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Spirk is the slash ship between James T. Kirk and Spock from the Star Trek fandom.


Season 1


102 Spirk

Kirk and Spock beam down to M-113 to speak with Professor Crater. They find him among the ruins and yells that he wants them to leave. As Kirk tries to calm him down, Spock wanders and finds the body of Ensign Green. He calls Kirk over and Kirk points out that he beamed onto the ship with them. Spock says that something did and Kirk orders that Enterprise on lock-down. Spock says that they can take Carter with them to find out about the creature, and Kirk agrees. They're suddenly knocked over by a laser and have to take cover from Crater. Spock says that taking him will be difficult, and Kirk tells him that he'll be setting his phaser on stun. Spock says that Kirk will be risking his life for Crater's, but Kirk says that he's only trying to frighten them. Spock points out a way for them to sneak around and they set their plan in motion.

As they try to get the drop on Crater, Spock calls Kirk and Kirk gives him the signal to distract him. Kirk is able to stun him and they both rush to him. Kirk asks where Nancy is, and Crater explains that the last creature on the planet came to them and killed Nancy, then ended up taking her place. Kirk calls the Enterprise and has the three of them beamed out.

Kirk gets a call to the infirmary and rushes down to find Spock injured. Spock tells him that the creature took the form of McCoy and attacked him. They find Crater dead in the next room, and Kirk asks how Spock ended up okay. Spock was just lucky that he's a Vulcan, and has a different genetic make up.

The creature ends up trapping Kirk in McCoy's quarters, just as Spock arrives. Spock tells McCoy to shoot it, since it's killing Kirk, and when he fails to do so, puts himself between Kirk and the creature.


Kirk is distracted while he and Spock play 3D chess, which Spock points out. Kirk's mind is on the Antares, and can't comprehend what happened. Spock expresses his own concerns, but over Charlie. Kirk is confused, and Spock says that he seemed to know what happened to the Antares before anyone else. Charlie then walks in, and Kirk thinks it's a pretty long reach for evidence. They continue their game and Kirk reaches a checkmate. Spock laments that Kirk's illogical approach does have advantages, and Kirk prefers to call in inspired. Spock lets him, and says that the game is his. Kirk asks if Charlie has ever played, and Charlie admits that he hasn't and asks to try. Kirk leaves him in Spock's hands as he leaves.

Kirk and Spock rush to Rand's quarters to rescue her from Charlie, when they are thrown against the wall by Charlie. After Charlie makes Rand disappear, he lets Kirk go for a moment. As Kirk stands he asks Spock how he is. Spock says that his legs are broken, and Kirk angrily tells Charlie to let Spock go. Charlie asks why he should and Kirk says that he needs Spock to help run the ship. Charlie then lets Spock go and storms out.


In the briefing lounge, Captain James T. Kirk and Vulcan science officer Lieutenant Commander Spock are playing three-dimensional chess. Spock warns the captain that he's about to checkmate him on his next move, but the captain is preoccupied with awaiting the bridge's update on the unexplained Earth-vessel distress signal. Kirk notes how Spock plays an irritating game of chess, Spock replies that he wouldn't know the meaning of the word since it's an earth emotion. Kirk makes a surprising move and asks if he really doesn't know the meaning of irritation. Spock says that just because he has a human ancestor doesn't mean he has emotions, but Kirk interrupts him asking about having bad blood. The two receive a call from the transportation room and they head there.

After the Enterprise is attacked by an unknown force, that had attacked the Valiant as well, Kirk supervises repairs on the bridge. He see's Spock looking over medical records of dead crew members. He then see's Spock monitoring Gary Mitchell over the monitor.

After a meeting discussing what to do about Gary, Kirk and Spock are the only one's left in the briefing room. Spock suggests they repair the ship at Delta Vegaas well as strand Gary there. Kirk is against the ideam but Spock tells him that the only other option is likely going to end with Kirk killing Gary before he kills the crew. Kirk is against this as well since Gary is his friends, but Spock tells Kirk that the Captain of the Valiant had most likely faced a similar decision. Kirk then orders the ship to head for Delta Vega.

