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Spranne is the het ship between Sprig Plantar and Anne Boonchuy from the Amphibia fandom.



After One-eyed Wally, the town loafer runs in screaming into town that a monster tried to attack him, Sprig runs off to capture the monster, later revealed to be Anne. Anne captures Sprig in one of her traps and is seen freaking out. Right after, a monstrous mantis shows up, and Anne is about to run away when she looks over her shoulder to see Sprig still caught. She reluctantly frees him, carrying him to safety. They hide under a log where they introduce themselves, and Sprig goes off with Anne to find her food. Later on, the townsfolk arrive, catching Anne in a trap. Hop Pop congratulates Sprig on luring Anne over, to which she snaps at. Another mantis shows up, and Anne frees herself. As the mantis is about to attack Sprig, she jumps in and holds it claw up, freeing him. After the mantis is defeated, Anne goes off to live with Sprig and his family, and the episode ends.


Sprig takes Anne out to a lake so she's less homesick. They spend nearly a whole day there when suddenly they are attacked by a water monster. After defeating it, they sneak back home.

- In the episode Flood, Sweat, and Tears, Anne's bedroom gets flooded, and whilst Hop Pop tries to fix the leak, she bunks with Sprig. Throughout the episode, it is shown that Sprig and Anne get more irritated with each other as roommates and try to fix the leak. Soon, they discover a duo of giant lampreys, who escape after being defeated, resulting in the water draining. Anne and Sprig later find that being honest with each other has made them even better friends.

- At the end of the episode Grubhog Day Sprig grabs Anne's hand and tells her that he's thankful of her sticking with him today and that it was a ride he won't forget.

- In the episode Bizarre Bazaar, Anne and Sprig sneak off to go to the Bizarre Bazaar to see if they can find anyone ho can help them with the music box. The host of a beetle racing contest calls Sprig "Anne's boyfriend", to which Anne denies it.

- In the episode Reunion , followed by the events of the episode Anne of the year the frogs are invited to a party in the toad tower, but later Sprig notices that something's not right so he decides to find Anne who is catching up and spending time with Sasha in the room she had be living this whole time .The toads betray the frogs and when Anne manages to sneak out of Sasha's room she finds the frogs and when Sprig sees her, he jumps on her, giving her a big hug, telling her that he's glad to see her and Anne is smiling at him. When Sasha tries to manipulate Anne emotionally, Sprig stands up for her saying that she's brave, smart and she's not going to be pushed around by a bully like her. Sasha tries to hurt Sprig with a sword, but Anne protects him. Later the toad tower starts to blow up because of Wally's boom-shrooms and everyone escapes except from Anne, Sprig, Polly, Hop Pop and Sasha who are still on the top of the tower. Anne tries to hold Sasha who is about to fall off the tower. However, she can't hold on either and is about to fall too, but Sprig catches her, followed by Hop Pop and Polly. Sasha sees that they will all fall to their deaths if she doesn't let go, and she releases her hand and falls. However, Grime catches her right as she was about to hit the ground. Anne sees the toads leaving with Sasha who is wounded and Sprig asks her if she's okay. She starts to cry and Sprig hugs her followed by Hop Pop and Polly.

After Sprig's apologizing to Marcy for being suspicious of her earlier, she tells him it's obvious he's really important to Anne. Later, nearly at the end of the episode he bombards her with questions. His last question before Hop Pop interrupts him is how was Anne back home.

During Sprig and Anne's first Christmas together on Earth, Sprig gets the idea that Christmas will be ruined if he doesn't get Anne the perfect present. After learning that's not the case, he gives his present to Anne. The present is a figure of Anne that Sprig made.


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Because Sprig Plantar is a frog and of a very small height compared to Anne, some prefer to ship them as friends rather than lovers. To add to that, Anne being accepted into the Plantar family has got a few fans to view Spranne as a family ship. In some of the ship's het works, Sprig is featured as his human counterpart, Twig, that Anne created in her scary "The Shut-In!" story. Their relationship is like that of Captain Grime's and Sasha's, leading some to see Captain Grime as Sasha's Sprig. This is also similar to the many times that fans have created crossovers ofAmphibia with The Owl House , where they have Anne and Sprig being featured as their show's version of Luz and King, who are also like siblings to one another.



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