SpiderCat is the het ship between Felicia Hardy and Peter Parker from the Marvel fandom.


The thief and the superhero

At one point Felicia became a Spider-Man fan, and when he was wanted by the police, she stayed with him. She also began to keep newspaper clippings on him.

To feed Felicia's interest in the spider contributed to the chiaroscuro image of Spidey from the press.

Felicia's father, Walter Hardy had been a famous international thief. Years after he retired, however, the man was framed and arrested for a non-committed theft, and asked his wife to tell his daughter that he had died in an air crash. But Felicia discovered the truth, and she also had to bear that her father was terminally ill. Determined to allow him to die in her home with her family, Felicia attempted to release him, but the authorities refused to consider it still dangerous, so she decided to have him released.

Black Cat and Spider-Man first kiss

The Black Cat kisses the Spider-Man while they fight.

While procuring the necessary weapons and accomplices, the Black Cat came across Spider-Man. Since their first meeting, the latter has been attracted by the cat, and it is more than a recipient. The two flirt as they fight, and Felicia kisses him to distract him (although it is obvious that she enjoys it), only to run away.

Later the spider catches the cat in flagrante while letting her father escape, but she can't stop her, and her arm breaks in the fight. The cat seems to be vaguely sorry, but that does not prevent her from running away again.

In his civil identity, Peter has a bad fight with some friends, and in order to let off steam he decides to hunt down the cat. Checking the file of Walter Hardy, and finding out that he has a daughter of the same age as the Black Cat, he goes to his house confirming his suspicions. During their third fight, Peter admits that he doesn't feel like sending her to jail like he does with other enemies, and that she likes something. Felicia feels, and looks pleased with it.

The cat throws herself into the water pretending to fall to escape, to Spider-Man

The cat throws herself into the water pretending to fall to escape, to Spider-Man.

Eventually Felicia dives into the water during their third fight, pretending to fall so that the spider thinks she is dead. Although he hardly knew her, and had not done anything but fight, Peter really looks sorry once he believes that the cat is dead. This shows how she captivated him immediately.

Some time later the spider finds the cat intent on robbing a museum. The girl does not tell him how he managed to survive and engages in a new fight with him, managing to escape but not keep the stolen goods. The cat later retries the blow finding Spider-Man waiting for her, and this time the theft succeeds. This makes the hero even more determined to stop her ... but he doesn't know what to do with her after stopping her, and gets to complain that she's so attractive. Felicia continues to steal precious objects related to love, and to flirt with the spider during their fights. It must be said that even the cat goes slow with the spider, never seriously injuring it.

Felicia tricks Spider-Man into believing that she's crazy about him

Felicia tricks Spider-Man into believing that she's crazy about him.

Eventually Spider-Man manages to find Felicia's lair ... and discovers that he is plastered with his photos, and the girl says that she has stolen all those artifacts related to love for him, as a demonstration of love, and that the fact that he has worked so hard to find her, proves that he loves her as his father loved her. Peter believes that the death of Walter Hardy caused a serious emotional imbalance in his daughter, who now sees him as a replacement for her father, and instead of arresting her takes her to a mental institution. Actually, Felicia had pretended, knowing that it was easier to escape from a hospital than from a prison. In fact, shortly afterwards, Felicia flees the psychiatric hospital and returns to commit theft, but she no longer feels fun and excitement as she considers her crimes too easy, plus she feels lonely and can't stop thinking about Spider-Man.

To contact him she arrives to rent a plane because she writes in the sky with the smoke that awaits him in the place of their first appointment. Peter deduces that this is the place where they had their first clash and goes there.

The black cat writes a message to Spidey in the sky

The black cat writes a message to Spidey in the sky.

The spider is more than ready to face the cat, but she just wants to talk. The thief confides to the superhero that she can't stop thinking about him, and talks about their mutual attraction, and their similarities, then slips away, leaving the spider out of hiding for a masquerade party.

Spider-Man“I never know what to expect when you're around!”
Black Cat“Don't be mad! I only wanted to help! And, anyway things did turn out right! Now are you convinced that I want go straight?”
Spider-Man“We have to talk more about that!”
Black Cat“Why we don't kiss first?”
Spider-Man“Felicia, be serious! I... you...that is... Aw what the heck!”
— Peter gives in to his feelings for Felicia

At the party, Felicia looks forward to the arrival of the spider, and is very happy when she finds it ... to discover to her great disappointment that he was just a man with his costume. The girl gets depressed thinking that the spider will not come when he appears in front of her and the two begin to dance. Felicia also sent the superhero there due to the presence of a mafioso whom she robbed, giving Spidey the opportunity to arrest him and his gang.

Eventually Spider-Man arrives to kiss the cat, yielding to the attraction that has always proved for her. The fact that he reached her at the party already means that he cares a lot about her and doesn't want to disappoint her.

Spider-Man kisses the Black Cat

Spider-Man kisses the Black Cat

The following day Peter discovers that the newspapers only give him the merit of the company, completely ignoring the cat's contribution, and it gets on his nerves, so he asks the police for explanations, trying to convince a captain of his knowledge that Felicia has decided to go straight. This conviction suffers a severe blow when Felicia proposes to the spider to steal a work of art stolen the previous year. Felicia presumably believes that there is nothing wrong with robbing a thief, but Peter gets very angry and is disappointed that she believes she can persuade him to commit a crime.
Felicia apologizes to Peter

Felicia apologizes to Peter.

“When i hold her like this... every things seems so right!”
— Peter is unable to resist the cat

Felicia apologizes immediately and seems interested in the true identity of the spider. The latter, as far as he has doubts about her and their relationship, states that he will later reveal it to her.

This stems both from the fact that he still wants to trust the cat, and from the fact that all his previous important relationships have failed because of his double life. Felicia thinks to herself, that she has never felt so good before starting her story with Spidey ... but then she decides to try the theft anyway.

