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StarRae is the femslash ship between Starfire and Raven from the from the DC Comics, Teen Titans and Titans fandom.


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Season 1


As Raven is meditating, she is interrupted by Starfire who asks if she's seen Robin. Raven hasn't and tries to start meditating again, but Star interrupts to ask if she's seen anyone else. Raven points out that her eyes are closed. She hasn't seen anyone. Star assumes that the others are hanging out somewhere, and suggests that they do the same since they never have before. She suggests some ideas before realizing that Raven wants to be alone and awkwardly leaving the room.

While walking around the tower at night, Star is spooked when Rae steps out of her room. She asks if Rae has been hearing a noise, but all Rae has heard is Star. Star apologizes, when the two are suddenly shot at. They are captured and it's revelealed that the boys have been placed into puppets while their bodies are controlled by the Puppet Kaster. They're about to be placed into the puppets, but Raven stops him and returns them to their bodies. Only they end up being the wrong ones and are stuck as each other.

They escape into Go city and Star starts to lose control of Rae's powers as her emotions over the situation become too much. Rae tells her to calm down, since her powers are affected by emotions. Star just bemoans this situation and that she could be stuck looking the way she does forever. Rae says that they'll fix it then asks what's wrong with the way she looks. Star quickly says "nothing" but her powers start to go off again. Star tries to calm down, but it doesn't work and Rae decides that they're doomed.


Season 1


  • When Star says that it was quiet when everyone was gone, Raven comments that it wasn't quiet enough.
  • Star asks if Raven wants to make the puppets fight, but Raven just tosses her hers and walks away.


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StarRae is the most popular femslash ship in the Teen Titans fandom, and is decently popular overall. Although it isn't shipped as often in sequel series or related media. Just as there is one group that have the two as lovers, another prefers to have Starfire and Raven form a sister-like bond; from how the DC animated film universe has Starfire being older than Raven. On AO3, StarRae is the second most written ship for Kori and the fourth most written for Raven. It is also the fifth most written ship in the Teen Titans (Animated Series) tag.



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RobstaRae refers to the ship between Dick Grayson, Kori and Raven


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