On Delta Vega, Kirk and Spock keep an eye on Gary as the crew gathers supplies and repairs the ship. Kirk doesn't like how cold Spock is towards Gary. But Spock just believes he is being logical, since it's most likely that the crew will only barely get the repairs done before Gary awakens. Kirk understands.

Gary wakes up and escapes hurting Spock in the process. Kirk blames himself for Spock getting hurt and finally understands that he has to kill Gary. He tells the Doctor to take Spock to take him back to the Enterprise as he confronts Gary.

After Gary is killed Kirk sits in the Captain's chair, as a recovered Spock enters the bridge. Kirk tells him he wants Gary's record to be clean, since what happened to him wasn't his fault. Spock understands and that he felt for Gary as well. Kirk smirks telling Spock that there's hope for him after all.

Season 2


Overhearing Kirk's conversation with Scotty, Spock says that he finds the situation with the Enterprise unusual. Kirk thinks that Scotty can handle it and asks if Spock found anything with the Tricorder. Spock tells him that he found vibrations that are artificially made, and Kirk send some of security team to survey the area. Spock notices something and Kirk asks what it is. Spock tells him that there is someone following them, and Kirk takes a security member to find them.

Spock suggests that the Enterprise's could probably have to do with the vibrations he read earlier. Kirk suggests a generator and Spock says that it would have to be immense and subterranean. Kirk notices McCoy examining something and goes to join him. Spock then notices the same flower that killed Hendorff before. He yells to Kirk and pushes him out of the way getting hit with the thorns himself. Kirk runs to Spock's side as he collapses, and McCoy starts to try and wake him again. Kirk asks if he's alive, but McCoy says that they need to get him back to the ship. Kirk then calls Scotty to beam them up, but there is something wrong and they're unable to do so.

Spock then awakens and Kirk runs to him to ask how he is. Spock says that he is fine, but is annoyed by McCoy's treatments. Kirk asks what he was trying to do, and Spock explains that he though Kirk was unaware of the plant so he- Kirk interrupts and says that he stepped in front and took the thorns himself. Spock says that it wasn't his intention, that his own clumsiness stopped him from moving away from the thorns. Kirk tells him to just yell next time, he can move as quickly as anyone else. Spock promises to do so. Kirk can't believe that he would try and get himself killed, and asks if Spock knows how much Starfleet invested in him. Spock starts to answer, but Kirk says never mind. He does thank him though, and sends security around the perimeter.

As Kirk laments over the death of his crew members, Spock follows him and says that the deaths were unavoidable. Kirk says that he could have prevented it, but Spock doesn't see how. Kirk believes that they should have beamed up at the first sign of trouble, but Spock reminds him that they were under orders to investigate the planet. Kirk reminds him that he can disregard orders if they're overly hazardous. Kirk doesn't think that this mission was worth three of his men, or his ship, and that he let his guard down. Spock reminds him that Starfleet duty isn't safe, and Kirk did everything a commander would do. He starts to tell Kirk that blaming himself won't help, when he hears the same person from before following them again.

They are taken to Vaal by the figure known as Akuta. Spock does some readings and finds that it generates a great amount of power. Kirk asks if the it's the center of power, but Spock says that farther below the surface. He starts to walk towards it but then is flown back by a force field. Kirk goes to him and asks if he's alright, Spock says that he is and Kirk helps him stand up.

The away team notices the villagers leaving the village, and Kirk asks Spock to follow them as they watch. They watch the villagers "feed" Vaal, and Spock believes that their initial idea was right. That Vaal is no more than a computer. Kirk suggests going in since the field is down, when Vaal's eyes light and the planet starts to shake. The two decide that it's not the way to go, and Spock suggests that the machine might be intelligent. Kirk says that it still needs to "eat" so it can't have that much power. Spock says that it doesn't help much, given that they only have 10 hours to get the Enterprise out of there. Kirk suggests that Vaal is weaker around feeding time and asks Spock to contact the ship to find out how much power they're expending.

