St. Berry is the het ship between Rachel Berry and Jesse St. James from the Glee fandom.


They first meet in a music shop and sing "Hello", by Lionel Richie, together. Jesse shows an immediate interest in Rachel. He even transfers to McKinley High in order to be closer to her, and they soon enter a relationship. Finn tries to apologize to Rachel and get back together, but she cheerfully informs him that she has found someone new, that person being Jesse.

Later, it is learned that Jesse was merely playing Rachel for his coach of Vocal Adrenaline, Rachel's biological mother. Vocal Adrenaline is a rival glee club from Carmel High. He and his Carmel High teammates egg Rachel in the parking lot, and he returns to his own school. They have an on and off relationship until they get married.

In season six, they meet again when Rachel is singing "Listen to your Heart" in the McKinley High auditorium. He joins in during a later verse.

The series finale "Dreams Come True" takes place in the future. It is revealed that Jesse and Rachel are now married, and Rachel is acting as the surrogate mother for Kurt and Blaine. Jesse says that he can't wait to start a family of their own. Together, they attend the Tony awards, where Rachel is nominated for Best Actress in a Musical, which she won.


On AO3 it is the fifth most written ship for Rachel and the most written for Jesse. It is also the twentieth most written in the Glee tag.



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  • Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele, who portray Jesse and Rachel, portrayed love interests Melchior and Wendla in the original Broadway cast of Spring Awakening
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