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“Captain America. Steve. I look at your handsome face... into your clear azure eyes... and, as ever, I feel the same guilty envy.”
— Tony, Tales of Suspense Vol. 1 #1

Stony is the slash ship between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark from the Marvel fandom.


The dynamic between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers differs in each Marvel universe. In general, they have had a close friendship. On Earth-3490, a gender flipped Tony ends up marrying Steve Rogers. The two are often co-leading the Avengers team together and serve as inspirations and mentors for younger heroes. They call on each other in times of need, trusting each other with their lives. Sometimes they've been known to but heads over their differing personalities.


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Tony Stark—in the form of Iron Man—along with the original team of Avengers, found Captain America frozen in a block of ice. Over the years, Captain America befriended Iron Man as well Tony Stark when Tony was hiding his superhero identity for many years.

Earth-616 is the main universe that Marvel comics reside in. In this timeline, Steve and Tony are best friends.


Dark Reign- Fantastic Four -2 - SteveTony Wedding.jpg

Earth-3490 is a universe that appeared in Dark Reign: Fantastic Four Vol 1 #2 as an alternative universe where the Civil War ended differently. In this universe, the Civil War was averted because Steve and Natasha Stark, Tony's 3490 counterpart, were romantically involved with each other and later got married. In this universe, Stony is canon.


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Anthony Stark, once a brilliant and respected inventor living in the town of Timely, spiraled into alcoholism after the Union army used his repeating rifle to slaughter a large group of Confederates rather than let them surrender. He swore to never pick up a gun again. He broke his promise, however, after Sheriff Steven Rogers was shot and killed. He shot at Steven's killer in grief and rage, and later built a suit of armor to take down those involved in Steven's murder.

Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes (Season 1)

Living Legend

Tony scans the ice when he picks up a faint life sign. Janet then flies ahead and runs headfirst into the frozen body of Captain America. Tony is shocked to find that according to his armour. He’s still alive.

They take Captain America aboard the quinjet and he starts to wake. Assuming he’s been taken, he attacks the Avengers and pins Tony to the wall. Tony tries to assure him that he’s okay, but Cap assumes that he’s a robot created by HYDRA. Tony tells him that he’s been frozen for decades, but Cap doesn’t believe him.

Cap escapes the jet, but Tony catches up with him and tells him to stand down. Cap then throws his shield at him and takes Tony out. Tony comes to and tries to get Cap to come with them, that it’s not 1943 anymore. Thor says that Cap won’t yield, and Cap throws his shield at Tony to prove him right. Tony is able to avoid it, but Cap tackles him as he does so. Janet then shows him the monument to him and Bucky and realises that they’ve been telling the truth. Tony quietly welcomes him back to the world and places a hand on his shoulder.

Back at the mansion, Cap asks if they won the war. Tony says that they did, because of him. Cap assumes that HYDRA is gone, but Tony says that it’s complicated. He had Jarvis prepare a room for him while they sort things out. Tony then shows him a news article from when Cap died, and tells him about how his dad talked about him. Cap questions if Bucky could also be alive, but Tony comes over and places his hand on his shoulder. Tony tells him that it was a miracle that Cap even survived.

After fighting off all of Zola’s creatures, Tony asks if that was what fighting evil in the 40s was like. Cap says it wasn’t, since it could actually get strange. Tony asks if he just made a joke, and is pleased to find that Captain America has a sense of humor. Cap tells him not to get used to it, and insists that he call him Steve. Tony has something for him and gives him a photo of Steve, Bucky and Howard. Tony tells him how much people looked up to him, but Steve says that was a long time ago. He thanks him for the photo, since it’s all he has now, but Tony doesn’t think so. He has a place with the Avengers. Tony holds out his hand, and Steve smiles at him before shaking it, considering it an honor. Steve then asks when he can meet the teammate in the catsuit who saved him from Zemo, confusing Tony.

The Man Who Stole Tomorrow

While doing push ups in the kitchen, Steve asks Tony what a futurist is. Tony asks what he means and Steve explains that that’s what the newspaper called him. Tony explains that it’s someone who creates or predicts the future. He’s making tech for the next century and uses the example of a newsfeed over a newspaper. Steve says that he likes newspapers, and shows one with Tony going up against HYDRA as evidence that Tony doesn’t know how to fight. Tony thinks otherwise, but Steve just tells him to meet him in the training room.

In the training room, Steve assumes that Tony’s never been in a real fight in his life, and tells Tony to punch him. Tony starts to protest, but Steve just tells him to do it. Tony shrugs and goes for it, but ends up flat on the ground. He asks what happened, but Steve just says that they’ll try again as he helps Tony up. The same thing happens again, and Tony points out that his armour would take Steve down. Steve offers to help him up, but Tony brushes him off. He says that Tony can’t always count on his armour, but Tony says that he’s working on being ready for anything.

