SuperCat is the femslash ship between Kara Zor-El and Cat Grant from the Supergirl fandom.


Season 1


Kara hears Cat in the elevator and announces that Cat is arriving. The elevator opens, as Kara says good morning to Cat. Cat ignores it and starts giving orders to Kara, who in turn gives her coffee. Kara then becomes worried when she finds out that Cat is downsizing one of their divisions, but Cat says she wouldn't have to do that if National City had their own superhero like Metropolis. She then sends Kara away, mispronouncing her name.

Cat holds a meeting after a mystery girl saves a plane full of people. Unbeknownst to anyone it's Kara. She asks James if the girl has any connection to Superman but he doesn't know, just that she'll probably be back. Cat is hoping for that could save part of her division, since there is nothing people love more than a hero. She orders everyone to get what they can on the girl, and has Kara order her lunch.

Kara comes to work and see's that Cat has ultimately named her Supergirl, which shocks her. She walks into Cat's office saying that she can't name her that. She thinks that since this is a very momentous moment, she should be named Superwoman. Cat doesn't see anything wrong with the "Supergirl" label, since it links her to CatCo, and believes that Kara is only seeing a problem. She then asks for a reason not to fire Kara for her outburst when James comes in a lies saying that Kara was able to find them a picture of Supergirl. Cat tells Kara to take credit for her accomplishments and she can stay, for now.

Season 2

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Season 4

The American Alien

  • James says that Kara was sounding exactly like Cat when she was giving advice to Nia


  • Kara says that the only person who challenged her was Cat, and she was scarier than the President


During the first season the pairing was the most popular in the fandom. This was due to Cat being one of Kara's more significant relationships outside of her life as Supergirl. Although that became more complicated as the season progressed. The ship dwindled in the second season, since Cat was gone for all but four episodes and the dominant ship became Supercorp. Despite the lack of screen time in late seasons the two are still shipped by many fans, who are always looking forward to Cat making an appearance in Kara's life again.



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