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Spideychelle is the het ship between Peter Parker and Michelle Jones from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.


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Spideychelle is the ship between the two characters Michele Jones (MJ) and Peter. MJ and Peter are classmates at Midtown Tech, the prestigious high school which Peter Parker attends in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and teammates on the Academic Decathlon team. They are shown to be at least acquaintances, if not friends, with Michelle sitting at the same table as Peter and his best friend Ned Leeds at lunch, claiming that she sits with them because she "doesn't have any friends". Both are known to be outcasts and don't have very many friends.

The two share relatively little screen time, but Michelle is shown to have a (possibly romantic) interest in Peter early on, commenting that he has dropped out of two of his extra-curricular activities (although she claims that she is "not obsessed with him, just very observant"). They also interact while Peter is in costume as Spider-Man, directly before he saves the rest of the Decathlon team from the crumbling Washington Monument.

In one of the final scenes of the film, Michelle presses Peter about what he is "hiding", before giving him a long look as he rushes off, in an exchange which has prompted speculation that MJ knows of Peter's secret identity.

Throughout Spider-Man Far From Home we begin to see Peter crushing on MJ. He wants to talk to her and sit next to her and spend time with her. We also begin to realize that MJ also seems to have a crush on Peter and has been watching him.

She eventually informs Peter that she knows he is in fact Spider-Man because she has been watching him. It is at this point they have an awkward moment where she says she was only watching him because she thought he was Spider-Man but it is clear she actually has had a crush on him for some time. Peter originally denies the accusation but after further consideration realizes he needs her help and eventually chooses to tell her the truth.

Later on after MJ and many of Peter's classmates were almost killed by robots Peter and MJ find themself on a bridge and look at each other longly glad the other is alive. It is at this point the two share their first kiss. As the rest of the movie completes they are shown to have begun dating.


Fans began shipping these characters at the beginning of the first movie when they were first introduced. This was because Peter Parker in all variations has tended to date either a character by the name of Gwen Stacey or Mary Jane (MJ). The first movie introduced MJ as Michelle Jones instead of the otherwise known Mary Jane. Since Gwen Stacey was not introduced at all in the first movie the shippers assumed Peter's eventual love interest would become MJ. Not only did the fans ship Peter and MJ they began to ship the two actors: Tom Holland and Zendaya. Both ships continued into the second movie when MJ and Peter began dating.



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