The black cat succeeds easily in the enterprise; the spider, however, catches her with her hands in the bag (passing through her house she had not found her, but she had seen the maps of the place where the art work stolen by Felicia was kept). Felicia seems to feel guilty and promises to put the stove back in its place, but insists on doing so by challenging the alarms; in fact it triggers them declaring that so much nobody would believe in his repentance, and that Spider-Man is already considered a criminal.

The two are assaulted by the guards of the master of the statue, but they manage to escape. But Spidey this time is well determined to slam the cat behind bars, so she runs away. While she runs away the cat

Felicia throws herself back into the water to escape Spider-Man, and he still believes she is drowned.

Felicia throws herself back into the water to escape Spider-Man, and he still believes she is drowned.

cries, but in the end he manages to trap her with the web. The escape took them to a dock, so to not go to jail Felicia dives into the water, despite the web preventing her from swimming. To prevent her drowning, Spidey throws herself into the water to look for her, but to no avail and is convinced that the thief has drowned. Shortly after, policewoman Jean Dewolf arrives to inform him that she has obtained an amnesty for the Black Cat, and the spider bitterly throws the documents into the water.

Peter remains depressed for quite a while after he believes the cat is dead; her friend Glory, when she mentions the topic of girls with him seeing his expression, immediately understands that "some girl must have played a bad trick", and Peter completely ignores a girl who tries to flirt with him as much as she is (actually she only wants to exploit it to make one of his colleagues jealous).

Peter admits to himself that he has behaved like this because he is still in mourning for the Black Cat, and he recognizes that he has been attracting him like no other since the days of Mary Jane and Gwen as far as he knew little, and is certain that he would never have given up to his criminal life. However, Felicia's thought continues to haunt him.

Love reedeems

Black Cat is alive (again)

Spider-Man discovers that the Black Cat has survived.

Some time later, while circling over the city, Spider-Man feels called and finds himself in front of the living and healthy Black Cat. The hero is very happy and runs to hug her and kiss her.

Immediately after, however, he expects explanations and Felicia says that the currents carried her to the underwater den of Dr. Octopus. Discovering that the mad scientist had decided to eliminate the entire population of New York, to prove himself to be the most dangerous individual in the world, the cat escaped from the base by stealing the element that Doc Ock needed from Kingpin. Unfortunately another supervillain, the Owl, wants to seize it in order to blackmail the whole city. Despite the seriousness of the situation, Felicia takes the spider to her suite clearly determined to have sex with him. Peter initially notes that it's not the right time, but in the end he can't resist the cat. As he wonders why he cares so much about a criminal, he understands that she is not evil just wild. Unfortunately the moment is ruined by Doc Ock who attacks the cat.

Peter roars to Doc Ock to stay away from his lady, and when the scientist attacks the spider Felicia attacks him telling him that he had for the first time something that looks like a declaration of love from the spider and wants to hear more about it.

The Black Cat protects Spidey even being in grave danger

The Black Cat only thinks to protect Spidey despite being in grave danger.

Eventually recovered his gadget Doctor Octopus kidnaps Felicia again. Peter managed to locate his hideout and is caught up in a fight between the Owl's gang and Ock's. Felicia also manages to free herself from participating in the fight, but both she and the spider are trapped in Octopus' arms. Despite the situation, the cat does what it can to protect Spidey.

It is precisely this that gives the hero the strength to break free by breaking the metal tentacles. Upon reaching the cat and making sure she is well, he kisses her.

Unfortunately the henchmen of the two super-villains (the Owl had fled) were still able to fight and Spidey had to face them. While she thought the spider had really shown to hold her, Felicia saw the metal arms of the Dock Ock crawl toward the neutron bomb component. The cat managed to prevent them from recovering, but was trapped by the tentacles and Ock's men took the opportunity to shoot them.

Spider-Man takes the dying Black Cat to the hospital

Spider-Man takes the dying Black Cat to the hospital.

At that sight, Peter unleashed himself like a fury towards Otto's men and took no further interest in him, to take Felicia to the hospital. The girl's condition is critical: she has lost liters of blood, and needs immediate care.

A desperate Spider-Man remains in the waiting room, but a nurse after having informed him that the cat has been stabilized convinces him to go away telling him that at the moment he can do nothing for her, and that there is a risk that the albina has suffered brain damage.

Spidey can't prove he has any relationship with Felicia so he's forced to leave. How Peter Parker goes to take an exam at the university, but his mind is obviously taken from the thought of the beloved and when the professor tells him to focus more on the final exam, he reacts badly screaming at everyone a thing for nothing from him. After the examination in a hurry (despite dreams of always becoming a scientist and this is fundamental for the doctorate), Peter returns to take on the role of his alter-ego and rushes to Felicia's bedside.

“Are those tears... for me lover? That's sweet.”
— Felicia
Felicia recovers

Felicia recovers.

Despite being exhausted, the spider remains close to the cat holding her hand until she returns from the realm of the dead. Felicia will never forget it, and years later she will say that it has united them forever, creating a bond that will never be completely broken. Felicia resumes her senses well and after having spoken a few words to her beloved and after having caressed his face she faints again. Despite the police thinking about patrolling the area, Peter camps in Felicia's room... wise decision since Dr. Octopus is very decisive in giving the final blow to the cat.

The hero rejects the first assault of the mad scientist, but the latter manages to escape.

Felicia declares her love for the spider and announces that she has decided to change her life for him.

Felicia declares her love for the spider and announces that she has decided to change her life for him.

Felicia“I had to come back... to where someone loved me enough to risk his life for me! I had to come back to you lover!”
Spider-Man“Oh cat! Don't ever even think of leaving me!”
Felicia“I won't lover... and I'm going to take Daddy's advice... I'm going to go straight! No more cat burglaries... no more crime! I'm going to start solely for the man I love!”
— Felicia & Peter

During her coma, Felicia dreams of her father telling her to stop being a criminal, and feels that the spider is risking her life to protect her. Therefore, on her definitive awakening, the girl decides to stop being a criminal. While giving the news to the spider, her mother arrives, very happy with her daughter's decision. Understanding that the two need to be alone for a while Peter walks away. However, Peter continues to have nightmares about what happened to Felicia.

