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Spinaraki is the slash ship between Tomura Shigaraki and Shuichi Iguchi from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Vs Hero Killer Arc

Tenko and Oboro met Chizome after Chizome defeats Ingenium (Tenya's brother, Tensei, not Tenya), Oboro warps to greet him and Chizome responds by raising his guard. However, Oboro says they are of similar breed and that Chizome may be interested in an offer. Chizome warps to the LOV with Tenko and Oboro to discuss joining their ranks. When he questions Tenko's convictions, he's disappointed to find out he's simply trying to destroy anyone he doesn't like. Oboro wishes to step in, but his master orders him to stand aside so that Tenko may learn from the experience. After Chizome and Tenko 'fought' each other, Tenko angrily said that he doesn't want Chizome to be in LOV and warped Chizome back at Hosu, and then releases the nomu's. One of the nomu's are trying to take Izuku after his (,Tenya's and Shoto's) fight Chizome and Chizome killed the Nomu and saved Izuku. Two days later, the video of it got viral across the Japan, making villains interested in LOV and joining them, and one of them are Shuichi. Shuichi joined the LOV because he thoughts that it would help him to continue with Chizome's legacy, Shuichi admires Chizome greatly, Shuichi is completely obsessed with the ways of Chizome to the point where he copies his clothing and weaponry style, aiming to follow the same ideals as him and make his dreams come true, so when he sees Nomu in Chizome's video, he immediately got interested in LOV and joins it.

Shie Hassaikai Arc

In the peak of the Shie Hassaikai Arc, Touya tells Shuichi, who was driving the truck to escape the Hassaikai's to stop swerving the truck, but Shuichi retorts Touya, annoyed that he was a problem with the driving skills he learned from gaming as well as further annoyed that attacking a police convoy has nothing to do with creating a true society. Tenko reassures Shuichi that it is a necessary sacrifice, making Shuichi began to doubt his actions but he decided to do as he said. Later, after the League had little benefit from other operations, Shuichi finally lost his patience and began to shout at Tenko that he has little faith in him and his ability to lead the League of Villains. He openly questioned how Tenko and the League would help him bring Chizome's goals to fruition.

Meta Liberation Army Arc

Shuichi observed Tenko's determination to defeat and tame Gigantomachia, he began to respect him as a leader in his own right, without the influence of Chizome. He offered his opinion to Tenko during the fight against the Meta Liberation Army.

Shuichi barely holds on to Trumpet's truck as Tenko's Quirk completely annihilates the surroundings of Deika City. Trumpet tells the Meta Liberation Army to stop as Tenko's destruction slowly crumbles up the streets to pieces. Despite all the massive chaos occurring, Shuichi remains determined to help out his leader, Tenko. As the battle starts wrapping up, Tenko gleefully unleashes his full power with nothing holding him back anymore. While this happens, one of Jin's Doubles escorts Giran to safety and Skeptic heads towards Rikiya's location with Geten badly injured from Gigantomachia's attack. Tenko recalls All For One's words and realizes that the combination of hatred and anger is the key to true freedom. Rikiya struggles to withstand Tenko's sheer power as his Claustro armor begins to break apart with no effort. Rikiya deduces that Tenko must have a limited range for him to counterattack. He then attempts to launch his arsenal of missiles but fails to notice the effects of Tenko's quirk has gone beyond its limits. Tenko laughs triumphantly with a desire to destroy anything that stands in his path.

Deika City finally meets its end with several buildings being reduced to tiny pieces. Rikiya deactivates his armor and witnesses the total chaos Tenko has inflicted on his beloved city. Rikiya desperately attempts his escape but plummets straight to the ground with nothing supporting him. Gigantomachia watches in complete shock at Tenko’s devastating attack. However, Rikiya reveals that he has barely survived with his legs cut off with a piece of his armor to prevent Decay's effect from spreading on his body. Tenko then emerges from the dusty scenery, still standing despite his many injuries. Tenko approaches his foe and tells Rikiya that he recalls the reason this battle happened was due to the latter challenging him to a fight, something Rikiya smirks at. Trumpet, Spinner, and the remaining MLA soldiers arrive on the scene. Trumpet commands his soldiers to attack Tenko but they immediately halt as Tenko gives them an icy cold smile. Trumpet is shocked to see his Quirk being overruled by fear.

Rikiya, surprisingly, tells Trumpet to hold off the MLA as anymore conflict would bring more meaningless deaths. Rikiya admits that his people weren't following his will but rather Destro's command. He then realizes that Tenko's leadership skills are better suited to lead his MLA army. With that being said, Rikiya surrenders and lends the MLA's strength to the League of Villains. Everyone remaining on the battlefield watches with astonishment. Gigantomachia sheds a single tear, as he finally realizes that Tenko really was All For One's true successor. Shuichi concludes that the League is starting to pick up from their dead-long tale. Satisfied with Rikiya's decision, Tenko asks him if has enough money to get the League some lunch.

