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SpokeShipping is the het ship between Bianca and Stephan from the Pokémon fandom.


The two first met before the Club Battle tournament in “Reunions Battles In Nimbasa!”. Later, Bianca and Stephan enter the Club Battle tournament where they found out they would be each other's opponent in the first round. Upon meeting Stephan, Bianca asks him how his name pronounced which is something no one else has done. Both of the ways she asked, however, were incorrect although Stephan did not bother to correct her.

They would meet again in Ambiga Town in “The Clubsplosion Begins!”. After Bianca’s running gag of knocking Ash into a body of water, she collapses on to Stephan and keeps her face and hands planted against his chest for a few moments. It was revealed that Bianca likes muscular Pokémon. This would apply to humans which is a build that Stephan fits, as she also appreciates his muscles as well. After Stephan passes to the second round of the Clubsplosion tournament, Bianca becomes enamored with his Sawk that she asks if she could poke his muscles. The Karate Pokémon agrees, and after she’s finished she says that Sawk is the greatest. Stephan looks extremely confident and flattered right after.

In “Search for the Clubultimate!”, there were also several different occasion during their time there where Bianca acted somewhat affectionately towards Stephan and his Sawk. During the intermission, Bianca jumps on top of Stephan for a brief moment and wraps her arms around his neck. She then proceeds to squeeze his arms and his midsection in order to feel his muscles. Afterwards, she grabs his arm and raises it in the air before announcing he is the winner of her “Macho Pokémon” contest.

In “A Clubsplosion of Excitement!”, Stephan shows noticeable excitement when he learns that he will face Bianca in the semi-final round. Near the end, Bianca is seen winking at Stephan. Stephan’s Sawk won in the next episode, giving him the match. Bianca had some interactions with his Sawk during the lunch break, and watched the final round between him and Montgomery.

In “Curtain Up, Unova League!”, they both entered the Unova League to try their luck as Pokémon trainers. As it turned out, Bianca lost to Cameron, while Stephan lost to Ash. Both separately said their goodbyes to Ash and his other friends in “A Unova League Evolution!”.


This pairing has some following. Fans appreciate their use of Fighting-type Pokémon against their opponents in the anime, alongside their comedic interactions and personalities. Some fans speculate that Bianca massages Stephan during the Clubsplosion to show affection. They also comment that it would be nice if they both became the main characters of the anime, as they think it would be boring for Ash to be the main character forever.

It rivals with ImaginationShipping (Ash×Bianca), MustardShipping (AshxStephan), RaimonTownShipping (Bianca×Luke) and ServiceShipping (Bianca×Cilan).



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