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Stony is a relationship between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark in the Avengers fandom.



Mainstream Marvel Universe (Earth-616)

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Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

Long before Captain America's return, Tony's father would constantly talk about his friend Captain America, so that he could inspire Tony to do great things in life. However this greatly annoyed young Tony Stark.

Although, it was not until the Avengers Initiative did Stark learn about Captain America's eventual return. Stark was given holographic screens with information about Captain America. He travelled to Germany where he overlooked the newly unfrozen Captain America in a battle with Loki. Stark jetted right in and blasted Loki with his repulsors and stood tall next to Captain America, forcing Loki to surrender. Stark commented on Rogers' fighting skills and subtly mocked him.

Rogers later broke up the fight between Thor and Iron Man. They returned to the Helicarrier where Steve and Tony argued about planting a hacking device on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s database. Not long after, the helicarrier was later under attack by Loki. Stark suited up as Iron Man and began to fix the ship from the outside with the aid of Rogers. Both Stark and Rogers worked together to survive.

Both Stark and Rogers helped to defeat the Chitauri. Rogers gave out orders and instructed Stark to take to the skies and take out more Chitauri. After Stark intercepted the World Security bomb and fell to the ground, Rogers over to Iron Man who appeared to be dead. After the battle, Stark and the rest of the Avengers went to the Shawarma Palace where they ate silently.


Earth-3490 - Stony

Earth-3490 is a universe that appeared in Dark Reign: Fantastic Four Vol 1 #2 as an alternative universe where the civil war ended differently. In this universe, the civil war was adverted because the female version of Tony Stark: Natasha Stark and Steven Rogers were romantically involved with each other and later got married. In this universe, Stony is canon.


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