Shuichi shouting at Tenko

Paranormal Liberation Arc

During the Paranormal Liberation War, in Chapter 290 to be exact, Machia (Gigantomachia) let out heavy breath, and said that he has come to Tenko on his hand, telling him that Tenko's will is Machia's command, so Machia demands Tenko to give him an order. Shuichi shouts from Machia's back, saying that Tenko isn't looking so hot. After Touya revealed his true identity to his father, Endeavor and his youngest brother, Shoto and after the flashback panels of Touya's life in Chapter 291, Atsuhiro commented that Touya never spoke a word about this (About his blood relation with the Todoroki Family), Shuichi replies by saying the fact that all the LOV already know; that Touya kept it hidden from them (The LOV), and what's up with that? But Shuichi then changes the topic to about Tenko, trying to wake him up and telling him that Machia needs orders in the way as if he didn't care about Touya, but care about Tenko more. Suddenly, Tsunagu appears and restrains Machia and people on his back, Shuichi realizes that Machia has been out of breath since they made it there, and just after executing the last command, Machia collapsed.

Shuichi tries to woke up Tenko while them both are restrained, saying that "You ain't dead, right?!" and telling him to give 'the big guy' (Machia) and order because he understands that Machia is a man who follows orders, come hell or high water and he can't go all out without a proper command, and after all, Tenko haven't destroyed a 'darn' thing yet!. Meanwhile Shuichi tries to woke up Tenko, Nejire are flying on top of Machia's back, getting ready to attack both Shuichi and Tenko, Shuichi realizes and bites Tenko's (maybe hair?) and telling her to snap outta their way, but before Nejire could attack them, Touya already burned Nejire's body, making the attack failed. After a while, Shuichi calling Tenko's name, and Tenko is finally conscious, trying so hard to finally uttering two words as an order for Machia; "Machia... Destroy..."

Star and Stripe Arc

All For One and Shuichi are hiding out in a secret cave, as the former states thanks to the escaped inmates, since the Heroes and Police Force have been too busy to put their full focus on them, allowing them to 'win' their game of hide-and-seek. Shuichi says they could’ve simply won by leaving the country, but All For One says evading everyone was just his first goal, and his next goal is getting his hands on One For All. Shuichi wonders why that isn’t the final goal, which he replies that he’s planned ahead for a long time, and that this moment offers up the greatest obstacle and ultimate opportunity. He reveals that he has connections all over the world, and while All Might may have suppressed his organized crime in Japan, overseas was a different story, and that once they start stirring up trouble, the nations will have to start prioritizing their own safety over others. He continues that the American Hero, Cathleen, also known as the world’s strongest woman, is someone they would have to worry about if she were to intervene, however, if he were to get his hands on her Quirk, then nothing will be a problem anymore. He then tells Shuichi that after spending this time guarding him, he will be the one to support Tenko in his crusade as 'One who spins this tale', reminding him of his status as a heteromorph.

UA Traitor Arc

Shuichi hears screaming down a dark hallway and goes to check on Tenko, only to see a monstrous mutated body emerging from the shadows, which then transforms into 'Tenko' himself. All For One tells Shuichi not to worry as his recovery is progressing smoothly, gradually overcoming the Quirk Singularity. Shuichi asks if he's 'Still Tenko', which he claims he is. Skeptic then speaks to Shuichi, reminding him of the high percentage of villain criminals that are mutants, and that most heteromorphs bare a hatred to Heroes because of the racial inequality they feel. He continues that when the League of Villains first started, the world was exposed to him, which led to wannabes copying his costume and now he's become a guiding light for heteromorphs everywhere. Shuichi tries to say they have it all wrong and that he's not trying to serve some great cause, but Skeptic says the die has already been cast, and the common rioters in the street are awaiting his lead: he will pull the trigger in Rikiya's stead. Handing him a communication device, Shuichi thinks about how it doesn't matter what he thinks anymore, that they're past the point of no return, and he's only here for Tenko's sake. 'Tenko' tells him to bring it all down, as All For One confidently states that "Everyone can be somebody's hero", with the rest of the villains beginning to assemble.


Atsuhiro“He (Touya) never spoke a word about this”
Shuichi“He (Touya) kept it hidden from us, and what's up with that? But anyway! Wake the heck up, Shigaraki!”
— Shuichi changing the topic as if he didn't care about Touya's relation to the Todoroki's and prefers to woke up Tenko in Chapter 290
“No more... thinking it over, I'm only here for your sake, Shigaraki.”
— Shuichi's thoughts in Chapter 341


Spinaraki isn't particularly popular within the MHA fandom, as it's overshadowed by ShigaDabi as the most popular Tenko ship, but this ship is pretty popular compared to the other LOV ships, but still got defeated by TogaDabi, ShigaDabi and Hot Wings. Their popularity is the same as TogaWice's popularity. The fans absolutely LOVED how Shuichi almost always acting 'gay-ish' for Tenko, and makes a joke about Shuichi never looks horrified around Tenko, rather than, he's turned on. The fans also being very enthusiastic seeing Shuichi's expression when Tenko defeats Rikiya in the Meta Liberation Army Arc, staring at him in awe and Gigantomachia's speech block is in his panel when he said "That warped, crumbling horizon... I'd never seen anything prettier.". Some fans also loves to make angst since it's revealed that Shuichi and Tenko bonded over video games and when Shuichi suspects there's someone controlling Tenko (Yes there is, it's All For One). There's currently 253+ works of them on AO3



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