Spider-Man“How are you feeling Felicia?”
Felicia“Absolutely miserable! You've been gone all day!”
Spider-Man“I... I had some things to do. But I'm here to stay.”
Felicia“To stay? Forever? You mean you'll nevere leave me... I'll always you near me when I need tou? And I do need you! I... love you so much! I want spent the rest of my life making you happy!”
— Felicia declares her love for the spider again.
Spidey ascertains the condition of the cat

Spidey ascertains the condition of the cat.

The next day Spidey hunts for Doc Ock but without success, so he comes back to the cat to check his condition, and warn her that the mad scientist is still determined to take revenge on her. Felicia is delighted to see him again and makes another passionate declaration of love to then hug him, but Octopus once again interrupts the beautiful moment by attacking them.

Felicia declares her love for the spider

Felicia declares again her love for the spider.

While Spidey confronts Ock the doctors take Felicia safely, but despite being weak and injured, his only concern is the spider, and he doesn't want to be taken away but helped. The thought of Felicia forces Spider-Man to defeat his nemesis with a fury that terrifies him.

The spider then goes to visit the cat devotedly every day. Certainly Peter feels very guilty about what happened to her, given that when during a fight with the vulture, he fails to prevent him from escaping with a hostage a lieutenant gives him good for nothing for not even being able to protect his girlfriend, the Black Cat we miss him just attack him.

Felicia gets bored terribly bedridden and goes out of hiding one night. However, the most she can do is pick up a stray cat, as the doctors said she is far from recovering. When he goes to find her and finds the empty room, Peter is terrified that someone might have kidnapped her ... until the girl comes back. Spidey gets very angry because of the reckless gesture of the cat, and seeing her in costume she fears that she has decided to break her promise. But Felicia points out that he has promised not to commit other crimes, not to stop being the Black Cat, from now on she wants to fight crime as his partner.

Peter is not sure that this is a good idea, given that in the fight against Ock and the Owl, Felicia came close to death, but still decides to think about it. Felicia, on the other hand, has no such doubts, and continues to daydream about adventures alongside the spider. However she sincerely cares for him and hates not being able to help him while in danger. Added to this is the concern about the hospital which will be very high, but Peter reassures her by telling her that they will find the money. This is actually a problem for him too, he has just moved on to his second year of doctorate, which means he has to spend much more time in the laboratory. This would lead him to spend much less time on Spider-Man, which would limit both his activity as a photographer (his only source of income) and the time he could spend with Felicia, since the latter loves the Spider-Man and has no idea who Peter Parker is.

Spidey is determined not to let Felicia go back to being a thief to pay for treatment, and decides to somehow find the money to pay for her. Eventually Peter decides to leave the university, mainly because he can't give up Felicia and Spider-Man, but he is surprised to see his ex-girlfriend Mary Jane, back in New York after spending a lot of time in Florida. All their mutual friends are always trying to make them meet. The thing for a while on Peter's nerves, but he can't reveal that he's dating Felicia, since the latter doesn't know his secret identity. Nevertheless he does not want to re-establish his relationship with MJ, since he thinks that "Now is the Black Cat that counts".

In the end it is the municipality that pays for Felicia's care, but although it is said that if he knew he would not leave the doctorate Peter does not return to his decision.

Spidey goes to get the cat when they release her and she takes the opportunity to introduce him to her mother. Felicia seems really happy about the care shown by the spider to her.

The new couple whirls around the city

The new couple whirls around the city.

Spider-Man“I've never known anyone like the cat!”
Black Cat“I' ve never loved anyone like I love Spider-Man!”
— The spider and the cat are more and more in love.

Spidey continues to visit his beloved, now at her home. Felicia reminds Spidey that he promised to reveal her secret identity, but now the hero appears hesitant. The cat seems to be a little sick, but quickly overcomes the disappointment and after having dined together the two fly around the city. Spider-Man discovered that his partner has no powers, he is determined to prevent her from teaming up with him ... when the couple is attacked by Hobgoblin.

The spider is very determined to prevent the cat from participating in the fight (it must be said that her first girlfriend Gwen Stacy was killed by Green Goblin a supervillain to whom Hobgoblin is inspired, so Spidey may have panicked because of bad memories) . The hero's fears are not unfounded: Felicia, driven by anger, manages to strike a good blow when Hobgoblin hits his beloved, but panicked ends up hindering an attempt by the spider to take the enemy of surprise, while trying to protect it. Hobgoblin manages to escape and Felicia blames herself for the incident, fearing that Spidey also blames her.

Spider-Man is looking to get away from the Black Cat so that he can reflect on their relationship, but the cat won't let him because he wants to clarify the situation immediately. Eventually Spidey admits he is worried about the safety of the Black Cat explaining that he has his own need for adventure. Spider-Man takes Felicia to the building opposite the Daily Bugle and tells her he works for the newspaper. Felicia is surprised to learn that Spider-Man uses a secret identity and has a day job, and Spidey tries to explain that when he got his powers his old life didn't stop.

Before the two can discuss it further, Spider-Man sees the Fly break into the window of J. Jonah Jameson's office. When he tells Felicia to stay behind, she refuses and follows him. It must be said that Spidey does not deny at all that he is dating a former thief from his biggest detractor, a sign that he is not ashamed of Felicia at all. The two heroes eventually manage to get the better of the Fly quite easily.

Spider-Man and the Black Cat stop on a roof and the second declares that he found Spider-Man's civil work exciting and asks him if he will show her where he lives. This causes an internal struggle in Spider-Man as he still doubts that Black Cat can love both Spider-Man and Peter Parker, but in the end he decides to take the opportunity and agrees to take her to his home.