That night, Spock tells Kirk that the village isn't ideal, but it is viable. Kirk thinks that McCoy was right, that the people are existing and not living. Spock says that if they destroy the Vaal, then it would be a violation of the noninterference directive, but Kirk says that they're people and should have the opportunity to choose. They owe it to interfere, but Spock points out that Starfleet would think otherwise. Kirk says that he'll take his chances and tells Spock to have a look around. Spock quickly returns and tells Kirk that all the villagers have disappeared.

As the Kirk attempts to contact Vaal, lightning starts to storm overhead. He and Spock attempt to run away but Spock is struck by lightning and goes unconscious. Kirk then carries him back to the village. He calls for McCoy and places Spock down and he comes to consciousness. McCoy tells him that it's not serious as the villagers return and attack them.

Kirk gets an idea and has Spock follow him to Vaal. He calls Scotty to fire on Vaal when he gives the order. Spock reads that Vaal is getting weaker and Kirk says that pulling the Enterprise away must have done so. Spock theorizes that firing on it would cause it to weaken further and eventually run out of power, which Kirk was planning on. He calls Scotty to fire and he does so. Spock reads that Vaal is trying to reinforce the field and Kirk wants to see how long he can hold out. As Vaal explodes, he tells Scotty to cease fire and Spock reads that the power is gone. Vaal is dead.

Kirk is walking down the halls of the Enterprise when McCoy calls him over to him and Spock. Spock says that he doesn't think they did the right thing on the planet, but McCoy insists that they did. Kirk sees it as a lesson on what happens when the machines do to much for them, and Spock asks if Kirk is familiar with the story of Adam and Eve. Kirk is and Spock suggests in such an analogy, they have given the people "the apple" and have driven them out of paradise. Kirk sarcastically asks if he's casting him in the role of Satan, and Spock starts to say he isn't when Kirk asks if there's anyone on the ship who even remotely looks like Satan, as he and McCoy circle Spock. Spock realizes they're referring to him and says that he doesn't. Kirk didn't think that he would and walks off with McCoy.


As they knock out the mobsters, Kirk tells Spock and McCoy to get to the radio station, so that they can call Uhura and can get themselves beemed up. Spock says that Kirk has to come, and Kirk says that he will. He just needs to grab Okmyx first. The three then separate.

As Okmyx tries to keep Spock and McCoy, Kirk shows up and threatens his goons. The mobsters are backed into a corner as Kirk asks Spock that he thought he was supposed to return to the ship. Spock says that they did, but Kirk getting kidnapped required them to return. Kirk's thinks that might be fore the best and asks if he figured out anything from the computer. Spock didn't find anything, as logic doesn't seem to apply here and Kirk asks if a hunch is okay. Spock's not a fan, but he doesn't see an alternative. Kirk then has two of the mobsters switch clothes with him and Spock.

They exit the building and hop into the car outside, but they're both unable to drive it. Spock explains the parts of the car and Kirk is able to drive it, although not very well. Once they arrive at Kracko's, Spock says that Kirk is an excellent Captain, but not a very good driver. Kirk asks if it was that bad, and Spock confirms so. They hop out of the car and Kirk notices the guards, but doesn't think they'll be able to stun them out in public. Spock suggests getting close when a boy runs up and asks if they're putting a hit on Kracko. He tells them that he can fix the problem, which Spock objects to, but Kirk wants to hear him out. They strike a deal and the kid is able to get close to the guards and so that Kirk and Spock knock them out easily.

They enter but are quickly captured by Kracko. Kirk is able to get Kracko alone and starts to play up the part of a gangster, getting Spock to follow along. He tells them that the Federation is taking over and walks over to the desk. He sits down and tells Spock to sit down with him. Spock joins and mimics him as Kirk places his feet on the desk.

