Stosuh is the slash ship between Stephen and Hosuh from the YouTube fandom.


Stephen is often shown teasing Hosuh in videos. Hosuh is more on the receiving end, but is shown to sometimes "tease back". He can get very freaked and fumble his words when Stephen teases him.

An example of the teasing "By the way, Let's Prank Hosuh!". Where after the prank call went wrong, Stephen called him back saying "Sorry, I love you." Before Hosuh hung up in anger. Stephen in the same video had also shown disagreement to pranking Hosuh in the first place.

Another moment is featured in "By The Way, Can you Survive Antartica". When Dan mentions how everyone is low on food, Stephen suggests eating Hosuh. Obviously a Cannibal joke, as many have been made in the past. However Stephen also says that "The 15 other people probably don't taste as good".

In "By the way, Can you Survive Spyfall", when Stephen is the spy, he tries to convince Hosuh he isn't by gaining his trust. Hosuh believes he isn't until near the end of the video. Hosuh is asked if Stephen is the spy by Dan, and he says no he isn't. Then asks Stephen, "Would you strip naked in this place?" in a very suggestive way as the music switches from joyful to suggestive. Then again, asking Stephen another question when he is completely off guard. "Stephen, you and me?! Would you go to this place with me?!" as Stephen frantically answers, "Yes I would love to go anywhere with you Hosuh!"


Minority of the fandom has liked the ship for years now. However most of the Stosuh shippers started shipping this from that one fateful line in the video SCP part 2. When Stephen said "mm Hosuh" during the orange slime scene. That line drove some people crazy, and the ship went from unknown to scattered.


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