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Strawbana is the het ship between Ruby Rose and Sun Wukong from the RWBY fandom.


Although interactions between the two have been few and far between, the two seem to get along well. Sun seems more than willing to help Ruby and her team in their investigation with the White Fang. Ruby tried to dissuade him at first concerned for his safety. He then dissmisses this and tells her that friends should always get involved with other's plans. In "Battle of Beacon", Sun was willing to let Ruby borrow his Scroll to summon her weapon after her Scroll was destroyed by Mercury.

In the beginning of volume 2 Sun and Neptune are seen hanging out with Ruby, Weiss and Yang and inquiring about the dance. Him and Neptune are later seen helping team rwby fight against grimm that have infiltrated Vale. Ruby is later shown watching Sun and his team fight against team ndgo. They are then next seen standing next to each other in volume 3 in a cargo ship when the grimm attack Beacon. They then decide to head to Beacon.

In the final episode of volume 3, Sun does not want Ruby to go after Pyrrha and Jaune as he feared that she would not come back alive. When she goes anyway, he calls after her and says that she better come back. He then under his breath calls both her and Weiss idiots. This shows that Sun clearly cares for her wellbeing as a friend. In the RWBY Manga, Ruby saves Sun's life with her semblance before he is almost killed by Roman.


Strawbana is a rarepair in the rwby fandom. This is mostly because the two have had no interaction with each other since volume 3. Some people ship these two because of their easygoing personalities and the fact that they're both the leaders of their respective teams. Some others ship them because their voice actors are a couple in real life. It has a small fanbase on tumblr.



Strawbana tag on Tumblr


  • Their ship name comes from the fact that Ruby's favourite food is strawberries and Sun is a monkey faunus. Monkey's are stereotypically portrayed as liking bananas.
  • Sun's voice actor and Ruby's voice actress are both married in real life.



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