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Stackie is the friendship between Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.


Sebastian and Anthony both starred in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Captain America: The Winter Soldier. They shared very few scenes together and didn't interact much on set. They were paired together for the press tour, and Sebastian didn't really know what to say to him. As the press tour went on they started to hit off and became friends.

During the Captain America: Civil War press tour, they were paired together again, leading to the two sharing a lot of back and forth banner. The film was also where the two met Tom Holland, and have discussed in multiple interviews their "hatred" of said actor[1].

According to Sebastian, Anthony is the only one that ever notices that he needs Lube to get into his Winter Soldier arm[2].


Sebastian“Yeah, I know. I don't always look homeless.”
Anthony“Those steel blue eyes let you know where home is. You know what I'm talkin' about. That's my safe space. In those beautiful eyes.”
— He cleans up good[3]
Sebastian“I'm trying. He's not here but I'm trying, okay. We all know who I'm talking about.”
Anthony Russo“He's chaneling the spirit of Anthony Mackie.”
— How dare they separate them![4]
Chadwick“A team of people just rip your clothes off.”
Sebastian“It's like Anthony Mackie's Friday night.”
— Sebastian can't not reference Mackie[5].
“I would call Sebastian to get rid of a body...I've called him for much worse things and he's shown up.”
— Anthony Mackie[6]


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Fans started to ship the two during the Winter Soldier press tour. The duo became favorites of the marvel press tours. Many fans would go through their interview and create compilations of their best moments. After Sebastian's appearance at Jus In Bello, many joked that Ricky Whittle was a homewrecker for their relationship.



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  • Anthony calls Sebastian Vanilla Ice and Sexy Sea Bass, while, Sebastian calls Anthony Choclachino and Mack Attack.
  • Sebastian gave Anthony a pocket square of his face for Christmas[7].


EvanStackie refers to the ship between Chris Evans, Sebastian and Anthony
SamBucky refers to the ship between their MCU characters; Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes



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