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SuperBatLane is the Poly ship between Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne and Lois Lane from the DC Comics, DC Animated Universe and DC Extended Universe fandoms.


Superman/Batman: World's Finest

Among the journalists at the airport, Clark says that he heard rumors of Bruce's deal with Lex reaching the billions. Lois heard he's Gotham trash, when Bruce steps out of the plane and realizes that he's also hot. She asks Clark if she looks okay as Bruce gets near, when Bruce comes up behind her and asks if she's Lois Lane. She drops her stuff, then awkwardly introduces Clark before going to pick it up. Clark tries to introduce himself, but Clark ignores him in favor of helping Lois. He then asks her out, and she says yes, much to Clark's jealousy.

Bruce meets Lois at the Daily Planet, wanting to take her out for lunch. Lois is happy and goes to talk to the chief first. She tells Clark to keep an eye on Bruce, which Clark is about to disagree with, but Lois just tells him not to be intimidated. Bruce comments that she never stops and Clark says that he's never seen her do so. He asks about Bruce finding the Joker, but Bruce hasn't tracked him down yet. Clark points out that he's had his attention on Lois and Bruce asks if that's going to be a problem. Clark doesn't like Bruce's reputation, but Bruce assures him that he's taking Lois very seriously. Also pointing out that Clark had his chance with her, just as she comes back. The two leave with Bruce giving Clark a wink as they do.

When Lois is kidnapped, Bruce points out that she's just meant to be the bait. Clark says that he'll be careful, and Bruce says that he needs to expect the unexpected with Joker. Clark says that Bruce should have remembered that, as he flies off.

Bruce follows Clark to where Joker took Lois, and finds the two. He grabs the Kryptonite from beside a passed out Clark and tells Lois that he'll be back in a moment. Joker locks them in, and Clark tells Bruce to use some of the chemicals to dissolve the Krypotnite. Bruce does so and Clark grabs him and Lois to fly them out. They reach Joker's control room, but when Joker lets out some marble grenades, Clark has to fly them out again.

When they land, Clark thanks Bruce for his help and that he couldn't have saved Lois without him. Bruce is aware of that and take off in his plane. Lois suddenly remembers that she was with Bruce when Joker attacked, and needs to know if he's okay. Clark says that he's just fine.

The next day, Clark goes to check on Lois who invites him in. He sees that Bruce is there and decides to leave. Lois grabs him and tells him to at least say why he stopped by. Clark says that he thinks he knows why the Joker is after Superman, and Bruce tells him not to keep in suspense. Clark thinks that he's in cahoots with Lex, and Lois asks if he's sure. Clark says he can't prove it yet, and Bruce suggests that he can just ask Lex himself.


World's Finest

Part 1

  • Bruce tries to make Lois feel better over Superman.
  • Clark talks to Lois about her opinion on Bruce.

Part 2

  • Bruce asks if Clark and Lois are involved, but Lois assures him that she's single.
  • Joker comments that Bruce is stealing Superman's girl.
  • Lois tells Clark that he's moving to Gotham with Bruce.


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SuperBatLane is a rather rare pair in the DC Comics fandom. Those that do ship the three, do so because of their shared dynamic, as well as shipping all three ships individually. A decent amount of shipping comes from the DCAU Batman/Superman crossover episode. There are a number of posts on tumblr joking about the three being in a poly relationship.

On AO3, SuperBatLane has 36 works.



Clark/Bruce/Lois tag on AO3




  • BatLane refers to the ship between Bruce and Lois
  • Clois refers to the ship between Clark and Lois
  • Superbat refers to the ship between Clark and Bruce


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