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SpideyMiles is the friendship ship between Peter Parker and Miles Morales from the Marvel and Into the Spiderverse fandoms.


Miles Morales' character was created to serve as the next Spider-Man in Peter Parker's place, after his death.


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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

Shortly after Miles gets bitten by a radio active spider and had came across the Collider, the Spider-Man of his dimension notices that Miles' new super abilities are similar to his and after believing that he was the only Spider-Man for so long, he promises to train Miles once he stopped the Kingpin. Spider-Man's plan, however, didn't follow through has he attended it to be and ends up being gravely injured among the rubble as Miles rushes up to him. Knowing that it is the end of the line for him and before he gives Miles the over ride key, Spider-Man tells him to run before the Kingpin finds him and to keep his new abilities a secret, as the city will need Miles to be their new hero. After Miles promises Spider-Man that he'll destroy the collider in his place, before he witnesses the Kingpin remove Peter's mask from the shadows. Once a shaken Miles escaped to the safety of his home and over hears the broadcasted news of Spider-Man's death, along with hearing the speech that Peter's widow made about how anyone can wear the mask like he did, Miles knew that he'll have to serve as the new Spider-Man in order to keep his promise to Peter. After his self training didn't go so well Miles goes to pay Peter's grave a visit, in hopes that it'll do him some good and ends up being approached by another Peter Parker, that is much older with a brunet, a bit "plumbed" and is wearing sweatpants?

As Miles interrogates the mysteries man with an older version of the late Peter Parker's face and is wearing a Spider-Man suit, Peter Benjamin Parker explains that he is from another dimension who somehow ended up being transported to Miles' dimension. Seeing that he isn't a threat and could be is only chance to gain a "how to be a true Spider-Man" mentor he asks him to be his teacher in Peter Parker's place, but Peter B. Parker didn't want having thing to do with Miles as he prefers to work alone, and was going through a lot of personal stuff back in his dimension that he wants to go back to, as soon as possible. Once Peter noticed that the over ride key is badly damaged and how Miles wasn't going to give up, he agrees to Miles' request of letting him tag alone while doing some Spider-Man training on the way. Much later at a diner, however, Peter didn't present himself as the kind of person that Miles wants to learn from.

By retracing the steps that the recently deceased Peter Parker took, it leads the two to a lab that he got the data for the original over ride key. Peter had told Miles to stay behind and wait for his return while he goes in to get it, but once Miles notices the Kingpin's arrival and didn't want a repeat of him standing by while another Spider-Man dies, he follows Peter into the building to prevent that from happening again. As annoyed Peter gives Miles a few Spider-Man tips to control his powers, the two later learn that Miles has a ability that Peter doesn't posses when he turned invisible. Along with them uncovering the fact that Peter's time in an dimension that isn't his own is affecting his body gravely, and will continue to endanger his life if he doesn't return to his home dimension. When the two make their escape, Peter decides to give Miles the swing lessons he asked for earlier.

After receiving help from Gwen Stacy, who is from another dimension as well, and trusting the similarities to Miles and Peter's dimensions, they go to see May Parker for help. When May brought Miles, Peter B. and Gwen into the late Peter's spider lair and meet the other transported spider people, Peter Benjamin Parker informs them of Miles' resent discovered ability as he asks Miles to show them it; but for some reason Miles couldn't turn inviable again. Even though Miles is new to what Peter and the Spider people have went through before him, he knew that he has to be the one to shut down the collider once everyone got home, but Miles' lack of control of his abilities and experience had that made each one of them the web swinging hero told Peter that Miles isn't ready to be Spider-Man, just yet. Shortly after Miles' uncle was killed, Peter tells him that he too has lost his uncle to death, as being Spider-Man can get their loved ones killed. With time running out for them and the city and since Miles isn't fully ready to be Spider-Man, Peter didn't want to throw Miles into many more danger, he prevents Miles from joining the others as they go to face the Kingpin. While Peter will make the sacrifice to stay behind, despite Miles' protests of it being him who should be the one to shut down the collider. Before Peter leaves, he tells Miles that taking a leap of faith is when you know that you're ready to be Spider-Man.

Not wanting to sit by while Peter and the others go to save the city from the Kingpin's collider, and didn't want another Peter Parker to die for his sake, Miles returns to the lair of his dimension's Peter Parker to borrow some of the late Spider-Man's gear and designs his own Spidey suit before he joins the others. Seeing Miles full of confidence in his self and being able to control his abilities without trouble, Peter becomes proud of Miles. When the Kingpin attacks the two remaining Spider-Men, Peter wanted to hold him off so Miles could shut down the Collider but Miles gets Peter to go home as he remains Peter of the advice he gave him about taking a leap of faith.

Now as a fully realized Spider-Man, Miles became his dimension's new hero and whenever he feels alone for what his powers and superhero duties make him, he thinks about Peter and the other Spider people they had befriended. As while they are apart in their own separate dimensions, Peter and Miles will always remember that they aren't alone. Peter B. Parker's time with Miles had also gave him the courage to make a amends of the things that went wrong in his dimension, thanks to Miles' advice.

TV Shows

Ultimate Spider-Man

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In Miles' alternate reality, Earth-TRN457, his Peter Parker had died in battle when Miles had not long received his powers, and feels guilty for not using them to save the masked hero who saved him from the Goblin. So Miles takes it upon himself to serve as Peter's successor and the city's new web swinging hero.

