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StephKon is the het ship between Stephanie Brown and Kon-El from the DC Comics fandom.


Beast Boys & Girls

Stephanie is swinging through Gotham, when Conner appears behind her and asks who she is. Steph says that she's Robin, but Conner says that she's just a girl in a Robin costume. Steph reiterates that she's Robin, and that she's got places to be. She fires off her grappling gun, but Conner grabs her cape. He demands to know what's going on and mentions that Tim didn't show up at Titans tower. He came to Gotham to find him, but instead found Steph playing dress up. Steph says that Conner is wrinkling her cape, but Conner thinks that he recognizes her voice and asks if he knows her. Steph says that he doesn't and throws a smoke bomb in his face.

She tries to swing away again, but Conner just grabs the line and stops her. Conner insists that he has to find the real Robin, but Steph says that she doesn't know what he's talking about. She tells him to go to Metropolis for help, and Conner says he can't. She asks why not, and Conner says that it's complicated. Steph tells him to try her, when Batman arrives and tells Conner to put her down.

Conner insists that they were just talking, Steph replying with a sarastic "right". She leaps down to Batman's side, as Conner tries to get Batman to tell him where Tim is. Batman says no, and swings off with Steph. Conner angrily calls after that he doesn't want to see Steph at Titans tower, since they already have a Robin.


Teen Titans

Issue #13

  • Kon confronts Tim about the New Robin and realizes that it's Stephanie.


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StephKon is a rarepair in the DC Comics fandom. Specifically in the Batfamily and Superfamily fandoms. Many shippers originally started the two ironically, but then it stopped being ironic for many. Some also prefer it over either of their relationships with Tim. On AO3 there are 8 fics.



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  • StephKonBart refers to the ship between Bart Allen, Stephanie and Kon-El
  • TimStephKon refers to the ship between Tim Drake, Stephanie and Kon-El


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