While suiting up, Tony thanks Steve for the lessons, but he thinks that Steve is stuck in the past and that there’s a new way of doing things now. Faster ways. Steve thinks that Tony needs to slow down and learn some basics, but Tony just jokes that he doesn’t know what the words mean. They’re then interrupted by the arrival of Kang. He then fires on Steve, who gets knocked to the side as Tony puts up a shield around them. They then fight him, when Kang starts choking Tony. Steve throws his shield to stop him, but stops it mid air before it reaches him.

They continue to fight when they regroup. Tony tries to fire at Kang, but he somehow blocks it. Tony doesn’t think it’s possible, but Steve tells him to stay focused. They make their way towards Kang as Tony asks why he’s after Steve. Kang says it’s to save the world, surprising them both.

When Kang tells them that Steve causes the end of the world, Steve leaves it up to Tony. Tony acknowledges that Kang could help them, but says no since he’s being a jerk and orders the Avengers to take him down. As they fight, Steve tells Tony to get to the chair and find a way to get them home. Tony isn’t sure that he can, but Steve thinks he’s the only one that could.

As they get ready to capture Kang, he says that it’s not over. Tony says that he and Steve don’t agree on much, but they do agree that the fight is over. Kang then calls his ship to take him away and disappears. Steve says that Tony did get work, but that Kang will be back. Tony says that that is a problem with the future. It’s just waiting for them.

The Kang Dynasty

After defeating Kang and going to prison 42, Tony thanks Steve for stepping up for him, even after  everything Tony said. Tony says that he sees himself as a futurist, but to someone like Kang, he’s still in the past, just like Steve. Steve says that the past isn’t so bad, but the future is what they’re fighting for.


During Tony's childhood, his father, Howard, would constantly talk about the great Captain America, so as to inspire Tony to do great things in life. However, this greatly annoyed young Tony, who felt inferior to Captain America in his father's eyes.

When Nick Fury informed Tony of the Avengers Initiative, he learned that Steve was still alive. They met for the first time in Stuttgart, working together to subdue Loki. Tony commented on Steve's fighting skills and took a few subtle jabs at him.

Once the full team was assembled on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helicarrier and working to decode Loki's scepter, Steve and Tony's personalities clashed. They argued constantly, with Steve feeling that Tony was not taking their situation seriously, and Tony not taking Steve seriously as a leader. They verbally sparred with each other and nearly got into a physical fight, but were interrupted by an attack by Loki's brainwashed soldiers. Immediately forgetting their argument, the two worked together to fix one of the Helicarrier's rotors, which had been damaged during the attack. They later fought alongside each other during the Battle of New York.


Steve and Tony fought alongside each other to retrieve Loki's scepter from the HYDRA facility in Sokovia. After Ultron's reveal and subsequent attack, the two argued, disagreeing on the morality of creating Ultron without the rest of the team's knowledge.

After the disastrous battle at the salvage yard, Steve and Tony tried to relax by chopping wood outside Clint Barton's farmhouse. They discussed how Wanda Maximoff had easily pulled apart the team with her powers, but the discussion quickly turned into an argument as the topic of Ultron came up.

After the Battle of Seoul, Clint delivered the android body Ultron had been working on to Tony, hoping that he would destroy it. Instead, Tony enlisted Bruce to help his complete Ultron's vision. Steve then arrived to Avengers Tower with the Maximoff twins to stop Tony from doing so. The two argued and even briefly fought, but before it could escalate, Thor arrived and shot lightning into the android, bringing it to life.

Steve and Tony fought at each other's side during the Battle of Sokovia, resolving their previous differences to work together. Tony retired from active duty after the battle, and Steve told him that he would miss him.

Natasha Romanoff also comments about how Steve and Tony were "gazing into each other's eyes".


Steve and Tony took opposing sides over the Sokovia Accords; Tony believed that the Avengers needed oversight, while Steve was wary of government agendas. They argued about the issue, though neither was willing to budge on their stance.

After Steve, Sam Wilson, and T'Challa were taken in for intervening in Bucky Barnes' arrest, Tony tried once again to persuade Steve into signing the Accords, promising that Bucky would receive mental health care instead of jailtime if he did. Tony said that sometimes he wanted to punch him in his "perfect teeth," but that he doesn't want to see him gone and that the Avengers needed him. Steve nearly agreed, though he refused when he discovered that Tony was keeping Wanda on house arrest.

