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SorElsAnna is the poly ship between Sora, Elsa and Anna from the Kingdom Hearts fandom.


Sora first met Elsa shortly after he and his friends arrival on her and Anna's home world of Arendelle. Their brief interaction told Sora that Elsa is on some sort of trouble when she called herself a danger to others because of her powers before she dashes off, Sora on the other hand doesn't see Elsa or her powers in that way since she had used them to take out a Heartless that tried to attack them from behind. Like Anna, Sora tries to go after Elsa as she flees from the kingdom to the North Mountain where he sees Elsa building her new castle. Shortly after it was completed Larxene appears before Sora's group as she tells them that Elsa's fears of her power will draw her to the darkness and that Xehanort wishes to use her, Sora on the other hand doesn't want Elsa to be swallowed by the darkness and vows to save her from it and to ensure that the True Organization doesn't get their hands on her. This gets Larxene to send Sora and his friends down the mountain and away from Elsa. Sometime after the events of Anna meeting Olaf the next day, she sees Sora with the living snowman and mistakes Sora and his group for Olaf's friends. After Anna witnesses Sora and his friends telling their names to Olaf, she intradoses herself to the group of nice strangers. Before the two parities learn that they both wish to see Elsa, and after Sora tells Anna where he last saw her he tells the princess that he is worried of the trouble she might be in. Anna asks Sora if he is sure about this and even though they just met Anna feels that Sora can help her with Elsa, before she tells him their story. When Anna finished it Sora tells her that he is sure that Elsa knows how much her younger sister loves her, before he realizes why Elsa looked so sad when he saw her for the first time. Along with him comparing Elsa and Anna's story to the time when Riku made himself push Sora away for his own protection. Since he and Riku were able to patch things up, Sora believes that Anna and Elsa will be able to do the same and tells Anna that if anyone can help Elsa its her. Anna thanks Sora for his support.

Sora and Anna had originally planned to make their way to Elsa together, but after a group of Heartless appeared the two got separated as Sora fights them while Anna goes on ahead. Before Anna got a heads start, she is able to reach Elsa first and just as Sora finally caught up to them, while waiting for the sisters at the foot of the icy steps, Elsa had accidently frozen Anna's heart and creates Marshmallow to send Anna away. Sora had felt a pain in his heart, telling him that something is wrong before he sees Anna being thrown out of the ice palace. As Sora faces the giant snowman he gets separated from Anna, again, believing that she might have gone back to the castle to try again with speaking to Elsa and Sora wanting to see the Arendellian queen again, he makes his way back up to her. On the way there Sora later sees an unconscious Elsa being carried by a man who has darkness emanating from him and knew right away that he has to get Elsa away from him. After Sora comes across Marshmallow and learns that he too is worried about Elsa, Sora asks him to team up with them as they make their way back to the kingdom. Where trouble is waiting for both sisters.

As Sora runs into Kristoff he learns that Anna's heart was frozen by Elsa and had returned her home so she can reserve an act of true love from someone there. After they saw the storm surrounding Arendelle and Kristoff goes back for Anna, Marshmallow informs Sora that Elsa is also down there. Knowing that both sisters might be in need of their help, Sora makes his way down to the kingdom as well; and after Sora saw the storm kicking up around the kingdom he speeds up. By the time Sora reaches Arendelle, he says the sisters' names as he witnesses Anna choosing Elsa's life over her own as she freezes to soled ice. The darkness from Hans then pulls Sora into a fight before he can go to the sisters. Once the battle was over Sora was about to approach the sisters until he realizes that Elsa is crying over Anna and stops midway and he witnesses Elsa's love for Anna unfreezes her, he tries to go up to them again; but Larxene traps him and his friends in some sort of darkness that froze time outside it. Once Larxene reveals that both Elsa and Anna are two of the New Seven Hearts Sora knew that the True Organization would try to go after them, and tells her to leave the sisters and other innocent people out of their plan. Knowing that if they don't find the seventh guardian before the Organization does, they'll go after Elsa and Anna. This made Sora worried until the Donald and Goofy reassured Sora that the sisters are strong and seeing them embrace each other helped Sora to see that his friends are right. As long as Els and Anna have each other.

After Anna tells Elsa that she loves her and how love will thaw, Sora witnesses Elsa bring summer back. Before he and the others leave the sisters to continue their journey.


  • After completing the story level of Arendelle, Sora is free to take selfies of him with Elsa and Anna.


Before the sisters and the world of Disney's Frozen was officially added to the Kingdom Hearts series, and sometime after the 2013 film was released, fans who want Frozen to be added to the KH series had began to make fanwork of Sora helping Anna find Elsa, like they do in the long awaited game. This old fan idea was drawn from Dream Drop Distance, with both Sora and Riku arriving up on Arendelle and as Elsa flees from the kingdom Riku goes after her, while Sora sees Anna stubble on the now frozen sea and goes to aid her. Before he volunteers to join Anna in her search for Elsa, and later ends up saving both sisters.

A moment of Sora and Anna talking about Elsa had got fans to realize that the sister's story isn't so different to the one Sora shares with Riku. A fact Sora stated when he remembered the sad look on Elsa's face before he tells Anna that her sister still loves her younger sisters, and that she shouldn't give up on Elsa. This is why fans have began to compare the sisters with Sora and Riku, with Anna as Sora and Elsa serving as the Frozen version of Riku.

SorElsAnna is one of a few known Kingdom Hearts ships that involves a Disney character with one of the original KH characters, following Sorariel, Terrella, Aquarella, Sorapunzel, SoHiro and the other Frozen/KH added ship, Sorelsa, Soranna, Axelsa and RiElsa. Even though these kind of KH ships aren't very common in the fandom, since many prefer to ship the Kingdom Hearts characters with each other than with any of the Disney, Final Fantasy or The World Ends with You cameo characters, that they appear close with. Unlike Sorariel, SorNuku and Aquarella, however, SorElsAnna is a poly ship. Making SorElsAnna one of the most rarest ships between a main original KH character with two of the series' many cameo characters, who are Princesses of Hearts.



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  • Elsa and Anna are originally from Disney's Frozen.


Elsanna refers to the ship between Elsa and Anna
Soranna refers to the ship between Sora and Anna
Sorelsa refers to the ship between Sora and Elsa


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