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“Don't be such a sourwolf.”
— Stiles Stilinski

Sterek is a slash ship between Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale from the Teen Wolf fandom.


They first meet in the pilot episode of Season 1, Wolf Moon, with their last meeting in Season 4 Episode 12, Smoke and Mirrors, until Season 6 Episode 11, Said The Spider to The Fly.

Sterek was first a relationship between two characters who didn't like each other, but as the show progressed, they got over their differences and started having a grudging respect for each other.


“Dude, that was Derek Hale. You remember, right? He's only like a few years older than us.”
— Stiles about Derek to Scott[src]

Stiles and Derek first meet when Stiles is searching the woods near the Hale House with his best friend Scott for Scott's inhaler that he had lost the previous night. Derek ends up finding the two, and demands that they get out, as the woods are 'private property', before tossing Scott his inhaler and walking away. Stiles mentions that he knows who Derek is, as Derek was only a few years older than them, before he had left school after his family had died in a fire.


“Start the car, or I'm gonna rip your throat out...with my teeth.”
— Derek to Stiles

Derek goes to the high school after getting shot by Kate Argent, while in the parking lot Stiles almost hit's him with his Jeep, before he ends up passing out. Scott and Stiles get Derek into the car, driving to the animal clinic for safety while Scott goes to Allison's house to find the substance used in the bullet that shot him. When the car is stopped for a short while Derek tries to explain how the bullet will cure him but if Scott doesn't get it in time, he has a last resort. Stiles becomes confused, but then extremely grossed out when looking at Derek's wound. Derek then orders Stiles to keep going, but Stiles banters back how he could probably drag him out of the car if he wanted. Derek responds by threatening to rip his throat out. The two arrive at the animal clinic, Stiles dragging Derek. Thinking that he's run out of time Derek takes a tie, cutting off the circulation is his arms to above the infected area of his arm. He then hands Stiles a saw and tells him to cut it off. Luckily Scott arrives before they can. Derek then faints. Stiles then attempts to wake him up, first by shaking him, then by punching him, which hurts his own hand, but does work. Derek then heals himself while Stiles cheers at how awesome that was.


“Don't be such a Sourwolf”
— Stiles to Derek about his grumpy attitude


Wolf's Bane

“Stiles, get out of there right now - it's him! He's the Alpha! Get out!”
— Derek to Stiles about Peter



Erica takes Stiles to the school pool.


“Oh, I don’t know, Derek. I think you two make a pretty good pair.”
— Matt to Derek about Stiles and Derek

Episode 2: Chaos Rising

Episode 7: Currents

Episode 8: Visionary

Episode 10: The Overlooked

Episode 11: Alpha Pact

Episode 18 Riddled

Episode 20: Echo House

Episode 21: The Fox and the Wolf

Episode 22: De-Void

Episode 24: The Divine Move

Derek goes to see Stiles in the locker room at school, telling him about a strange dream he had. Derek explains the dream. Derek asks Stiles how much he knows about different ways to turn into a werewolf, and Stiles offers up drinking from a werewolf footprint. Derek says that the dream he saw Kate Argent as a werewolf. Stiles asks why Derek is so freaked out by the dream. Derek replies, that it's because he has no memory of waking up. He asks Stiles of a way to know if he's awake. Stiles tells him that in dreams you have extra fingers. Derek grabs Stiles' hand and see's that he has six fingers, causing him to come out of his dream state.

Episode 1: The Dark Moon

Episode 2: 117

Episode 6: Orphaned

Episode 12: Smoke and Mirrors

Episode 11: Said the Spider to the Fly

Episode 20: The Wolves of War


Season 1


  • Stiles Derek he isn't afraid of him, before immediately saying he actually is

Season 5

Creatures of the Night

  • Stiles see's the initials DH on the library bookshelf and smiles to himself before writing his own.


“Just so you know I'm not afraid of you. Okay maybe I am.”
— Stiles, Second Chance at the First Line


On AO3 it is the most written ship in the Teen Wolf tag, and the most written ship for both characters.



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  • Stiles is Derek's anchor (the one which werewolves can concentrate on to keep themselves human)
  • On AO3 the Sterek fic Lock all the Doors Behind You has the fourth most amount of kudos on the site



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