A difficult acceptance

Peter - So now you know cat. I've never revelead my identity to any one before. I'm telling you now beacause I love you and beacause from now on we're gonna share oure lives together.

Felicia- Sp-spider ...

Peter- Yes, my darling?

Felicia- Y-your mask... please... put your mask back on!!!

Peter- Cat? What's the matter? What did I say? I-I wanted to share everything with you! I didn't want there to be any secrets between us! I love you!

Black Cat- And I love you... Spider-Man!

- Peter reveals his true identity to Felicia, but she doesn't really appreciate the man under the mask.
Spider-Man reveals his identity to the Black Cat

Spider-Man reveals his identity to the Black Cat ...

Unfortunately Peter's fears are confirmed: when he takes the Black Cat to his apartment, she is shocked by the fact that it is a modest apartment in the suburbs and not a palace or a secret base. Spidey explains to her that he has become a superhero out of a sense of duty, not for money, fame or the search for the thrill and unmasks himself in front of her revealing her identity as Peter Parker. Seeing the man behind the mask, the Black Cat is horrified and backs up horrified pleading with Peter to put his mask back on.

The Black Cat is shocked to learn who Spider-Man is

... but she doesn't like it at all.

In reality this does not depend on Peter so much, but on the fact that years ago Felicia had been raped by her boyfriend Ryan, in whom she placed total trust; that brought her no longer trusts the men and see that under the mask the spider is any one upset her. Nevertheless years later she will admit that the fact that he trusted her, to the point of telling her who he really was helped her to return to trust. Obviously Peter does not know it even if the passion between the two remains intense and mutual in him will always remain the doubt that Felicia is infatuated only with the Spider-Man mask.

Felicia is able to love Spider-Man but not the man under the mask

Felicia is able to love Spider-Man but not the man under the mask.

Peter is very disappointed with Felicia's reaction (who is the first person to whom he revealed his identity, and the only one ever of his girlfriends to whom he will ever tell it) but still puts his mask back on with the joy of a cat.

After hugging him Felicia suggests that they twirl around in the night and jump out of the window instead of from the skylight like Peter does. The latter follows her upset both by his reaction and by the brazen way in which the cat risked revealing his secret. When he finally reaches her, she swears to never reveal his secret identity, but suggests that Peter should embrace his true self: Spider-Man, and the latter finds himself thinking that his girlfriend may be right not only because the Black Cat is the only woman he loved who loved him like Spider-Man, and not like Peter Parker, but because recently he too often preferred to be Spider-Man than to be Peter Parker.

Spider-Man's reflections are interrupted when the two hear a shot followed by a scream. Spider-Man goes into action asking the Black Cat not to intervene but she follows him anyway. The two run into a young couple who has just been robbed.

The two work together to annihilate the robbers and while they fight they think about how much they love each other and Felicia is told that Spidey is everything she wanted in a man and more. When the battle ends, Felicia staggers, still weak after her release from the hospital, and Spider-Man suggests going to his home. Black Cat refuses and suggests that they go to her, again making it clear to Peter that she prefers Spider-Man to Peter Parker. Not wanting to give up her and the happiness that she brought into his life, Peter decides to ignore the problem and after the two have declared their love they go to Felicia's apartment.

Despite Felicia being attracted only by the superhero the two fall in love more and more, and tend to fondle themselves with sweet nicknames and spend as much time as they can together. It is also implied that they have a lot of sex.

Spider-cat family

Peter dreams of a future with Felicia.

Even if for a certain perieodo Felicia even claimed that Peter kept the mask when they were in bed, he even begins to think of getting married and starting a family with Felicia, ecstatic to be able to share with someone the dangerous side of his life.

Later the two find themselves fighting against the mad and super-strong criminal Mister Hyde. Peter tries again to keep Felicia out of danger, but she attacks the criminal anyway. Spider-Man tries to make her go away saying that by loving her she can't bear to see her hurt herself, and to protect the cat she is struck violently and faints.

Felica thinks he is dead and by blaming her she attacks Hyde telling him that he has taken away her only reason for living. Fortunately Spider-Man is still alive, but Felicia, now terrified by the thought of being a spider handicap, runs away determinedly to acquire superpowers so she can fight alongside the man she loves.

Wondering why Felicia escaped that way after the fight with Hyde, and they can't reach her by phone, Peter resumes Spider-Man's clothes and runs to look for her. Felicia tells him why he escaped, and runs away when Peter lets it slip that he warned her of the danger, and this time the boy can't find her. The next day the young Hardy puts into practice her proprosito, and as Black Cat she arrives at the Avengers' headquarters, and the Fantastic Four, but neither group can help her. Since the four are friends of the spider Felicia tells them why she needs superpowers. The Invisible Woman, tries to make her understand that superpowers won't help their relationship, but the cat ignores her and runs away.

Since the superheroes can't or don't want to help her, Felicia decides to turn to her old contacts in the crime world, but only gets to make another hole in the water. In the end while the cat goes to look, the notes of the scientist who created the Moscow, she is contacted by a mysterious man who offers to give her super powers, in exchange for her services.

The cat accepts the offer, and eventually gets the power to bring bad luck, discovering soon after that her mysterious benefactor, is none other than Kingpin one of Spider-Man's worst enemies. The girl immediately declares that she will never do anything that could damage the latter, but Kingpin reassures her that he does not intend to ask her anything of the kind, telling her that he will contact her at the appropriate moment.

The weight of a secret

Felicia fears that the spider may be angry with her

Felicia fears that the spider may be angry with her.

Felicia is terrified of the possible reaction the spider might have if she finds out that she has made a pact with Kingpin to get superpowers, and keeps wondering whether she should tell him or not. Not that she can do it, considering that Spidey has mysteriously disappeared.

