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Sunflakes is the het ship between Sun Wukong and Weiss Schnee from the RWBY fandom.


In the beginning, Sun is seen as "riff-raff" by Weiss. Weiss first sees Sun in "The Stray", she then decides to go after him, initially thinking that he was a competitor in the Vytal Festival tournament. Weiss is initially very hostile towards Sun for being a Faunus and thinks he is a criminal, to the point of thinking he was in the White Fang. However, after the incident with the Dust cargo that is delivered from Atlas, she has a different attitude towards him. She appears somewhat grateful towards Sun for helping Blake when she ran away and thanks him.

Although she does state that she still does not know how she feels about him, indicating she may possibly harbor more respect for him than she did before. Sun is oblivious to Weiss's dislike of him. Later in volume 2, Weiss does not seem to like when Sun calls her the Ice Queen. Weiss has also shown him some disdain when she and her teammates find Sun hanging outside the window of their dorm room in chapter 5, just minutes after they had changed clothes. This deepens when she learns "he does it all the time" before Sun clarifies he means climbing trees.

They are then seen hanging out with Ruby, Yang and Neptune and talking about the upcoming dance. Weiss then brags to Sun that the dance will be amazing thanks to her organization skills. Later, in "Battle of Beacon", Weiss trusts Sun enough to leave her injured teammates, Blake and Yang, in his care, despite her dislike of him. Sun also expresses concern when Weiss decides to run off to find Jaune and Pyrrha with Ruby, but after Ruby reassures him, he then tells them that they'd better come back alive. He then proceeds to call them both idiots under his breath.


Sunflakes is rarepair in the rwby fandom. This is mainly because the two haven't interacted with each other since volume 3. Also because of Weiss's apparent dislike of Sun. Some fans like this ship because of the whole opposites attract dynamic. Also some people like the whole idea of Weiss dating a faunus. It has a small fanbase on tumblr.



Sunflakes posts on Tumblr



  • "Sunflakes" is a pun on the word snowflakes and Sun's name.


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