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SpideyTorch is the slash ship between Peter Parker and Johnny Storm from the Marvel fandom.



Initially as opposed to anything romantic or even platonic, Spider-Man and The Human Torch's relationship started as that of rivals. Despite that rivalry the Hollywood star once showed up to give a talk at Peter's school, a speech that managed to touch the brunette in a way Johnny hadn't quite yet been able to. The speech was a toast to never giving up and easily wove into the already establishing philosophy of Spider-Man.

Eventually, Peter and Johnny began to have regular meetings atop the Statue of Liberty, confiding in one another when they need a helping hand. Johnny has a pressing fear of losing the people he loves and Peter - being very well accustomed to losing people at this point - is an understanding ear for him to vent to. It took some time for the pair to reach this closeness level, however, as for a long time the pair seem to argue and bicker more often than not.

The pair have grown over time to be quite close friends, at a time living together as roommates and Johnny even having slept naked in Peter's bed before.


Peter“Just give the word, Torch.”
— Empyre: Fallout Fantastic Four (2020) #1
“Oh, sure! Break our movie date, and then leave me to babysit your sister! Jerk!”
— Johnny; Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man (2017) #2
Red Skull“Spider-Man, you and the Torch were good friends for a long time. If i can't make him watch as i kill you—Perhaps you'll enjoy watching as i kill him.”
— Uncanny Avengers (2015) #20
The Rumor“Do you trust [Johnny]?”
Peter“With my life.”
— Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (2019) #3


A lot of the initial draw to the ship was in the dichotomy of the character types - Peter being a selfless nerd while Johnny was much more of a hothead. Their main rival ship is Spideypool, though the two fandoms seem to get along quite well. Shippers base most of their works on comics, but do occasionally transfer their dynamic to the MCU and other adaptations.

On AO3, SpideyTorch is the most written ship for Johnny. It has 900+ works, and is the third most written ship Spider-Man (Comicsverse) tag and the most written in the Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four (Comicverse) tags.



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  • Peter was the first person who saw Johnny after he escaped The Negative Zone. They hugged right after.
  • Peter grieved after Johnny when he got announced as dead after a fight in The Negative Zone
  • Most of their antics together involve either Peter or Johnny getting themselves stuck in a situation, with the other being forced to help fix it.
  • A motor company tried to use Spider-Man for an ad and Peter recruited Johnny to help him build the car for it - resulting in the first ever appearance of the Spider-Mobile.
  • In Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #21, it’s shown that Johnny Storm sleeps in Spider-Man pajamas, calling it his “secret shame”.
  • From Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man (2017) Annual #1 we know, that Johnny and Peter meet at the same spot every Tuesday to eat lunch.




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