As they exit the building, Kirk runs to the car but Spock momentarily stops him. He asks if they must and Kirk says that it's faster than walking. Spock says it's not as safe and Kirk asks if he's afraid of cars. Spock insists that he isn't, but Kirk's driving does. Kirk insists that he has the hang of it and tells Spock to get in. They then drive off back to Okmyx's.

Kirk comes up to Spock and McCoy and says that they have been brooding since they left the planet. Spock says that he hasn't but does have reservations over the way they left the Ionians. Kirk summizes that Spock doesn't think it's a good idea to leave criminals in charge, and Spock confirms as wells as expressing concerns over how Kirk plans to explain the results to Starfleet. Kirk comes up with his own idea, but Spock doesn't find it all together, very logical.


As everyone on the bridge waits for Spock's analysis of the debris Spock tells Kirk that it is what's left of the SS Beagle. He finds no signs of bodies, and Kirk concludes that there's a chance that the crew survived. He asks Spock to trace back where the debris likely came from, and Spock does so. As they head towards the planet, Spock points out that he believes Kirk knew the captain of the Beagle. R. M. Merik. Kirk confirms this as they reach the planet, which is strikingly similar to earth. Kirk asks what era, and Spock says it's pre-warp. A program from the planet is placed on screen and it shows that the planet is a mix of the 20th century and old Rome. Spock says that one of the men on screen was the first officer of the Beagle and Kirk tells him to ready the transporter room.


Kirk asks Spock what he makes of the cat, and Spock says that it's an interesting creature. He feels rather drawn to it. Kirk gives him a smile and asks the rest of the crew for anything they can find on their guest, but no one can find anything. He asks Spock for a historical report and Spock tells him all the he can, including war heads being launched on that day. Kirk asks if warheads were the biggest problem of the era and Spock confirms so.

Season 3

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Season 1

The Man Trap

  • Kirk notes in his log that Spock is in charge of the Enterprise.
  • Uhura calls Kirk the closest thing Spock has to a friend.
  • Kirk tells Spock to stand by after he gives his report.
  • Spock inform Kirk of his findings.
  • Spock follows Kirk down to sickbay.
  • Kirk tells Spock to outfit a landing party.
  • Kirk has Spock ready the transporter.
  • Kirk calls Spock to prepare rooms for the Carters and to confirm what they know about the plant.
  • Kirk tells McCoy to learn something from Spock.
  • Spock tells Kirk that he can only find Crater on the planet.
  • Kirk decides that he and Spock are going down to the planet to look for Nancy.
  • Spock and Kirk share a look over Crater's confusing words.
  • Kirk asks Spock for updates on the traps.
  • Spock asks if something is on Kirks mind, and he says he was thinking about the buffalo.

Charlie X

  • Kirk overhears McCoy and Spock's argument.
  • Kirk explains that Spock is putting together a curriculum for Charlie.
  • Kirk asks Spock if he believes in the legend of the Thasians.
  • Kirk has Spock scan for the Antares, and Spock only finds debris.
  • Kirk asks Uhura to have Spock monitor the course adjustments.
  • Kirk asks Uhura to send Spock and McCoy to the briefing room.
  • Spock and Kirk what to do with Charlie.
  • Kirk becomes angry with Charlie after he takes control of Spock.
  • Kirk tells Spock to follow him as they go to Rand's quarters.
  • Spock and Kirk attempt to lock Charlie behind a force field.
  • Kirk asks Spock what Charlie's done since he's taken over.

'Where No Man Has Gone Before

  • The two enter the elevator together on their way to the bridge.
  • Both work together to take subdue Gary Mitchell.

Season 2

Who Mourns for Adonais?

  • Kirk asks Spock for an observation on the planet.
  • Kirk asks for Spock's analysis of the "Hand".
  • Kirk looks to Spock as Apollo points him out.
  • Kirk asks if Spock is offended by Apollo and Spock says that's not possible since he doesn't have emotions. Kirk leaves Spock to find answers while he's gone.
  • The Enterprise breaks through the barrier and Spock informs Kirk on what they found.
  • Kirk orders Spock to fire the phasers, but Spock is concerned that he's too close, but Kirk tells him to do it anyway.

