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Steadfast is the femslash ship between Harriet Bree and Elm Ederne from the RWBY fandom.


Through out the show, Harriet and Elm don't consider each other to be friends along with the rest of the Ace Ops. However, it is revealed in Volume 8 that they do care about each other and their teammates but try to force themselves not to due to people like Clover and Tortuga being replaced too quickly. The two help train Team RWBY after getting their Huntsmen licenses. During Jacques Schne's dinner party, Harriet and Elm go off to patrol the grounds and have some food as well. In As Above, So Below, after a Teryx manages to snap a wing off the ship, Elm informs Harriet to not stay in the currently burning Manta to which she sarcastically thanks her for the tip. When Ironwood calls them back, Harriet and Elm tell Team RWBY and JNR that they don't need to understand orders to follow them and that they'll still be evacuating Mantle to Atlas. After it is revealed that Ruby and her team lied to them, the two are shown to be the most aggressive during their fight, even willing to use excessive force to arrest the girls while also arguing with Marrow and Vine for holding back despite doing the same themselves.

In Volume 8, Elm and Harriet alongside Vine and Marrow say goodbye to Clover, who had been previously killed in Volume 7, and watch as Ironwood kills Sleet to their surprise. In Episode 3, Strings, the two blame Penny for Winter's current condition, claiming she "stole" the maiden powers that were originally supposed to go to Winter. After goading Penny away from the group, Elm and Harriet fight her with Vine and Marrow, managing to subdue her for a moment before Nora breaks through the activated electric door. After getting a call from Watts, the Ace Ops take one of Penny's swords back with them, which is then used to hack Penny.

In Midnight, Harriet and Elm are searching for Penny with the rest of the Ace Ops and get a call from Jaune Arc about the Grimm River. While the two groups argue with each other, Salem interrupts them as she invades Atlas to their horror. When Yang, Ren, and Jaune reveal they want to rescue Oscar from Monstra before the bomb is delivered, Harriet and Elm reprimand them for wanting to do so, even stating that their personal feelings don't matter when it comes to doing their job. When Ren calls the Ace Ops out for repressing their true emotions, Elm and Harriet become infuriated by his statement.

The two are present during the Battle of Atlas and Monstra's demise. When Ironwood makes the choice to threaten to bomb Mantle, Elm is shown to be more conflicted about the matter than Harriet. The two are shocked when Ironwood immediately goes to shoot Marrow for attempting to leave the Ace Ops and immediately fall back in line right after. Albeit their confliction, they continue to follow Ironwood's orders despite being unsure of what to make of them. In Creation and Worthy, the two are prevented from stopping the bomb from being delivered to Mantle by Robyn, Qrow, and Marrow. After an Atlesian Knight controlled by Watts explodes with Marrow taking the impact of the blast, Harriet goes to bring the bomb to Mantle herself. Elm with the rest of the group, excluding Vine who had managed to latch onto the ship earlier, go after her off-screen.

In Episode 14, The Final Word, Elm manages to talk Harriet out of bombing Mantle though, despite their efforts, they are unable to stop the bomb's timer from starting up. When Vine makes the choice to sacrifice himself to contain the explosion, Elm drags a distraught Harriet away and they watch as they lose another friend. The two are present alongside Marrow, Qrow, and Robyn when Atlas crashes upon Mantle and becomes flooded.


Steadfast is a rare pair within the RWBY fandom. This is due to pairings like Flora Fun being slightly more popular for Elm and most fans not shipping Harriet with other characters. This is also because of most content for the two is/was not marked with a ship name.



Harriet/Elm tag on AO3


  • "Steadfast" comes from their semblances with Elm's being able making herself steady and Harriet's being super speed.




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