joins in on a group hug with Sonic as everyone expresses gratitude at his return. Sonic and Whisper then help everyone in putting out the fires caused by the battle as a new day dawns.

Zeti Hunt!

Sonic arrives at the HQ of the Restoration - a new form of the Resistance - as it's under attack by the regathered Deadly Six. Sonic finds Whisper guarding the Command Center alongside Tangle as the Deadly Six attempt to enter. From her position, Whisper assists Sonic's fight against the Six by sniping them through a hole in the door. Eventually, Zavok uses his magnetic abilities to short out Whisper's Variable Wispon and mask, leaving Sonic to deal with the Deadly Six until Tails arrives to help.


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Sonisper is not a popular ship among the Sonic fandom. This low popularity stems from the fact that Sonic and Whisper never really had the chance to interact at length beyond their first meeting. It also doesn't help that Sonic had numerous other pairings to his name by Whisper's debut, wherein she was more popularly shipped with Silver, and later on Tangle. The few casual moments that Sonic and Whisper did have during the early issues are one of the reasons there are still supporters for this ship.

The relatively low popularity of this ship means there's only a small amount of fanart. Fanfics are also particularly strapped for entries with the pairing only having a single tagged entry from 2021 on AO3.



Sonic/Whisper tag on AO3


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