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Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network.


Steven Universe is the story of a young boy named Steven who is the only known half-gem half-human. He inherited his gem from his mother, a Crystal Gem named Rose Quartz. As Steven discovers the secrets of his gem and its powers, he spends his days in Beach City having fun and helping the Crystal Gems.

The Crystal Gems are a rebellion group of gems that have sworn to protect Earth from evil threats by its colonizers, the Homeworld Gems. Their powers flow from their gems, magical gemstones embedded somewhere on the host's body. At the start of the series, the four Crystal Gems are Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven.

Gems, including Steven, have the ability to fuse with each other, meaning they merge into one person with combined powers and physical attributes. According to the show's creator, Rebecca Sugar, this is a metaphor for relationships.


Zach Callison as Steven Universe
Estelle as Garnet
Michaela Dietz as Amethyst
Deedee Magno Hall as Pearl
Susan Egan Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond
Charlene Yi as Ruby
Erica Luttrell as Sapphire
Tom Scharpling as Greg Universe
Grace Rolek as Connie Maheswaran
Shelby Rabara as Peridot
Jennifer Paz as Lapis Lazuli
Kimberly Brooks as Jasper
Uzo Aduba as Bismuth
Dee Bradley Baker as Lion
Matthew Moy as Lars Barriga
Kate Micucci as Sadie Miller
Zach Callison as Onion
Zach Steel as Ronaldo Fryman
Sarah Stiles as Spinel
AJ Michalka as Stevonnie
Patti LuPone as Yellow Diamond
Lisa Hannigan as Blue Diamond
Christine Ebersole as White Diamond



Connverse — the ship between Steven Universe and Connie Maheswaran
Larsadie — the ship between Lars Barriga and Sadie Miller
Sourpizza — the ship between Sour Cream and Jenny Pizza


Kevamie — the ship between Kevin and Jamie
Larsbuck — the ship between Lars Barriga and Buck Dewey
Sourbuck — the ship between Sour Cream and Buck Dewey
Stars — the ship between Steven Universe and Lars Barriga
Stevee — the ship between Steven Universe and Peedee Fryman


Jadie — the ship between Jenny Pizza and Sadie Miller


(NOTE: Gems do not have genders, although they go by she/her pronouns)
Amedot — the ship between Amethyst and Peridot
Bellow Diamond — the ship between Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond
Bellow Pearl — the ship between Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl
Bisdot — the ship between Bismuth and Peridot
Bispearl — the ship between Bismuth and Pearl
Eyequamarine — the ship between Eyeball Ruby and Aquamarine
Garnethyst — the ship between Garnet and Amethyst
Grearl — the ship between Greg Universe and Pearl
Gregrose — the ship between Greg Universe and Rose Quartz
Jasball — the ship between Jasper and Eyeball Ruby
Jaspidot — the ship between Jasper and Peridot
Jaspink — the ship between Jasper and Pink Diamond
Jaspis — the ship between Lapis Lazuli and Jasper
Lapidot — the ship between Lapis Lazuli and Peridot
Lapithyst — the ship between Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli
Lapiven — the ship between Lapis Lazuli and Steven
Lemon Pearl — the ship between Pearl and Yellow Pearl
MysteryPearl — the ship between Mystery Girl and Pearl
Pearlapis — the ship between Pearl and Lapis Lazuli
Pearlmethyst — the ship between Amethyst and Pearl
Pearlnet — the ship between Garnet and Pearl
Pearlrose — the ship between Pearl and Rose Quartz
Rupphire — the ship between Ruby and Sapphire
Shepsadie— the ship between Shep and Sadie Miller
Spinearl — the ship between Spinel and Pink Pearl
Stevethyst— the ship between Steven and Amethyst
Stevidot — the ship between Steven and Peridot
Stevnel — the ship between Spinel and Steven
VolleyPearl — the ship between Pearl and Pink Pearl


Amelapidot — the ship between Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and Peridot
Polygems — the ship between Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst
Poly Cool Kids — the ship between Sour Cream, Buck Dewey and Jenny Pizza


Steven Universe's fandom started to form after the first pilot aired in 2013. There was interest in the series as it's creator, Rebecca Sugar, had worked as a storyboard artist and writer on Adventure Time, and additionally had become the first woman to be a creative lead on a cartoon at Cartoon Network. Actually Steven Universe has a broad and active fandom, including on Tumblr.


In 2015, a young fan artist known as Zamii made a suicide attempt, some time after having been extensively harassed on Tumblr over altering the appearance of characters in ways that were deemed objectionable (for instance, her drawing of the voluptuous Rose as considerably thinner than her canon appearance was criticized as fat-phobic by other fans). There was no definitive conclusion to the event; however it was reported on by several news outlets and remains a polarizing moment within the fandom.

In 2016, storyboard artist and writer Lauren Zuke deleted her Twitter account following harassment by fans because of her perceived support for Lapidot over other ships such as Amedot. The entire kerfuffle was based on subjective fan interpretation of some leaked art and had more to do with fans' headcanon than the artists' intentions.


Many of the pairings in this fandom are referred to in portmanteau format. This is only made somewhat confusing by the fact that two or more gems can also fuse together and become a whole new gem with a new name. The current ships confirmed to be canon are Connverse, Gregrose and Rupphire.



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# portmanteau characters type
2152 Lapidot Lapis Lazuli/Peridot non-binary
1639 Connverse Connie Maheswaran/Steven Universe het
1121 Pearlrose Pearl/Rose Quartz non-binary
1075 Rupphire Ruby/Sapphire non-binary
875 Pearlmethyst Amethyst/Pearl non-binary
723 Amedot Amethyst/Peridot non-binary
558 Pearlnet Garnet/Pearl non-binary
545 Gregrose Rose Quartz/Greg Universe non-binary
538 Jaspis Jasper/Lapis Lazuli non-binary
506 Bellow Diamond Blue Diamond/Yellow Diamond non-binary

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