To get his news, the Black Cat goes to ask the police for information and discovers that many superheroes have mysteriously vanished into thin air. All the while she is tormented by having made a pact with Kingpin and despite being certain of Spidey's love, she fears his reaction.

Felicia gets angry at hearing Peter Parker's speech badly.

Although she prefers his masked identity, Felicia gets angry at hearing Peter Parker's speech badly.

Not finding Spidey, she decides to try to trace his civil identity to go to the Daily Bugle. Despite being told that she hates thinking of him as a normal person, when J.Jonah Jameson begins to speak ill of Peter Parker, Felicia gets angry and harshly scolds him. In order to have news, she infiltrates the Avengers base again.

Even here she gets no news, but the words of the Vision make her think of telling Spider-Man about her powers but not how she got them. The cat fears that he is avoiding her, while in reality, like many other superheroes and super-villains, Spider-Man was kidnapped and transported to the planet Battleworld by a mysterious cosmic entity, which wanted to enjoy watching superheroes and super-villains, fighting each other .

Once back home, Peter immediately after calling his aunt, tries to contact Felicia but in vain. On Battleworld he learned from other superheroes that the cat was trying to acquire superpowers to fight by his side, and despite having understood that something was troubling her, he doesn't know what and wonders why she doesn't trust him. However, it is also said that he is very keen on her and that he does not have to complain about her even though he sometimes does not understand some of her behavior. This proves that Peter loves Felicia as she is and doesn't want her to change.

In her search Felicia even goes so far as to infiltrate Peter's aunt's house, once again without getting results. While resting on a tree, in front of the old woman's house tormented by doubt, about saying or not to the loved one of her powers, Spider-Man appears in front of her.

Initially Felicia runs away frightened, as Peter has procured a new costume on Battleworld, and shouts at him that a suit with the spider symbol does not prove that he is her spider, the man she loves.

Spider-Man and the Black Cat celebrate the return of the first.

Spider-Man and the Black Cat celebrate the return of the first.

Once Peter has proven her identity, Felicia wants to know where she has been for an entire week, and where she got that new costume (which she considered very sexy). The new costume moreover removes itself even partially, and the two take advantage of it to indulge in a little pampering on a roof.

The next day Felicia rushes into Peter's apartment, forcing him to kick out his friend Flash Thompson. Peter reproaches her for not being more cautious in protecting his secret identity, but Felicia immediately declares that she needs the spider not Parker, and the two go outside. Felicia's haste was justified, given that the dangerous mutant Blob is raging for the city.

Spidey apologizes to the cat for his hyperprotectivity

Spidey apologizes to the cat for his hyperprotectivity.

Spider-Man convinces the cat to stay behind as a support and offers her his camera to take pictures of the battle for him, but the mutant puts him in difficulty and the Black Cat goes to his rescue. Spider-Man tries to secure her again but she intervenes again, and her powers help put Blob out of order until he begins to despair because he believes that a friend of his is dead.

At that point, Spider-Man apologizes to the cat for being overprotective, and she replies that she does nothing by continuing to wonder if she should talk to him about her new powers. The two then go away together.

This implies that Peter has now accepted to have Felica as a partner both in life and in fighting.

Peter and Felicia kiss each other in superhero style

Peter and Felicia kiss each other in superhero style.

Peter is increasingly in love with Felicia enough to tell her that their relationship is the only thing that goes well in his life. The cat however continues to be interested only in Spider-Man and not in Peter Parker. When Felicia realizes that someone is following her, she goes to ask the spider for help. This makes it clear how much the Black Cat confides in the spider: as soon as he reaches her she tells him openly that he makes her feel safe. Despite being annoyed at the girl's lack of attention, in protecting her secret, Peter agrees to help her and is sorry for having scolded her for coming in costume to her window, seeing her fear.

The Black Cat consoles Spider-Man after a badly ended fight.

The Black Cat consoles Spider-Man after a badly ended fight.

In short, the couple is faced with the Answer, and things take place more or less as during the clash with Blob, but in the end the criminal manages to trap the two in the web with which the spider had tried to catch him and then if leaves. Felicia takes advantage of this to pamper her boyfriend a bit (it takes an hour for the canvas to melt) and continues to not have the courage to tell him about her powers.

Spidey brings a gift to the cat who is very happy with it

Spidey brings a gift to the cat who is very happy with it.

Peter wants him and Felicia to spend time as a normal couple would, so to please him Felicia agrees to spend an evening watching a movie on TV with him. Spidey brings her a carafe of wine as a gift and the cat is very happy with the gift, so when the object disappears, she panics and sends her boyfriend out of the house with an excuse, starts looking for the carafe. Eventually she discovers that it was her old friend Tamara who stole the gift for fun.

Felicia - I love him. I really do. But I don't know how to talk to him half the time!

- Felicia's outburst

Felicia burst into tears in front of her friend declaring that she can no longer hide something from the man she loves. Eventually Tamara has dinner with the couple and notices that Felicia has changed thanks to her relationship.

Peter marvels at how beautiful the cat's shots during their battles are, even though he feels guilty about using Felicia's photography skills to earn money, without any credit being recognized. In a discussion with his landlady, Felicia is mentioned and remembering all the times when the girl has risked revealing his secret identity, Spider-Man goes to her to talk to her.

Felicia for her part continues to think that she would like the spider to renounce her civil identity, even if she finds their relationship wonderful. Peter feels guilty for taking credit for Felicia's photos, although when he raises the matter with her, she says it doesn't matter.

The cat doesn't even want to hear Peter Parker mentioned

The cat doesn't even want to hear Peter Parker mentioned.

However, when she tries to talk to her about the secret identity, Felicia blurts out that she only wants her spider, and this time instead of ignoring the thing Peter blurts out that the only thing Felicia loves about him is the costume and she goes off. The cat does the same saying that the spider will not be able to bear it without her and that she will return to her soon. In fact, as soon as Spidey discovers that the cat is in danger, she rushes to his aid, and when she has to choose whether to prevent a bomb from exploding, or save Felicia, Spider-Man chooses to save the cat (who acted to repay her with Kingpin).

