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Spymber is the het ship between Spyro and Ember from the Spyro the Dragon fandom.


A Hero's Tail

Spyro's first on-screen meeting with Ember was when the Dragon Realms were attacked by former Dragon Elder Red, who placed Dark Gems into various places. Ember was standing next to a Dark Gem. She showed interest in Spyro, and said the Dark Gem would look nice on an engagement ring. She also suggested breaking the Dark Gem into little heart-shaped pieces and said Spyro would destroy the Dark Gem because he liked her. Spyro, however, felt uncomfortable around Ember's romantic words. After talking to Ember, Spyro left to learn the double jump ability, which would allow him to perform the Horn Dive move, which destroy Dark Gems.

Spyro later returned and destroyed the Dark Gem. This made a bridge appear on top of the nearby bottomless pit, allowing Spyro to access Crocovile Swamp. Ember told Spyro not to take the bridge, as she felt like she would never see him again if he did. Spyro left again and afterwards, Ember couldn't be find at the spot anymore.

Shadow Legacy

When the Shadow Realm struck, Ember was one of the captured residents of Dragon Village. Spyro rescued her and she still showed interest in him. Unbeknownst to Ember, an armadillo called Bandit started having feelings for her. He wrote a love letter to the pink dragon, and asked Spyro to deliver the letter. Spyro did so. When Ember read the letter, she started returning his feelings, and no longer had a crush on Spyro.


Spymber is one of the most popular Spyro pairings, although it is less popular than its notable rival, Spynder. Due to this, Cynder and Ember are often portrayed as rivals fighting over Spyro. As the original Spyro series and The Legend of Spyro are separate continuities, some can see Spynder and Spymber as co-existing and not in conflict.

Another rival ship is Spylora, which, like Spymber, is a semi-canon Classic Spyro ship.

Sometimes, the rarer pairing FlamexCynder is shipped alongside Spymber, as a parallel to the common pairings, as Spynder shippers often pair Ember with Flame despite Bandit's appearance.

The ship name "Spymber" isn't very common, as ship names aren't generally used in the Spyro fandom, but has been in use since at least 2007, around the time Spynder started getting support.

The ship does not have a tag on AO3 at the moment, but some polyships involving both Spyro and Ember do.



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  • Although the Skylanders series also has a character called Ember, this character has no connection to the dragon and as such, this pairing does not refer to the ship between Skylanders Spyro and Ember.
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