Spiderbyte is the femslash ship between Widowmaker and Sombra from the Overwatch fandom.


Amélie Guillard was a successful ballerina, and married a man named Gerard Lacroix, an agent of Overwatch. Talon, a terrorists organization, captured Amelie and tortured her till she became a sleeper agent. Overwatch rescued her, but two weeks after her return, she killed her husband and returned to Talon. They reconditioned her, turning her into an emotionless killer and lowered her heart rate, her skin becoming blue as a result. She took on the name Widowmaker, and became Talon’s most elite assassin.

Olivia was an expert hacker who was eventually picked up by the Los Muertos gang, where she stumbled upon a "Global Conspiracy". She investigated this until she was discovered, and in a panic, erased any trace of her existence. She eventually resurfaced under the alias "Sombra". Talon took note of her skills and recruited her, while she continues to search for answers.


Both Sombra and Widowmaker are members of Talon. They were teamed together to take out the head of Volskaya industries before Sombra sabotaged it and Widowmaker couldn't complete her kill. They have a complicated working relationship.


When Widowmaker activates her ultimate, Infra-Site, she can see all the enemy players. This includes Sombra, even when she uses her invisibility.



Sombra“Ah, my favorite spider. I wonder what sort of web you're spinning now.”
Widowmaker“It'd be a shame if something happened to you on our next mission. A real pity.”
— Threats


“Not so clever now.”
— Widowmaker eliminates Sombra
“This time, I didn't miss.”
— Widowmaker eliminates Sombra
“Big mouth, big target.”
— Widowmaker eliminates Sombra


The two were shipped later in the series. This is mostly due to Sombra not being added till later in the games release. Many already had established ships by then, but were still ready to ship the two. Especially since Widowmaker was in Sombra's introduction cinematic.

It is common for the two to be shipped based on their shared status as talon agents. But also their more opposing personalities. Widowmaker is cold and serious, versus Sombra who is more upbeat and more willing to have fun. This leads to more sassy or antagonistic interactions between the two.



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