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Supersnow is the femslash ship between Caitlin and Kara from the Arrowverse fandom.


Caitlin and Kara meet for the first time in autumn 2016, when the Dominators threaten earth and Kara joins Team Legends, Team Arrow and Team Flash to help save the world. Kara is intrigued by Caitlin's frost powers and curious about why Caitlin is unable to join the teams as another superhero.[1] In autumn 2017 they meet up as part of the bridal party before the wedding and hang out with the other girls. In contrast to the year before, when the enemies attack at the church, Caitlin joins the other heroes, fighting with the cold powers she did not use the year prior.[2] Once the heroes congregate in the Waverider, Caitlin and Kara stand side by side, ready to end the invasion once and for all.[3]

Kara and Caitlin see each other again in autumn 2018, when Kara and Superman help fight Amazo in Central City.[4] Together, they travel to Star City with Barry, Cisco and Oliver to find the villain behind Barry and Oliver's identity swap. After finding clues that lead them to Arkham Asylum, Caitlin and Kara team up to get into the asylum under the radar, with Caitlin pretending to be a frost-powered, crazed meta and Kara her nurse. They manage to get in and when Deegan releases all the prisoners, setting off an alarm, they rush to help Barry, Cisco, Oliver and Diggle. After Batwoman shows up to intervene, they all gather outside Arkham before Batwoman asks them to leave.[5]

After Deegan rewrites the world again, Kara is imprisoned in the S.T.A.R. Labs pipeline, which is run by a Superman-lookalike Deegan, and overseen by alternate-reality Diggle and Killer Frost. While Killer Frost doesn't talk to Kara, she does talk to Earth-1 Alex Danvers, who also works for Deegan-Superman. As Kara escapes, Barry, Oliver, Cisco and Superman show up and Oliver knocks out alternate-reality Diggle and Caitlin.[6]


It's a rare pair which mostly took off following the first big crossover where Kara asks Caitlin about her new powers. Danielle Panabaker's (Caitlin Snow) positive comments about Supergirl and wanting to cross over to their show in an episode also arguably adds to the idea of seeing Frost and Supergirl working together. They work as a team in the animated series DC Super Hero Girls.



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