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Stevnel is the non-binary ship between Steven Universe and Spinel from the Steven Universe fandom.


Steven Universe: The Movie

Spinel comes to earth on top of her injector, asking Steven if he is Steven Universe. He responds yes, and after a musical number (Other Friends), poofs Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst. Soon after, Steven takes Spinel's scythe and poofs her. After Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst reform, Steven discovers that they have been "reset". They do not have any of their old memories. Spinel then reforms, not remembering anything. 

After Spinel suggests that recreating old memories may help the trio get their memories back, Steven and Spinel go around trying to help the three get their memories back. However, Spinel's injector is still in the ground, and only she knows how to turn it off.

Steven brings Spinel to an old garden, as per Pearl's suggestion, where he discovers his mother left her there for six thousand years, after her song, "Drift Away", in which she gets her memories back and tells Steven her story. He comforts her, stating that his mother hurt other people, too and is able to convince Spinel to come around.

Spinel and Steven return to Earth, and she brings the injector out of the ground. However, after Steven rushes ahead and storms on how to bring Garnet's memories back. Spinel becomes anxious that Steven would abandon her again and lashes out. After seeing the rejuvenator fall out of Steven's pocket, Spinel comes to the conclusion he was going to poof her when her back is turned.

Spinel blows her horn again, causing the injector to go back into the ground. Spinel and Steven fight on the injector. Steven sings "Change", and tells her that only she can change the way she feels. She becomes sad and confused on why she is fighting Steven when all she wanted was a friend.

The diamonds come to Earth and take Spinel back with them. Here, Spinel goes ahead to start a new life with the Diamonds.

Steven Universe: Future

Homeworld Bound

In Episode 17, when Steven leaves Beach City to get help from the Diamonds his first interaction is with Spinel. She sees him and her eyes turn to hearts, popping out of her sockets much like in classic cartoon crush sequences, enthusiastically yelling his name. She grabs him and kisses him. While Steven's response to this was by glowing pink and asking what's wrong with her, she displays no anger or regrets at his response. In a way, she almost responds flirtily, replying over her shoulder.

She continues to help him throughout the episode by bringing him to the diamonds for help, and towards the end of the episode, he asks her for help, grabbing her shoulders and asking how she got rid of her revenge feelings.

She replies that she changed because of him, and then begins belting out "Change" and reenacting his performance. Its good to note that she did this as a parody, her singing here is drastically different than in the movie.


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The ship is mildly popular among Steven Universe fans, although this ship and the fans that support it have been attacked by others, commenting that it is both toxic and pedophilia. The ship could be considered toxic because Rebecca Sugar herself has said that Spinel is a toxic individual. It has also been considered pedophilic due to the fact that Spinel has existed for over 6000 years. While it is safe to say that Spinel is older than Steven, she still has the characteristics and appearance of somebody his age, some also argue that Spinel has the mentality of a teenager.

Some say that its confirmed Spinel and Steven (as well as the other Crystal Gems) are family, based on concept work, and in the episode Homeworld Bound, when it is stated that the Diamonds and Spinel say they're Steven's family. Some people are placing the Hashtag #idontmindstevinel to defend the ship or end the harassment towards this.

It is a rival ship of Spinearl and Connverse.



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