Steve and Tony faced off at the Leipzig-Halle airport. Despite the best efforts of Tony's team, Steve and Bucky managed to escape, flying off to Siberia to deal with the supposed Winter Soldier threat. Afterwards, Tony visited the Raft, where Steve's remaining teammates had been imprisoned after the fight. He approached Sam and asked him where the two were heading. Sam made him promise that he would go as a friend, and then told him.

Arriving in Siberia, Tony called a truce with Steve, and the three of them made their way through the facility as a team. The peace did not last, however; Helmut Zemo revealed himself and showed the three the security video of the Winter Soldier killing Tony's parents. Tony angrily confronted Steve, asking if he'd known. When Steve replied that he did, Tony backhanded him across the room and went after Bucky. Steve fought against Tony, trying to defend Bucky from him, their friendship deteriorating throughout the battle.

Tony nearly beat Steve to a standstill. When Steve refused to back down, Tony raised a repulsor for the finishing blow, but Bucky grabbed his leg, distracting him. This gave Steve an opening to beat Tony down and disable his armor. As Steve walked away with Bucky in tow, Tony desperately shouted that Steve didn't deserve his shield. Steve hesitated for a moment, but dropped the shield and continued away with Bucky.

Later, Tony received a package from Steve containing a letter and a burner phone with Steve's number in it. In the letter, Steve apologized for the events that had transpired, and assured Tony that if ever needed him, he was a phone call away. Upon receiving a call from Secretary Ross that Steve had broken into the Raft, Tony refused to answer, and allowed Steve to break out his friends.


Tony was reluctant to call Steve for help finding Vision. He pulled out the burner phone that Steve had sent him, but before he could call, Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw arrived. During the fight, Doctor Strange was abducted because he held one of the stones that Thanos was looking for. Tony and Peter raced to save him. They were able to kill Ebony Maw, but at the cost of being in space.

Later, when Steve and his friends arrive at the Avengers Base, they discussed where Tony and Peter went. Steve mentioned that Earth had just lost her best defender, in reference to Tony. Tony, Peter, Doctor Strange, and a small team of Guardians fought Thanos in his home world while Steve gathered an army on Earth to fight Thanos's army from taking the last stone from Vision.

Due to the strength of Thanos, as well as the fact that the separation of the Avengers made the team weak, they were unable to stop Thanos from collecting the last two stones and wiping out half the entire universe in an event called "The Snap." Devastated, Steve and the remains of his team tried to seek vengeance against Thanos who had disappeared after the Snap, while Tony and Nebula, the last Guardian who lived post-Snap, struggled to return home.

Steve was the first one to greet Tony and Nebula upon their return from space, but the conflict and feelings that they had during the events of 2016 remained. Soon after Tony and Nebula returned, they found Thanos who was living in a shack. A small team of Avengers travelled to him in hopes of obtaining the stones again. Unfortunately, Thanos had destroyed the stones, and Thor killed him.


For five years, Tony and Steve had gone their separate ways. Steve remained in the Avengers Compound, trying to find a solution to bring back the people who they had lost, while Tony married Pepper Potts and raised their child Morgan. There was a breakthrough when Scott Lang returned from the quantum realm, and Steve reached out to Tony to create a time machine that would allow them to get a new set of stones that would bring back the wiped universe. Initially, Tony was reluctant to do so because he believed that it would erase his time with Pepper and Morgan. However, after Bruce mentioned that the original timeline would not be altered, but rather draw from alternate timelines, Tony built a time machine that would retrieve stones from other timelines.

Steve, Tony, Scott, and Bruce were tasked to retrieve the Tesseract during their trip, but during the initial trip, they were unable obtain it. Steve and Tony traveled back further by themselves to get the Tesseract, which they did so successfully.

When they retrieved all the stones, Tony and Bruce built a gauntlet that would hold the power of the stones. Due to the fact that Bruce was the most resistant to the effects of the stone's powers, was chosen to wield the gauntlet and reverse the effects that Thanos did. However, an alternate version of Thanos had captured the original timeline's Nebula and used the time machine to return to the present and destroy everything.

Steve, Tony, and Thor confronts Thanos but were easily outmatched; however, the reversal of the process allowed the Avengers to match Thanos's army. In the final moments, Thanos obtained the stones again to destroy the entire universe this time. However, Tony was able to steal the Stones and disintegrate Thanos and his army, losing his life in the process.

During Tony's memorial, Steve was one of the closest people to send him off.


Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Season 1)

Living Legend

  • Janet tells Cap that Tony tried to make the room as much like the 40s as possible.
  • Tony thinks it’s a good thing Cap wasn’t there, since giant monsters probably didn’t happen in the 40s and he’d probably freak out.
  • Cap uses his shield to cut Tony free from the monsters.
  • Cap pulls Tony out of the sludge monsters. Tony thanks them and flies them out of the worst of it.

