Spinearl is the non-binary ship between Spinel and Pink Pearl from the Steven Universe fandom.


Even though the two characters are from the same series, they are never shown interacting in the canon. They can't even interact in the Steven Universe games because Spinel doesn't appear in any game Pink Pearl does. However, both were early servants of Pink Diamond.

However, both Spinel and Pearl were traumatized by Pink Diamond. Spinel was told to stay in Pink Diamond's garden as a "game" and Spinel waited patiently for 6,000 years. Pink Diamond never returned to her. Upon learning the truth, Spinel cried until her face was scarred by tear marks and proceeded to attack Steven in retaliation. Pink Pearl had her right eye cracked by Diamond, in a fit of nerves for not being allowed to have a colony in her last instance, White Diamond. Her physical damage never healed due to the emotional trauma caused by the injury and Pink Pearl was seen cowering thousands of years later when Steven had a similar outburst, showing that her trauma still impacted her.

Both of their color palette's are pink, Spinel's being darker, while Pearl is more pastel. Both are also shown to have playful and happy personalities. Pink Pearl used to play with Pink Diamond in secret while it was Spinel's job to keep her diamond entertained. Both are also shown to have been a bit naive at times. Pink Pearl seems to have no problem with the fact that she was possessed by White Diamond for 8,000 years and easily forgives Pink Diamond for accidentally harming her during one of her outbursts. Spinel was easily tricked by Pink Diamond into staying still for 6,000 while believing that she would return the entire time.


Shippers among the fandom have agreed that Spinel and Pearl are similar in a lot of ways, the most brought up reason being their trauma, others just thinking the ship would be cute as well as providing both characters with love interests. This pairing continued to be the most popular pairing for Pink Pearl following an episode of Steven Universe Future that launched the VolleyPearl ship.

On AO3, Spinearl is the most written ship for Pink Pearl and the second most written for Spinel.



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