The Apple

  • Spock waits alongside Kirk for McCoy and the other officers to beam down.
  • Spock tells Kirk the readings he has on the planet.
  • Kirk tells Spock to watch where he throws the rocks.
  • Kirk looks back at Spock.
  • Kirk laments to Spock how dangerous the planet is.
  • Spock tells Kirk that Mallory is only a short distance away.
  • Kirk tells Chekov and Spock to cause a diversion.
  • Kirk says that the flowers do something for Spock, but Spock just says they make him uncomfortable.
  • Kirk asks for Spock's opinion on the planet and villagers.
  • Kirk tells Spock and McCoy to save their philosophical debate for the Enterprise.
  • Kirk asks Spock to explain to Landon what Vaal would tell the villagers.
  • Spock reminds Kirk of the force field around Vaal.

A Piece of the Action

  • Kirk grabs Spock and McCoy as he heads into the Turbolift.
  • Spock tells Kirk that there are civilians with weapons.
  • Spock calls Kirk's attention to the history book left by the Horizon.
  • Kirk asks if Spock would be able to find a solution to their problem, and has an idea to get them access to the ship.
  • Spock tries to correct Kirk on the culture of Beta Anderes, but Kirk tries to tell him to keep quiet.
  • Okmyx tells Spock that Kirk has been captured and offers him a deal, which Spock takes.
  • Kirk tells Spock to put his phaser on stun.

Bread and Circuses

  • Kirk smiles at Spock as he lists off the statistics of the planet.
  • Kirk suggests that Spock could have picked a more convenient place, but Spock gives a logical reason for his pick.
  • Kirk gives a small chuckle as Spock lists the quality of the air on the planet.
  • Kirk tells Spock that the man shooting at them means it, and Spock agrees.
  • Spock hands Kirk a magazine from the planet.
  • Kirk says that Spock was right about the smog.
  • Spock asks Kirk why Merik was let go from the academy.
  • Flavius asks Kirk if Spock and McCoy are enemies and Kirk says he's not sure if they're sure.
  • Merik know that Kirk would do anything rather than risk Spock and McCoy's lives.
  • Kirk watches Spock and McCoy fight in the arena.
  • When McCoy insinuates that Spock wouldn't know what to do with a good feeling, Spock turns to him and asks really. McCoy lets him know that he's also worried about Kirk.
  • Spock asks Kirk if the Romans did anything to him.

Assignment: Earth

  • Spock tells Kirk that they've intercepted something in the transporter room.
  • Kirk and Spock debate whether to send Seven back.
  • Spock points out that the planet is meant to be hidden to Kirk.
  • Spock warns against going to earth, but Kirk says they have to find out the truth.
  • Kirk calls Spock into the other room.
  • Spock and Kirk are taken into custody.
  • Kirk has Spock destroy the H-Bomb, but Spock can't.
  • Spock tells Kirk to rely on his human intuition.
  • Kirk and Spock beam back to the Enterprise.

Deep Space Nine; Season 2


  • The Intendant mentions that Kirk had an influence over the Mirror!Spock.