Peter calls the cat to clarify, but the situation has worsened, since Felicia doesn't even want the boy to call her name anymore, always wanting to be the cat, and that he is always the spider. When the spider is late for an appointment, the cat begins to fear that he has found a girl who can appreciate him as Peter Parker ... when the spider arrives at his house reduced to a rag after being beaten by a zombie.

Black Cat brings the injured Spiderman home

Black Cat brings the injured Spiderman home...

"I know he's hurt... but I can hardly stand to look at him when he's not my spider!".

- Felicia's thoughts

The cat immediately takes him home, showing concern for him ... but when he takes off his costume to rest, he looks away, unable to bear to see him without.

Felicia can't look at Peter when he's not Spider-Man

Felicia can't look at Peter when he's not Spider-Man.

Felicia decides to go hunting for the zombie but Peter makes her promise not to, and she accepts but she does it mainly because the zombie is Silvermane a mafia boss, Peter suspects that Kingpin is behind and Felicia fears that the latter may reveal the their covenant.

Shortly afterwards Felicia sees the spider circling alone and gets angry and declares that she can also act alone. In reality it is the costume that cut moves Peter's body, since in reality he is a living being, thinking and symbiotic.

Peter: Felicia this isn't the best day. I've gotta go somewhere.

Felicia: I'll come along.

Peter: No.

Felicia: You know, you keep being so angry because I don't care about your whole Peter Parker thing. That I love Spider-Man not... this. So I thought I should try spending a day with Peter. See his point of viev but if you cut me --

Peter: Okay. Okay. You're right. Okay.

- Felicia and Peter decide to spend time together in a "normal" way.

Felicia decides to spend a day with Peter.

Felicia decides to spend a day with Peter.

Since Peter always complains tha't she is putting his secret identity at risk and that she is only interested in the spider, Felicia goes to his house without a costume, to spend a day with Peter Parker. The latter lets himself be persuaded almost immediately, but being the anniversary of his uncle's death, before being able to decide what to do with Felicia he goes to bring flowers to the grave accompanied by the girl. Once Peter has told her the story of Ben's death, young Hardy seems moved.

Felicia: Benjamin Parker? Who's... Wait.Ohmygod. Is this--?

Peter: My uncle Ben. Yeah. Today's the anniversary of the day that he died at the hands of a burglar that I let run past me. The Spider-Man that you love wouldn't exist without him.

Felicia: I'm so sorry... Peter.

Peter: I just... I wanted you see it. Make you understand a little better... ... why I am tha way I am. Maybe make "Peter Parker" less problematic for -- for--

- Peter talks to Felcia about his uncle's death, and the impact this has had on him.

Peter and Felicia hold hands in front of Uncle Ben's grave.

Peter and Felicia hold hands in front of Uncle Ben's grave.

This shows that Peter has no problem talking about his biggest mistake to Felicia, and the girl is genuinely sorry for what happened to her boyfriend's family. The beautiful moment is ruined, when Peter recognizes one of his enemies Mysterio at the cemetery and believing that he has discovered his identity.

Actually Mysterio went to the grave of a woman who died during one of his robberies, because he feels guilty for what happened, but obviously Peter cannot know and decides to follow him to investigate. Felicia would like to accompany him, but she doesn't have her costume on, so Peter asks her not to join him. This annoys the young Hardy a little, who shortly thereafter finds herself face to face with Peter's aunt who also went to pay homage to her husband.

Hearing Felicia mention the name of her nephew, May senses the relationship between her and Peter, and the two women have a short chat. However, May understands how much the young Hardy loves her nephew, and asks her if she can't convince him to go back to college, obviously unaware that Felicia is the main cause for which the boy left school.

That night Mysterio tries to bribe the cat so that she brings him a sample of the new Spider-Man costume whose potential the criminal has sensed, but Felicia angrily refuses, so Mysterio blackmails her, threatening to give the spider a dossier that tries of her alliance with Kingpin. Forced to obey Felicia waits for Spider-Man to come home where she seduces him, and to make him fall asleep she mixes the sleeping pill with her lipstick.

"I know I shouldn't feel guilty. I'm just doing this to protect our relationship. I'm ... I'm doing the right thing. So why do I feel like it so wrong?".

- Felicia's inner torment.

The plan succeeds but the cat is tormented by guilt. The morning after Peter's first thought is Felicia, and when the phone rings, he immediately believes it is her, but in reality it was his aunt who called him.

May was no longer talking to Peter but after chatting with Felicia, she decides to call him to schedule a meeting, noting that Felicia spoke to him with the same confidence as Ben.

Spidey goes immediately to the place where his aunt gave him an appointment for breakfast and Felicia decides to follow him ... an excellent decision since Mysterio attacks Spider-Man. The symbiote still takes control of Peter's body and starts slaughtering Mysterio, and when the cat tries to calm him down by telling him that it is not like him to act so the symbiote pushes her away, but Felicia believes it was Mysterio's fault. This implies that despite being raped in the past, she trusts Peter to the point of being certain that he would never hurt her. In the end Spider-Man returns to himself and he and the Black Cat defeat Mysterio.

The cat offers to monitor Mysterio so that Peter can go to the appointment with Aunt May, which her fiancé is very grateful to, but unfortunately when he arrives the elderly lady has already left. While Peter tries unsuccessfully to reconcile with his aunt, Felicia remains by his side, probably feeling that she owes him support at such a moment.

