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Spinnetossa is the femslash ship between Spinnerella and Netossa from the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fandom.


Spinnerella and Netossa are the only two remaining princesses that stayed in Bright Moon to fight the Horde after the first Princess Rebellion disbanded. They are always seen together though their role in the rebellion is somewhat of a mystery to Bow and the others. When Netossa gets angry that Bow doesn't know her power, she yells that, "it's in the name. Net-tossa. I toss nets!" After, Spinerella states, "Yes, you have beautiful nets, darling."

They are together as usual in "Princess Prom" where they mingle with guests and dance together. They later join the Battle of Bright Moon and are able to demonstrate their unique powers relating to nets and wind.


Before She-Ra and the Princesses of Power released its first season people had already begun to ship Spinnetossa thanks to Netossa's voice actor, Krystal Joy Brown, confirming that they were a canon couple. This was celebrated early in the fandom as fans felt it showed the commitment to LGBT rep that had been promised for the series. Further hype around the ship was built up as official promo images of Spinnerella and Netossa together were released and the She-Ra VR experience featured a quote from Spinnerella calling Netossa "darling".



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  • Spinnerella is voiced by series showrunner Noelle Stevenson


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