Spicecream is the femslash ship between Cinder Fall and Neopolitan from the RWBY fandom.


Neopolitan was Roman's partner in crime and thus began working with Cinder by proxy when Roman did. Neo is part of Cider's team, alongside Mercury and Emerald, for the Vytal Festival and they appear to be able to work well with each other in combat as the team won all of their matches. Neo continued to work with Cinder even while Roman was imprisoned by the Atlas military.

After the fall of Beacon, Neo and Cinder are separated for some time. They meet once more in "The Coming Storm", where it was revealed that Neo wants revenge on Cinder who she believes is responsible for Roman's death. After an intense fight that spills out from a bar to a back-street Cinder reveals her Maiden powers to Neo and they agree to "talk". Cinder claims that Ruby is the one responsible for Roman's death and that she and Neo should work together as they both want Ruby dead. Cinder takes Neo to the empty Vault beneath Haven Academy and tells her of the failed plan to retrieve the Relic of Knowledge for Salem. Cinder offers a partnership with Neo in order to kill Ruby as Salem has forbidden her from doing it herself. After a moment of consideration, Neo accepts and shakes Cinder's hand to seal the deal.

Neo then steals a Mistralian airship and reconvenes with Cinder, showing off how much stronger her Semblance has become when she is able to disguise the airship as an Atlesian one, which impresses Cinder. While boarding the ship together Cinder tells Neo that she was once asked if she believes in destiny, and tells her that she does.


Spicecream is a rarepair in the RWBY fandom, however is has gained more interest now that Cinder and Neo are working directly together. Shippers are drawn to their complicated relationship where it is uncertain if the two truly trust each other, as well as more simple troupes like their extreme height difference. There are also those who hope for a possible redemption of some kind. Shippers also joked that the two boarded a literal ship together in the finale of Volume 6.



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  • The ship name, Spicecream, comes from Cinder being the "spice" and Neopolitan being named after ice cream.
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