Everything is Wonderful

  • Steve says he’s starting to understand why Tony told him not to trust Steve.
  • Steve bocks Simon from hitting Tony.

Panther Quest

  • Tony confirms for Steve that the Black Panther isn’t an Avenger.
  • Tony asks Steve to follow T’Challa. Steve agrees, even if it is a bad idea.

Gamma World Part 1

  • Steve asks Tony why Samson has green hair.
  • Steve says that leaders lead when Tony suggests that someone else goes first. Much to his annoyance.
  • Steve gives Tony a thumbs up as he enters the Cube.
  • Tony copies Steve leading the team.
  • Steve tells Tony that they can’t hurt the SHIELD agents, but Tony’s pretty sure they don’t have the same feelings about them.
  • Steve blocks a punch at him and Tony as Tony fires.
  • Steve says he’ll get Tony while Thor helps Samson.
  • Tony and Steve fight off the Gamma villains.

Masters of Evil

  • Steve questions if it was Tony who caused the lights to go out in the Training Room.

Widow’s Sting

  • Tony gets mad at Steve for letting Clint go after Black Widow.

The Man Who Stole Tomorrow

  • Tony looks to Steve when Kang says his name.
  • Steve tells Tony that they’re running out of time.
  • Tony repeats Steve’s words of wisdom back to Kang.

Come the Conqueror

  • Tony asks if everyone is okay, and Steve tells them that they don’t have time to be.
  • Tony tells Steve that all the tech is Kangs.
  • Tony is about to tell Steve he shouldn’t have told T’Challa to go, but stops himself when Steve and Hank give him a look.
  • Steve says that Tony is the only one who could find Kang.
  • Tony says that he hates Steve when he’s right.
  • Steve calmly tells Tony to keep working when he gets frustrated.

The Kang Dynasty

  • Tony asks what Thor is doing and Steve says that he’s giving them a chance.
  • Tony has Steve take control of the quinjet.
  • Steve says that he can’t beat Kang, but he knows that Tony can. Tony and Steve fight Kang together.
  • Steve throws Tony his shield so that Kang doesn’t stab him.
  • Steve places a hand on Tony’s shoulder.
  • Steve and Tony listen to Kang’s ominous warning.

Hail, Hydra!

  • Tony says he’s in agreement with Steve over the Cube.
  • Steve asks Tony for the ETA on T’Challa and Thor.
  • Steve tells Wasp to go save Tony.


  • Tony jokes to Steve about surrendering to the Serpent Society.
  • Steve stops one of the serpents from attacking Tony.
  • Tony tells Steve to knock out Clint if he won’t listen, or even if he just wants to.

The Ultron Imperative

  • Tony tells them to be amazed, before correcting that it’s mostly for Thor, no offense to Steve. Steve says none is taken.
  • Steve tells Tony that he already saw a machine similar to his in the 40s.

A Day Unlike Any Other

  • Steve decides to follow Tony.
  • Loki throws Steve into Tony.
  • Tony says that the team didn’t do bad, and Steve says that Tony did the same.
  • Tony tells Steve to get some rest since he’s earned it.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Season 2)

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Although the two were shipped beforehand, the pairing didn't take off till after the events of the Civil War comic. Many shippers began to write fix-its or post story fan fictions that would have them get together. Shipping in the films took off based on their interactions being read as belligerent sexual tension, although some writers would use their knowledge of the comics to influence the way they wrote the characters in the MCU.

On AO3, Stony is the second most written ship within the Marvel Cinematic Universe tag; Tony's most written, and Steve's second most written. Under the tag The Avengers (Marvel Movies) and The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, is the most written ship, each with more than 20k+ works.



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  • In the Earth-616 timeline, Steve left his will to Tony.
  • In an interview, Chris Evans talked about how Steve gained his beard. While he was interviewed, Evans mentioned that Steve missed Tony to the point it made Steve a little dangerous. He also mentioned that (while not giving off any spoilers) Steve and Tony are bound to reconcile sooner or later, even if it may be hard.
  • In the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes intro, whenever the entire team is present, Steve and Tony stand next to each other.





BlackIronShield refers to the ship between Natasha Romanoff, Tony and Steve
Devans refers to the ship between their MCU actors; Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans
Pepperstony refers to the ship between Pepper Potts, Tony and Steve
Stark Spangled Banner refers to the ship between Bruce Banner, Tony and Steve
Stuckony refers to the ship between Bucky Barnes, Tony and Steve
Superfamily refers to the ship between Peter Parker, Tony and Steve (Peter as their son)
T'Stony refers to the ship between T'Challa, Tony and Steve
T'Stuckony refers to the ship between T'Challa, Bucky Barnes, Tony and Steve
ThunderIronShield refers to the ship between Thor Odinson, Tony and Steve



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