When Spider-Man of Earth-12041 follows his Goblin to Miles' dimension, where he saves the kid from two goblins, a shocked Miles began to believe that he is the ghost of his dimension's Peter. Until Peter reassures Miles that he isn't a ghost, but was confused as to why he would think that or why the Earth-TRN457 Spider-Man he just saved isn't a Peter Parker, but a kid named Miles Morales. So Miles takes him to his Peter's grave stone where he tells him how he was there when the first Earth-TRN457 Spider-Man sacrificed his own life to save him and the world, and that he blames himself for not being able to save him with his newly gained powers. Earth-12041 Peter tells Miles that it wasn't his fault and how he might have died beside his Peter Parker if he did jumped in, as it is okay to be scared.

When Miles travels back to Earth-12041 to join the Mainstream Universe version of Web-Warriors, Peter gets Miles to go by "Kid-Arachnid" to avoid any confusion of having two Spider-Mans.

Spider-Man (2017)

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In the 2017 TV series, Peter and Miles' young ages are close to one another, instead of having Peter being much older than Miles. Along with Miles going by "Spy-D", while Peter maintains his title as Spider-Man.


Spider-Man (PS4)

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Before Peter meets Miles, he was told about him from Officer Morales once he saw how good Spider-Man is with technology and tells him that his son is a gadget man himself, since he was little. Spider-Man like how Morales described his son and tells him that he may one day meet him. Like most kids, Miles is a Spider-Man fans and likes to film him with his phone whenever he sees Spider-Man swing by. After his father heroic helped Spider-Man stop a few Demon Gang henchmen, Miles asks him what it was like to meet Spider-Man in person. Because of Officer Morales' heroic actions that night Mayor Osborn decided to give him a reward, as both Miles and Peter attend the ceremony in the crowd with Mrs. Morales and MJ; before Marten Li set off his planted bombs.

At Officer Morales' funeral Peter knew what Miles is going through from when he lost his uncle Ben, he tries to talk to Miles about the pain of loss but he was too upset to listen to what Peter wanted to tell him. Not wanting to give up on Miles and knew that both he and his mother need a helping hand, Peter asks his Aunt May to get Miles a place at the Feast Center as a fellow volunteer. In hopes that it would help him, like his Aunt May had helped him through his grief after his uncle's death. On Miles first day as he was making his way to the center, Spider-Man sees that Miles is being picked on by thugs and swings to his aid. Miles is amazed that Spider-Man had came to help him and that he has finally met him like his father did. Before Spider-Man swings away Miles asks him what happens when there is no one around to help, he decides to teach Miles how to throw a punch as a way to defend himself. Once Miles punched Spider-Man in the face on his first try he was worried that he would be angry at him, but Spider-Man wasn't mad at all and was glad that Miles is able to throw one before taking off. Shortly after Peter changes out of his suit, he meets Miles at the Feast Center so he could lend him a hand and show him part of the ropes.

After the city recovered from the Devil's breath out brake and Doctor Octavius was locked up for his crimes, Miles and his mother tell Peter that they'll let him stay at their house until he finds his own place. But ends up staying with MJ instead. When Peter and Miles were alone, and due to the strange things that Miles had went through since he was bitten by the spider, he decides to tell Peter about it as he didn't feel committable about sharing it with his mum. Peter had mistake Miles' weird happing question for puberty, so Miles decides to show Peter his new abilities instead. Peter was surprised at first but was able to come out of it with a smile as he shows Miles that he has similar abilities. As well as telling him that he is Spider-Man and how he'll teach Miles to use his powers to become a hero like him.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020)

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In the game's prologue Miles mentions how Peter and his aunt were there for him after he lost his father, and after a spider bit granted him spider-like abilities he mentions that he diced to share this with Peter. Since then they became Spider-Bros as Peter shows Miles the ropes and teaches him the spider hero code. Even though Miles messed up with Rhino, Peter didn't blame him for the mistake and believes that Miles is ready to swing solo while he is out of the country with MJ. Before Peter shares this with Miles, he set up training simulations around the city with pre-recorded messages and holograms to make it feel like he is still him with during the training. Peter kept this a secret so it can serve as a surprize after he gives Miles an early Christmas, that turns out to be Miles's first Spidey suit.


Spider-Man Miles Morales

  • One of the flashback moments from the sequel game shows that Miles had briefly bumped into Peter long before the events of the previous one. Back when Miles was about to attend Vision's Academy, while Peter was still working for Octavius.


“You don't have to be "Peter Parker" to be Spider-Man. Miles Morales is just fine”
— Peter in Ultimate Spider-Man (TV Series)
“I love You. I'm so proud of you”
— Peter to Miles in Into the Spider-Verse (2018)


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Just like how Tony Stark is a father-like figure to Peter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many comic and animation versions of the Spider-Verse have Peter has a father, uncle or older brother figure to Miles. Like he is to him in both the 2018 Into the Spider-Verse film (with Peter B. Parker after Miles briefly meets his dimension's version of Peter Parker) and Spider-Man (PS4), as he helps him to become the next Spider-Man. While the ship is commonly seen as a familyship and friendship ship, the Peter Parkers of the Into the Spider-Verse film, Ultimate Spider-Man (TV series) and Spider-Man (2017 TV series) could possibly have it as a slash ship as well. Since there are fans who do rival it with Spideypool.



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  • The Peter Parker that fans focus on the 2018 Spider-Verse film side of the ship is mostly Peter B. Parker, as Miles forms a close with him and had only knew his dimension's Peter Parker for a few short minuets.
    • There is a chance that Peter's time with Miles had got him to finally take up MJ's request on them having children together.


Fan Art


Spider-Gang refers to the friendship ship between Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man Noir, Peni Parker, and Peter Porker
SpideyGhostKid refers to the ship between Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales


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