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“ my...breath..”
— Steve Rogers, Captain America #25

Staron is the het ship between Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter from the Marvel and Marvel Cinematic Universe fandoms.



Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Steve showed interest in Sharon (who at the time went by “Kate” as an undercover alias) and asked her out for coffee, but she gently turned him down to not risk her cover being blown. When Nick Fury was targeted and injured by HYDRA, Sharon helped Steve take him to a hospital and revealed she was an agent of SHIELD. Sharon calls him “Captain Rogers” and Steve calls her “neighbor”, when they see each other again.

Captain America: Civil War

Steve finds out Sharon is actually Peggy Carter's niece at Peggy's funeral. And after the funeral, they have a nice talk about Sharon's spying on Steve when she was doing her job, and about Peggy. During the Civil War, Sharon was one of Steve's most trusted allies. She risked her life to save him and his friends, and fought against the Winter Soldier alongside him. She risked even more and became a fugitive by giving Steve and Team Cap their weapons and costumes back. At the end of Civil War, Steve thanked Sharon for helping him, and they shared a kiss before parting ways.

(Retconned) Earth 616

Steve saw Sharon for the first time and realized she looked so much like the woman he fell in love with during World War II, but he knew it couldn't be her because she would've had to look so much older by now. Curious, he starts to follow her, and they end up in danger together. He became impressed with her and her abilities of being a fighter and a spy, but most of all her strong morality. As they became closer with her fighting at his side as his partner and biggest ally, she told him who she was and who she worked for, and they fell passionately in love. But there was a conflict within their relationship. Steve wanted her to give up on being an agent, but Sharon refused. Sharon didn't let her heart sway over her head. She knew that if she quit, innocent people would be in danger and she couldn't accept that. After all, she took her job so she could fight against evil and protect the world. But Steve's reason for wanting Sharon to quit was not because he didn't respect her abilities, but because he loved her and wanted to keep her safe. When Sharon was taken by Steve's enemies, he did everything in his power to save her, but when he arrived to do so, he found out that it was all a plan of Sharon's to infiltrate in their enemies base and defeat them.

Steve had proposed to Sharon, but she could not accept because of a secret she was keeping from him. Sharon's sister, Margaret “Peggy” Carter, was alive and she was the girl that Steve fell in love with in World War II, but he never found out her name.

Sharon and her parents told the truth about Peggy to Steve. She was in the madhouse because of her mental problems, and Sharon explained to him that the reason why she refused his proposal and broke up with him was because of Peggy who was still obsessed with Captain America after all these years in the madhouse. Steve met Peggy again and she recognized him, however he was no longer in love with her anymore, he loved Sharon. He tried to tell her that the romance he had with her in the past was over, but she refused to accept his rejection. He asked her not to follow him on his missions for her safety, but despite his pleads, Peggy still followed him everywhere and fought with her parents and Sharon when they tried to stop her. At the time, Sharon and Steve got together in secret to not hurt Peggy.

Captain America 2005

In Captain America 2005, Sharon visited Steve at his secret home and the two catched up with each other and started working together again. Sharon fought alongside him to stop the Red Skull's accomplices, and she was soon sent on a mission to find Jack Monroe. Instead of finding Jack however, Sharon found the Winter Soldier, and he took her as bait to draw out Captain America. When the cosmic cube gave Steve a vision of Sharon tied up and kidnapped, he arrived quick to save her, and found that his old friend Bucky Barnes was alive, and was now an assassin called the Winter Soldier. With the help of Sharon and Sam, Steve had fought against the Winter Soldier and helped him regain his memories with the cosmic cube. Out of anger of what Aleksander Lukin had made him do just for the cube, Bucky destroyed it and disappeared. A year later, Steve and Sharon both started to look for him, and delighted by the news that he was alive, Steve kissed Sharon out of excitement. At first, Sharon told Steve that it never worked out between them, but Steve replied he'd hope they would now. Sharon laughed and called him infuriating and they kissed again and stayed with each other for the night, getting back together. During the Civil War, Sharon was mind controlled by Dr. Faustus and was forced to kill Steve Rogers. She cried and prayed he'd still be alive, and as Steve was getting escorted to the hospital, he mumbled how pretty Sharon was and how she took his breath away.

After Steve's death, Sharon quit SHIELD and became depressed and suicidal. Not only because of his death, but because Faustus would constantly remind her in her mind of what she'd done over and over again. Sharon later teamed up with Sam Wilson to find the Winter Soldier, but she was unable to resist Faustus' mind control and betrayed her friend. While working for the Skull, she found out she was pregnant with Steve's baby and tried to keep her pregnancy a secret, but when Synthia Schmidtt (Sin) injured her almsot beyond recovery, she had lost her child.

After Sharon killed the Red Skull and reunited with her friends, she left once again and lived alone by herself for a little while. Having the memory of being pregnant erased from her mind. When she found out however, Sam comforted her as she mourned.

Captain America: Reborn

Sharon had thought that there was a way Steve Rogers was still alive, and when that was revealed to be true, she did everything in her power to save him. When Rogers was brought back however, he was controlled by the Red Skull, and Sharon desperately tried to make him remember her. When Steve regained control of his mind and body, he reunited with Sharon and the two embraced each other. Happy that they found one another again.


Sharon was concerned for Steve since he hadn't slept for the past four days, and asked him to rest, since even a super soldier needed his sleep. Steve confessed that after spending so much time "dead" while being stuck in time, he was afraid if he closed his eyes he'd skip away again. Sharon embraced him and assured him he wasn't going anywhere.


On AO3, Staron is the most written romantic ship for Sharon and the tenth most written for Steve. There are many comic fans who ship Steve and Sharon, although many MCU fans disapprove the couple. This is mostly due to the differences between the dynamics in the comics compared to MCU. In the comics, the relationship between the two characters is well-established with both characters having mutual respect; while in the MCU, it doesn't get enough buildups and got overshadowed by Steve's other relationships. Furthermore, some MCU fans were disappointed that Steve didn't look for Sharon after she had become a fugitive for helping him.

Amongst the comic fans, Steve and Sharon are one of the most popular known couples in Marvel history. Marvel even put the two in the Top 10 Greatest Couples of Marvel video with them being #10.[1]



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  • Natasha's plot in the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier was originally written for Sharon[citation needed].
  • Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes) claimed that the kiss between Sharon and Steve started The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series.[1]




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