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Spiderlad is the slash ship between Peter Parker and Harley Keener from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.


Peter and Harley have never interacted with one another, but did both attend Tony Stark's funeral. Tony served as a parent to Harley in Iron Man 3, while Tony mentored and provided aid to Peter between Civil War and Far From Home.


This ship is entirely fanon based, and was created due to their similar ages and both being geniuses. They've also both met Tony and believe that the two could meet at his funeral, and find comfort in one another. Shipping between the two quickly became common in the MCU fandom.

There are a few common threads and headcanons in many works of the pair. One is that one of the two boys loathes the other before meeting them for taking up all of Tony's time or in fear that they are being replaced, but will get cleared up. Another one is the identity mix up with Harley falling for either Peter or Spider-Man and then hating the other. Lastly, there is the Peter Parker's field trip to Stark Industries, with a Spiderlad twist.

On AO3, Spiderlad is the seventh most written ship for Peter and the most written for Harley.



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