“You could learn something from Mister Spock, doctor. Stop thinking with your glands!”
— Kirk to McCoy, The Man Trap
Kirk“Let [Spock] go, too, Charlie.”
Kirk“Because I'm telling you to. Because you need me to run the ship, and I need him.”
— Charlie X
Spock“Verbose, isn't he?”
Kirk“Insulted, Spock?”
Spock“Insults are effective only where emotion is present.”
Kirk“Good. We'll tackle him together. We already know the questions. You're the best man to find the answers.”
— Who Mourns for Adonais?
Kirk“Spock. Are you all right?”
Spock“Doctor McCoy's potion is acting like all his potions, turning my stomach. Other than that, I am quite well.”
Kirk“Just what do you think you were trying to do?”
Spock“I surmised you were unaware of that plant, so I-”
Kirk“Stepped in front and took the thorns yourself.”
Spock“I assure you, Captain, I had no intention of doing that. It was merely my own clumsiness prevented me which prevented me from moving out of the way.”
Kirk“I see. Well next time, just yell. I can step out of the way as quickly as the next man.”
Spock“I shall do so.”
Kirk“Trying to get yourself killed. Do you know how much Starfleet has invested in you?”
Spock - "One hundred twenty two thousand two hundred-"
Kirk“Never mind. But thanks.”
— The Apple
McCoy“Why, you wouldn't know what to do with a genuine, warm, decent feeling.”
Spock“Really, Doctor?”
McCoy“I know. I'm worried about Jim, too.”
— Bread and Circuses
Spcck“Ship ...out of danger?”
Spcck“Don't grieve, Admiral, is logical. The needs of the many ...outweigh”
Kirk“...the needs of the few.”
Spcck“Or the one. ... I never took the Kobayashi Maru test ...until now. What do you think of my solution?”
Spcck“I have been ...and always shall be ...your friend. ...Live long ...and prosper.”
— Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan
Kirk“How are we going to get out of this one, Spock? We've got no ship, no crew, not the best odds.”
Spock“We will do what we have always done, Jim. We will find hope in the impossible.”
— Star Trek: Beyond
“What would I do without you, Spock?”
— Kirk, Star Trek: Beyond
Spock“You are my balance Michael. You always have been. And I am afraid I will not find it again without you.”
Michael“Okay, listen to me. Listen to me, little brother. This is the last advice I'll ever be able to give you. There is a whole galaxy out there. Full of people who will reach for you. You have to let them. Find that person who seems farthest from you, and reach for them. Reach for them. Let them guide you.”
— Such Sweet Sorrow

Behind the Scenes

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Marshak and Culbreath“There's a great deal of writing in the Star Trek movement now which compares the relationship between Alexander and Hephaistion to the relationship between Kirk and Spock -- focusing on the closeness of the friendship, the feeling that they would die for one another --”
Roddenberry“Yes, there's certainly some of that, certainly with love overtones. Deep love. The only difference being, the Greek ideal ... we never suggested in the series ... physical love between the two. But it's the ... we certainly had the feeling that the affection was sufficient for that, if that were the particular style of the 23rd century." (He looks thoughtful.) "That's very interesting. I never thought of that before.”
Where No Man ... The Authorized Biography of William Shatner
ET“You don't mention Captain Kirk by name, but you drop several Easter eggs alluding to the future Enterprise captain. In Michael and Spock's final goodbye, Michael advises him to find his "opposite," who can guide him. Can you confirm that's Kirk you're alluding to?”
Michelle Paradise“Absolutely. That is definitely Kirk.”
— 'Star Trek: Discovery' Boss on Iconic Finale Ending and Season 3 Plans[1]


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Spock/Kirk is considered to be the first ever fan fiction pairing, at the very least the first to be documented and to reach a wider audience. While other pairings such as Napollya were also created at the time, they didn't have the same staying power as K/S.

After the reboot fanfiction writers would take situations and moments from the original timeline and re-write them in the style of the reboot.

September 15th is considered "Spirk Day" as it's the anniversary date of when Amok Time aired. One of the episode's most often cited for shipping Spirk.

On AO3, Spirk is the most written ship for both Kirk and Spock. It is also the most written relationship in the Star Trek, Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Original Series (Movies) and the Star Trek: The Alternate Original Series tags, the second most written in the Star Trek: The Next Generations (Movies) tag and the ninth most written in the Star Trek: The Next Generation tag.



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  • Many consider Spock/Kirk to be the first ever slash pairing and Star Trek the first time we see the start of modern fandom.
  • K/S was the first 'ship' that got widely popular and accepted. It's one of the most important pairings in the shipping history.
  • In a parody episode of Legends of Tomorrow, Ava and Sara are made into versions of Spock and Kirk and end their episode with a kiss[2].



McSpirk refers to the ship between Kirk, Spock and Leonard McCoy



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