The costume begins to disturb Felicia more and more, who reminds Peter to have it analyzed by Mister Fantastic as he had already planned. In the end what Peter feared happens: entering costume in the apartment of her boyfriend Felicia reveals her identity to Mary Jane Watson, who runs away in tears. The cat does not appreciate at all the presence of the redhead in the apartment and Peter's anger at the compromised secret, leading her to try to leave thinking that the spider does not love her ... when the symbiote holds her with the cobweb. Not having Peter tried to stop MJ, Felicia hugs him asking her to forgive her for doubting him, which the boy does immediately. In fact, the symbiont reads Peter's mind and he said he didn't want to lose Felicia, therefore that the costume only stopped the latter implies that Peter wanted her presence more, than that of Mary Jane.

Peter eventually follows Felicia's advice and gets rid of the alien costume after discovering that the girl's fears were well founded.

Felicia believes that Peter wants to ask her to marry him

Felicia believes that Peter wants to ask her to marry him...

After the two spent the night together, Peter tells Felicia that he should give her something, and pulls out a box. The cat believes that he wants to ask her to marry him ... but in reality he only wanted to give her a device created by him by modifying the first spy spider used on her, so that now it can be used to reach him and send him vocal messages.

Felicia gets angry about the misunderstanding.

... and she feels bad when she finds out it isn't.

Felicia doesn't appreciate it in the slightest (even if she'll keep the tracer for years), and Peter immediately tries to apologize for making her angry. The incident implies that the cat also thought that she and the spider could get married.

A secret revealed

In the end after a hard fight with Kingpin the latter's words give rise to suspicions to Spider-Man, who claims to know what debt the mafia was talking about. The cat makes up an excuse and then runs away telling the boyfriend that if he doesn't trust her they have nothing more to say to each other.

The next day Peter breaks into Felicia's apartment determined to continue the discussion; young Hardy agrees, but annoyed by the way the spider broke into her home, and when she points it out, he reminds her annoyed every time she broke into his home.

Peter wants to talk to Felicia face to face but she doesn't want him to take off his mask and encourage him to go out with her in the night. Shortly after a blackout, it takes away energy from the whole city; finding it romantic, the cat wants to spend the night with the spider but he points out to her how this can lead the offenders to act and how it is necessary that they patrol the streets. Peter then reveals to the girl the true nature of the costume thus justifying some of his behaviors that have hurt her.

Black Cat: Well, the truth is, I got my powers from... the Kingpin!

Spider-Man: The Kingpin of crime?! But How? And more importantly... why?!

Black Cat: They enhancednmy strenght, speed and agility-- and gave me a "bad luck" factor that causes harm to befall anyone, or anything that tries to harm me! As for the "Why", I should think you'd know the answer to that! I dit it, for you spider!

Spider-Man: What?!

Black Cat: Of course. I wanted to be with you, share your adventures, But you feared for my safety! The only way I could keep up with you was to gain powers that would put is on an equal footing! I went to every super hero group in town, and no one would help me. Finally, as a last resort, I went to the Kingpin!

I finally figured what difference I did it make where I got theme as long as I got theme!

- The cat reveals to the spider of duty her powers to Kingpin.

The cat reveals to the spider of duty her powers to Kingpin

The cat reveals to the spider of duty her powers to Kingpin.

At that point Felicia finally decides to tell Spider-Man that it was Kingpin who got her superpowers, which upsets her boyfriend, who remains even more incredulous when he discovers that the cat has done all this for him, to be able to fight her side, and that in return Kingpin only asked her to steal a corpse (who would later become the zombie who would fight the spider).

Shocked by what he learned, Peter tells Felicia that he needs to be alone for some time to reflect on what the cat gives him. However as he is leaving, the floor beneath him collapses, and then a cistern full of water breaks and floods him. The cat rushes to help him, but Spidey doesn't want her to touch him because he believes these events were caused by Felicia's powers, and in fact the latter admits that she has no control over them.

Eventually, however, the spider accepts the cat's help before leaving after sharing a kiss with her. Felicia tries to convince herself that Spider-Man will not leave but the hero is again prey to doubts.

Felicia: "The way he kissed me, I know he loves me! He never could leave me!"

Peter: "I love her. I really do. But she is so totally amoral-- and so in love my costumed identity and not the real me... I love her, but can I really stand to stay with, her? Spend my life with her?"

-Felicia's fears and Peter's doubts.

Felicia liked the black costume very much, so she sews one with her own hands for the spider. While she works she continues to try to convince herself that the love between her and Spidey can overcome anything.

When the spider arrives Felicia gives him his gift, but given the bad experience he had with the black costume, Peter tells her that he does not really want to wear an equal one, as much as he appreciates the gift and Felicia remains a little bad, even if the boy adds that in a few days he could also put on the black costume (in fact Peter will alternate the red and black ones for a long time, stopping using what Felicia gave him, only when Venom the new guest of the symbiote appears, not wanting to look like a mad murderer who terrifies MJ). The cat's powers continue to cause problems, and the girl begins to worry a lot about her boyfriend. The two work together to defeat the supervillain Spot, and Felicia hopes to fix everything with sex. However, her strategy fails

The first break

Peter has a terrible nightmare in which he is with Felicia and Mary Jane, and emerges as the first loves Spider-Man and the second Peter Parker. Both Peter and Felicia decide to infiltrate Kingpin's headquarters one behind the other.

Felicia discovers that Kingpin has given her the powers to harm the spider

Felicia discovers that Kingpin has given her the powers to damage the spider.

Felicia finds herself in front of Kingpin who reveals to her that her powers secrete a sort of aura of bad luck, which remains on those close to her so the longer Felicia stays with her spider, the more bad luck will haunt him. Then Felicia runs away in tears cursing Kingpin.

Spider-Man also clashes with Kingpin and requires him to leave the cat alone. Meanwhile the latter is despairing on the roof; the longer Spider-Man will stay with her, the more unfortunate she will become, so the cat is forced to break up with him, without ever being able to tell him why, given he believes Spidey would like to stay by his side anyway and seek a cure for the aura of bad luck. Felicia is devastated by the idea of having to separate from the spider, and this shows that she really loves him since she puts his good before her own.

