“Look, I’m not the crying kind, Steve. I didn’t cry at my own father’s funeral. But right then and there I realized that in this crazy business we’re in, there’s no one I’d miss more than you.”
— Tony, Captain America v1 #401
“Slowly, Iron Man reaches into his backpack, removing a final negator device. But as he reaches across Steve Rogers, their eyes meet…and hold. No words are spoken, none are needed for both men know that a bond has been broken today. A bond as old as their friendship. As deep as their innermost thoughts. A deep and precious link that may never be whole again.”
— Iron Man v1 #228
Tony“Any excuse to get me to hold you.”
Steve“You see right through me.”
— Avengers Prime #3
“I’m not half as good at—at anything as I am when I’m doing it next to you. And that’s the truth.”
— Tony to Steve, Avengers Prime #5
“He loved you. He loved you, and he admired you. Even when you fought.”
— Hydra Steve to Tony about Steve, Civil War II: The Oath #1
“Cap and Iron Man couldn't make it. CSI and Grey's Anatomy are new—they're fighting for the remote.”
— Peter Parker, White Tiger #6
Steve“We are surrounded by chaos—I mean, an all-encompassing disaster of biblical proportions...and all I can think of is him.”
Reed Richards“Tony.”
— Avengers vol. 5


Ultron“How could you possibly hope to stop me?”
Tony“Well, like the old man said. Together.”
— Avengers: Age of Ultron
“I will miss you, Tony.”
— Steve, Avengers: Age of Ultron
“I thought you and Tony were still gazing into each other's eyes.”
— Natasha Romanoff to Steve, Avengers: Age of Ultron
Steve“He's my friend.”
Tony“So was I.”
— Captain America: Civil War
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