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Supervibe is the het ship between Kara and Cisco from the Arrowverse fandom.



“I have to say it, this is a nice universe you got here”
— Cisco and Kara meet[1]

When the Dominators attack Earth, Barry decides to bring in all the heroes he can, including Kara as their ace in the hole. Barry and Cisco vibe into Kara's apartment on Earth-38 just as she walks in. She's surprised and happy to see Barry. He introduces her to Cisco, who compliments her earth.[1] They explain the situation, and vibe back to Earth-1. As they arrive, Kara excitedly tells Cisco how cool vibing is and Kara is introduced to the other teams.[2] After defeating the Dominators, Kara talks to Barry and Oliver when Cisco calls her over to give her something. Kara walks over and opens the gift. She's confused by what's inside and Cisco explains that it's an extrapolator that creates small breaches, so she can visit Earth-1 or contact any of them any time she wants. Kara smiles at him in appreciation.[3]


In the Spring, Kara and Barry are put into a coma by the "Music Meister", Cisco uses his powers to help capture the culprit and save their lives.[4] Kara and Cisco both attend Barry's wedding in the Autumn and fight against the sudden Nazi invasion from Earth-X.[5]


When Barry and Oliver find themselves with swapped identities, they seek out Kara on Earth-38. Team Flash didn't take well to their story, but Kara sees them as they normally are and promises to help. Cisco later breaches to Earth-38 and apologizes to Barry and Oliver for not believing them, asking the two, Supergirl and Superman to come and help them fight Amazo who's wreaking havoc in Central City on Earth-1. Cisco helps guide the heroes from S.T.A.R. Labs, as they band together to defeat Amazo.[6]


Cisco and Kara are a rare pair in fandom. By the time they had their first interaction, the fandom already had other preferred pairings for both characters. Those that do ship it, enjoy both of their more upbeat personalities together, and have also noted that most of the other characters in the Arrowverse tend to like both of them.



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