Peter: Our relationship has having its ups and downs lately and I've been doing a lot of thinking about us Felicia. It's not that I don't love you, Felicia -- 'cause in a way I do. You're the most glamorous exciting girl I ever know. But we're soo different... too different.

Felicia: " What's he saying? At first I thought he was going to tell me that he learned about my bad luck powers -- but now it doesn't sounds sound as if... "

Peter: You're... I don't know... too amoral. I like adventure as much as anyone, but I do care about which side of the law I get my kicks on! You don't seem to! And there's another thing. For you, your costumed identity seems to be everything! For you is no Felicia Hardy! Only the Black Cat!

Felicia: "No! He can't be saying this! He mustn't be--"

Peter: " You want it to be the same way form me. Want me to be Spider-Man all the time! But that's no the real me! The real me is Peter Parker. Not some super powers; not a costume but a real person."

Felicia: " I was ready to make the biggest sacrifice of my life! Breaking up with Spider would have been the most unselfish thing I've ever done, but now ... "

Peter: I can't be ... I won't be... the person you seem to want me to be: a mysterious masked adventurer out of some romance novel. I'm sorry, Felicia, but we've got to stop seeing each other!

Felicia: "He can't break up with me first... he can't ... he ..."

Peter: I think it' s best, we break up! I'm sorry... Cat -- ?

Felicia: Fine with me, mister Parker.

Spider-Man breaks with the Black Cat

Spider-Man breaks with the Black Cat.

Spidey, once she reaches the cat tells her she made Kingpin promise to leave her alone, but also that as much as she loves her she thinks they are too different, and that above all Felicia loves only Spider-Man and not Peter Parker, and decides to leave her before she can.

Felicia is devastated by what happened; the spider's words hurt her more than anything she has ever suffered. Returning home, she wonders desperately what has allowed Kingpin to do with her body, and for the first time she wants to get rid of the cat, so much so that she will give up her alter ego for months.

When Peter comes home, it is said that leaving Felicia was much more difficult to face super villains and for a moment he wonders if the cat will not take revenge by taking advantage of the fact that she knows his secret identity. Soon after, however, the boy is said that after all there has been, Felicia would not act in such a petty way. This means that Peter has not completely lost faith in her.

At Christmas Felicia tries to call Peter to congratulate him, but then she lacks the courage, and closes the call as soon as he answers.

Peter begins to be constantly persecuted by bad luck and when he turns to Dr. Strange tells him that to free him from the aura of bad luck that surrounds him he will cast a spell that will hit the source of that aura. Peter assumes that it was Felicia who threw this kind of curse on him to take revenge for being left and tells the wizard to proceed.

Peter begins to be constantly persecuted by bad luck and when he turns to Dr. Strange tells him that to free him from the aura of bad luck that surrounds him he will cast a spell that will hit the source of that aura. Peter assumes that it was Felicia who threw this kind of curse on him to take revenge for being left and tells the wizard to proceed. The spell deprives Felicia of powers, just during a fight. While the girl is injured she has a hallucination on Spider-Man. Shortly thereafter Peter continues to tell himself that he doesn't want to see Felicia, but begins to think that she might not have intentionally cursed him, in the end he goes to her.

Felicia is happy to see Peter again

Felicia is happy to see Peter again.

Felicia is very happy to see Peter again, and immediately believes that he has come to resume their relationship, and is disappointed when she finds out that it is not so, but when Peter tells her what happened, Felicia gets very angry and tells Peter angrily that even though she knew they were no longer a couple, she hoped that at least they were still friends and that he trusted her more. Shortly thereafter Felicia is attacked by supervillain Sabrethoot, but Spidey comes back and saves her from the mutant. Despite this Felicia is not grateful to him because she is certain that she would have been able to get rid of the criminal on her own.

Spider-Man is moved that the Black Cat risked his life for him.

Spider-Man is moved that the Black Cat risked his life for him.

The cat is still very bad about breaking up with Spider-Man, and she gets to throw her photos into the river trying to convince herself that this has made all her feelings for the climber disappear, but she is only making fun of herself. Later Felicia follows Sabretooth when he hunts Spider-Man and attacks him to protect the spider, also injuring himself in the clash, from which she emerges victorious, all under the eyes of Peter, who later can not stop thinking to the Black Cat. Remember that he broke up with her because he couldn't trust her, and that he couldn't stand up to a bad superpower. Now seeing that she has been able to do both, Peter wonders what to do.

Felicia calls Peter saying that someone has sent her a threatening message, calling her "Spider-Man's Lover" and asks for help from Spider-Man. Peter is not so sure, that he needs it, and when Felicia tells him he gets angry, but he decides to go to her anyway ... and it's good since an explosion devastates his apartment, and the girl almost loses her senses because of smoking.

Shortly thereafter Felicia tells Peter that she is now ready to accept his civil identity.

Felicia tells Peter that she is ready to accept his civil identity

Felicia tells Peter that she is ready to accept his civil identity.

Peter and Felicia manage to trace the identity of the attacker and defeat him. Subsequently, the spider confirms to the cat that she trusts her and the two kiss.
Peter tells Felicia that he trusts her and the two kiss

Peter tells Felicia that he trusts her and the two kiss.

Second relationship and coexistence

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Since her apartment has been destroyed, Felicia goes to live in Peter's house, and in short, the two resume their relationship.

Felicia prepares breakfast for Peter

Felicia prepares Peter's breakfast.

Felicia seems to have matured quite a lot by coming to accept the need for a normal life as Peter Parker of her boyfriend and also not intervening in some Spider-Man clashes at the request of the latter.


SpiderCat is a very popular ship. It is one of the three most popular ships that involve Spider-Man and the most popular ship involving the Black Cat. Although they both came out with "super" ones, this is the only real relationship they had with another masked adventurer. There are many videos, fanart and fanfiction dedicated to this couple. This ship is mainly rival to Gweter and PeterMJ.



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