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Squinoa is the het ship between Squall Leonhart and Rinoa Heartily from the Final Fantasy fandom.


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Squall first meets Rinoa at the SeeD inauguration party at Balamb Garden, where she forces him to dance with her when she noticed Squall on his own. After they did so and enjoyed the dance they shared with one another, Rinoa decides to have Squall as one of the SeeD mercenaries that she was tasked to employ for the Forest Owls. A group of freedom fights that Rinoa is part of and gets Squall, along with a few others from Squall's group, to help them in their cause.


  • At the beginning of Final Fantasy VIII, Rinoa is seen standing in a field of flowers where she is waiting for Squall's return.


Squinoa is the main and most popular het ship within the Final Fantasy VIII fandom, due to it being canon in the game. Along with the two being the logo of their Final Fantasy game. The FFVIII ship is also one of the top ships in the whole Final Fantasy fandom, beside a few other canon/Semi-Canon Final Fantasy ships, like Cloti/Clerith, Tiduna, Cerosa and a few other ships that played a big part in the storylines of their Final Fantasy games.

Through the use of Kingdom Hearts model renders for fan MMD art, fans are able to create a KH version of Rinoa so they add her in the fanon universe of KH with Squall, who had changed his name to Leon in the canon KH series. Along with using child model renders of Sora, Riku and Kairi to make KH children versions of the two, in both FF and KH fanon MMD art work. Fans also have Rinoa by Squall/Leon's side in their FF/KH fanfics, where she is commonly seen as a member of his resistant group against the Heartless.

Outside the fanon universe of Kingdom Hearts, a few Final Fantasy fan MMD artwork uses Squall and Rinoa's model renders from FFVIII, along with using Squall's model render from the Dissidia Final Fantasy series; as well as creating Rinoa her own DFF (2008)/DFF012 model render. Along with a few fans having Rinoa joining Squall in the Dissidia Final Fantasy universe in their fanfics. Before Rinoa officially appeared in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, there have been Final Fantasy fanfics that had Squinoa featuring other FF ship fanfics within or outside FFVIII.

On AO3, the ship has over 399 fanfics. It is also the most written ship for both characters on the website, along with the ship being the most written ship in its Final Fantasy VIII tag. While has over 1.1k fanfics, with 62 in its pairing category of its Final Fantasy VIII category. The ship has a reasonably sized fanbase on Tumblr.



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  • The backstory of Squall's Kingdom Hearts counterpart in the KH series is possibly connected to Rinoa. Since Squall had changed his name to Leon in hopes to make up for his mistake of not protecting his loved ones, and his KH clothing has a pair of wings on them like there is one Rinoa's clothes.


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